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Truck Accident Lawyers in DeLand, Florida - Truck Collision

Truck Accident Lawyers

DeLand truck accident lawyers can assist you when you have been significantly injured in an accident caused by someone else's negligence. Unfortunately, pedestrians, passengers, and drivers in cars smaller than trucks can all be seriously or even fatally injured as a result of colliding with a large truck. 

Trucks often carry hazardous materials at substantial weights of up to 80,000 pounds., meaning that the possibility of serious injuries occurring exists. This life-changing situation can leave you with serious medical bills and many other challenges. It is extremely important to retain the services of a dedicated personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after you have been hurt. 

This may in fact be your only opportunity to recover compensation after a devastating truck accident. Suppose that you can show that someone else is responsible for your injuries. In that case, your DeLand truck accident lawyers like those at Morgan and Morgan are there to guide you through the legal process, answer your questions, and help you to recover maximum compensation. No victims should have to suffer the consequences of being seriously hurt in a truck accident, but unfortunately, this is an all too common reality.

Most people don't realize just how much these trucking companies expect and anticipate these kinds of lawsuits. Many of these companies dispatch their response teams and begin building a defense as soon as possible. Without the trucking Deland, FL truck accident lawyer to help you, you might find yourself overwhelmed and confused quickly. You deserve to have an advocate for your rights, too, especially when your entire world has changed because of an accident. 

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • How Can You Meet With a Deland, FL Truck Accident Lawyer?

    You need to prepare your evidence and set aside a time to meet with DeLand truck accident lawyers to discuss how to move forward. A truck accident lawyer will likely begin by investigating your entire claim as it is possible that more than one party may be responsible for your injuries. A truck accident attorney can play multiple different roles in your case, including interviewing eyewitnesses, collecting evidence, identifying the liable parties, negotiating with the insurance company, and preparing to take your case to trial if necessary. Because you should be focused on your medical care and doing everything possible for maximum recovery, you do not need to worry about the legal aspects of your case when you retain truck accident lawyers in DeLand, Florida.

    Morgan and Morgan has a strong track record and a reputation throughout DeLand and the rest of Florida for doing everything possible on behalf of victims. We recognize that victims often have their lives turned upside down because of a truck accident and we are dedicated to fighting hard on their behalf.

  • What Are The Components of a Truck Accident Liability Case?

    One of the most important components of your truck accident case is determining who is responsible for your injuries. Truck accident cases are often more complex than a traditional vehicle crash case. Trucking companies often retain accident investigators and strong defense teams because of the substantial costs associated with even one trucking accident. This means they may dispatch their accident response team to the scene as soon as possible. Likewise, you need to have DeLand truck accident lawyers ready and prepared to collect evidence and to tell you more about what you might expect in your legal case. Truck accident cases often involve multiple liable parties such as the truck manufacturer, the driver, the trucking company, government entities, insurance companies, or the shipping company.

    This often requires an exhaustive investigation and thorough legal preparation. To build a compelling case with your DeLand truck accident lawyers, you must be able to provide as much information as possible to your personal injury attorney at the outset of the case. It is possible that you do not remember the entirety of the accident, which is why it is so important for your attorney to do an investigation and to determine the best way to move forward. Finding a dedicated and experienced lawyer is often the first step in protecting your rights and ensuring that you recover maximum compensation.

    A truck accident lawyer can handle all of the legal aspects of your claim so that you can remain focused on your recovery while also knowing that someone is doing everything possible to fight for your maximum compensation. You should not have to communicate with the insurance companies or argue with people who do not believe your injuries or have attempted to minimize your case. A truck accident attorney can work directly with the insurance adjuster and keep them informed so that you experience minimal stress during this time.

  • How Can I Prove a Truck Accident Case? 

    It is important to show that the truck driver or someone else involved in the accident directly or indirectly breached the duty of care they owed to you and that you suffered substantial injuries as a result. Even though you know you are not at fault for your accident, it is your responsibility to illustrate this in court. You must be able to prove that the truck driver owed you a duty of care to drive safely and reasonably, that the truck driver violated or breached that duty of care, that you or a loved one suffered substantial injuries because of that breach of duty, and that you have sustained damages and losses because of those injuries.

    There are several different kinds of damages that you may be entitled to in a trucking accident lawsuit. These are broken down into economic and non-economic. Economic damages are easier to calculate because they refer to exact money that has already been spent such as the total of your medical bills and lost wages. This can also include property damage. Noneconomic damages, however, may also be available to you depending on the specifics of your trucking accident. Noneconomic damages can include things such as mental anguish, pain, and suffering, loss of enjoyment of activities, and loss of consortium. In all of these circumstances, it is essential to have DeLand truck accident lawyers who are prepared to fight for maximum compensation. Your lawyers may sit down with you to calculate your losses so that you can make an informed decision if and when a settlement offer is presented to you. Most victims find themselves extremely overwhelmed in these situations and can benefit from the outside experience of a knowledgeable attorney.

  • What if I Sustained Permanent Injuries? 

    One of the most challenging aspects of your truck accident claim is determining future costs, particularly if you have sustained serious and permanent injuries. Research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows that trucks weigh as much as 30 times more than cars, meaning that you may sustain lifelong disabilities and pain. You should receive compensation for the treatment of your injuries and the projected future medical costs, including disability, disfigurement, at-home care, burn care, reconstructive surgery, prosthetics, and physical and occupational therapy. This is a significant burden and can also often cause mental anguish.

  • What if My Loved One Was Killed?

     Another situation in which you need to retain experienced DeLand truck accident lawyers is when you have lost a loved one because of a truck driver's negligence. Unfortunately, far too many wrongful death cases involve trucking accidents because of the sheer size and weight of commercial trucks. You could be entitled to wrongful death compensation if you were a surviving family member. This can include funeral costs, burial expenses, loss of consortium, your loved one's pain and suffering, loss of inheritance, and your loved one's medical bills. Wrongful death benefits may also come about as a result of an insurance claim.

    If you are a surviving family member and you have questions about protecting your rights, make sure you get legal counsel in your corner as soon as possible. Your family might need the monetary award to move forward from this awful tragedy. 

    It can be very hard for your family to close this chapter knowing that someone else's negligence caused your loved one to suffer fatal injuries. Know that when you work with the right truck accident lawyers in Florida, you're in good hands legally to navigate this challenging time. 

  • When Do I Need to Take Action?

    It is important to take action as soon as possible after a serious trucking accident as you have a limited period of time in which to do so. Our legal team is here to help and guide you each step of the way. 

    The sooner you can meet with a lawyer, the easier it will be for you to make your decision. In doing research to find the right law firm, you might uncover multiple firms across Florida that have trucking accident experience. Since there are substantial damages on the line in these cases, you need to know how to narrow down your search to find the right legal team for you. You can set up an initial consultation with your chosen law firm to make sure you're happy with your choice. 

    When you meet with a personal injury law firm about a trucking accident, make sure: 

    • They have the right experience and knowledge in this field of the law to pursue your claim
    • They have a track record of success in and out of the courtroom
    • They have access to resources, such as expert witnesses, to help build a strong case on your behalf 
    • They know what to ask for and recognize when outside experts such as medical experts need to be brought into the case 
    • They have good communication skills and keep you informed about your options 

    If you decide to work with the law firm, you can learn more about how the relationship will unfold. Most personal injury lawyers take cases on a contingency fee basis, which means the lawyers are only paid when they are successful in resolving your case in settlement talks or trials. 

    Contact the dedicated team of lawyers at Morgan & Morgan to learn more about how we can help you with your next steps, starting with a free case evaluation.

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