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"The whole experience was so much easier on us because of them. I’d HIGHLY recommend and would use them again if the need arises."

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  • March 2016

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My Wife and I contacted your firm to assist us after a car accident. We sustained significant injuries, my Wife being the worse. Your staff promptly responded and had an investigator out to our home to gather the details. From that point on your staff gathered information and guided us as to what to do. Finally, Jonathan Brozyna and Sally Plantier took on our case and completed our settlement.Jonathan and Sally kept us informed of the progress of our case and through mediation we were able to settle with the defendant’s insurance company. Now we are just waiting on our checks to be processed so we can try to return to a somewhat normal life. Thank you for your team’s assistance.

Sal, Tampa FL

I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I was with your staff and the handling of my case. Tawnya Werle did an excellent job keeping me apprised about my case. If ever I need any legal assistance I will not hesitate to contact you, and if I know of anyone in need, I will certainly pass on your name to them.

Marlene, Orlando FL

Mr. Morgan I like to let you know that I have been treated so good by Scott Uricchio, Valerie, Angela. I’m 69 years old, got hurt, had surgery and was trying to recover from Mar. 5th to Aug. 2nd. You do such a wonderful job for the people. This comes from my heart thank you Mr. John Morgan. I only wish this world had more like you.

Joanne, Orlando FL

My husband was in a major car accident and we reached out to your firm for legal representation. We were very fortunate in being assigned to Mr. James ‘Ty’ Lynch and his team.We had never been involved in any type of litigation until this accident. We were nervous and naive about the process. Our intention going into this was never to be vindictive towards the other driver that caused the accident nor towards his insurance company. All we asked was that my husband was compensated fairly and all medical was covered. Mr. Lynch respected that.Mr. Lynch and his team were awesome!!! He made sure we understood the entire process and answered all of our questions. If we emailed or called his office, they responded promptly. They never once made us feel we had “dumb” questions. And we never felt “rushed” when we met in person, Mr. Lynch would take all the time we felt we needed to understand where the case currently was at that time. Every step of the process was explained honestly and in detail.Ultimately, after 17 months, we reached a settlement (through mediation) of $50,000 that my husband and I thought was fair. We know if we didn’t have Mr. Lynch in our corner we would not have even come close to that or may have even lost money.We hope to never have to go through anything like this again, but if we do, your firm and Mr. Lynch will be the first we call. We have expressed to family and friends that Morgan & Morgan is definitely the law firm they should call if the need arises.Thank you sincerely for you, your firm and Mr. Lynch for being there when my husband needed legal guidance.

Mary, Orlando FL

After being involved in a motorcycle accident in May 2017, I retained Morgan & Morgan to handle my case. From the very start I knew I was in good hands. Not only did they address every concern I had, but they went above and beyond negotiating bills for me and even got me more money than I anticipated. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with Desiree Martinez, the paralegal for my attorney, Jason Leonard. She did an excellent job and I would highly recommend her and Mr. Leonard. Thank you for turning my nightmare around!!!

Cindy, Fort Myers FL

Chad Moore helped my wife and I when were starting to think there was no accountability or justice in the world and we cannot possibly say thank you to him enough.We first contacted a former shipmate from the USS Eisenhower, who is now a local attorney, about finding a knowledgeable firm for a medical malpractice issue. The firm he recommended has an excellent reputation for these cases, so we contacted them. After researching the case for a few weeks, they concluded we did have a legitimate claim but decided that it wasn’t one they wanted to handle. Not sure why our case had been dropped, we began feeling lost, abandoned and discarded in a world we did not understand anymore.Our neighbor, whose wonderful wife had recently passed due to similar malpractice, suggested we contact Charles “Chad” Moore for help. Being unimpressed with attorneys at this point caused us to retreat into a disappointment-free approach of simply wanting to just forget about it. However, our neighbor had been so impressed with Chad that he kept recommending him to us. Some of his descriptions seemed almost too good to be true but he relented and we called him. Thank goodness we did and everything we experienced after that was an inspiring and heartwarming joy that many people never get to know.Because our neighbor described him in terms like a fighter, a dog with a bone, and others, we had this preconceived idea of an aggressive, chest-thumping, self-centered individual who was effective but not someone we’d care to have a drink with. Sir, you have no idea how pleasantly surprised we were to be so wrong. Yes, he is a fighter and yes, he is tenacious - however he is also one of the warmest, nicest people we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. There is an old saying that goes “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care”. Immediately we saw how much he cared and later became even more impressed with how much he knew.Throughout this difficult and emotional process, he kept us informed of what was happening and what was coming so there were no surprises or disappointments. Everything he said he was going to do was done and we increasingly became in awe of his total professionalism and empathy. Having him as our attorney was like winning the lottery of lawyers and we couldn’t be happier.Chad’s seemingly ambiguous motto of “Your lawyer for life” is perfect. We will always go to him first regarding any legal matter because we know he will always provide us with the best possible advice, or better yet, refer us to someone whose specialty area is better suited for that particular need. This is the gold standard of a true professional and we feel blessed to call him our attorney and especially blessed to have had the opportunity to know him.John Morgan, thank you so very much for also seeing these qualities in him because we honestly cannot imagine anyone being a better example of the ethical standards and values that Morgan & Morgan represent to Floridians.

Mike & Marty, Tampa FL

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  • Trey Jones

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    After talking to a few law firms I found out that a lot of law firms don't represent more than automobile accidents or workers comp seldom do you find a law firm where you can have both cases taken care of by the same lawyers or at least the same firm to lessen the burden on you and the obvious issues that are going on in your life they were more than helpful extremely polite and seem to be open armed when it came to me having any questions at all 24/7 day or night I would highly recommend Morgan & Morgan for they truly are a revolutionary Law Firm that looks forward not backwards has a great track record and they go out of their way to make sure that you have all the information available to you when you would like it or needed. I would highly recommend Morgan & Morgan for the little people I know it sounds cliche because of the commercials but they truly are there for the little people the people that don't have millions to go against these huge corporations that drowned the paperwork in courts and legalities thank you very much more going to Morgan for everything you did for me and everything you're still doing for me today sincerely