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At Morgan & Morgan, we believe in taking care of our clients. In fact, we promise better service than the other law firms out there. We know how difficult it can be to pursue a legal battle, especially when it comes to personal injury cases where you are suffering physical and emotional distress. Learn how our firm is different when it comes to client care at every phase of the legal process and what to expect when you work with our attorneys. Our Case Control Department is command central for Morgan & Morgan. Once you call the reception line, you’ll be connected to Case Control where you can provide information about your case.

Case Control has over 100 full-time staffers, who interview new clients about their cases. After Case Control, you’ll have an interview with a field service investigator. These interviews are done in our offices, when possible, or in your home, hospital, place of work, or other location that is convenient for you. Since time is often of the essence with legal matters, we strive to get the interview done as soon after initial contact as possible, usually within two business days. After the interview, we’ll connect your case to the appropriate department and select a full legal team–attorney, legal assistant, and paralegal. Your team will be your go-to resource from here on out.

How to Handle Complaints or Concerns

First, let’s review all the resources we offer our clients so you can get help when you need it. One of the leading causes for customer complaints about lawyers is difficulty getting information in a timely manner. For some, it’s not being able to get ahold of an attorney when they have a question about their case. For others, it’s not getting a call back or not being updated about the status of their lawsuit.

We provide broad reach to our attorneys with 24/7 access, so you can get in touch whenever you need to. We also make full use of technology, including apps to help connect our customers with legal information and avoid any unwanted frustration over communication issues. Every attorney at Morgan & Morgan has a full support team that consists of case managers, paralegals, and other legal staff. These professionals not only support our attorneys, they support clients. Our team approach means you can expect prompt contact by phone, email, or text.

Even with our dedication to providing ways to communicate with your attorney, problems may arise. If you’ve tried reaching out to your legal team and you still feel frustrated, we are here for you. At Morgan & Morgan, family is at the heart of our brand. We never want our clients to feel distress.

Our customer complaint team can hear your concerns, discuss the matter with you, and move forward to resolve the situation quickly.

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