Fighting for What They Deserve - Mike & Lynette

When Hurricane Irma blew through Florida in 2017, Mike and Lynette were far from the only ones who had damage to their home. However, their damage was severe. Their home was unliveable after water had saturated the floors, ceilings and walls.

The Renfroes weren’t worried, though. They had homeowners insurance to cover the damage — or so they thought.

What the insurance company didn’t bet on, though, was that Mike and Lynette are fighters.

Unfortunately, their insurance company didn’t have their backs. They provided Mike and Lynette with a lowball offer that wouldn’t cover the damage. Instead, the Renfroes had to exhaust their savings to fix their home.

What the insurance company didn’t bet on, though, was that Mike and Lynette are fighters. Instead of accepting the lowball offer, they turned to Morgan & Morgan in hopes of receiving a fairer settlement.

“They went and fought for us to get that money back,” Lynette says.

“They treated us like friends and family,” Mike adds. “When that happens, you know you got the right lawyer.”

Morgan & Morgan went to bat for the Renfroes and received a settlement that was much more in line with the actual cost of repairs. Mike and Lynette were able to replenish their savings.

“Morgan & Morgan made sure we got what we needed back,” Lynette says.

Every day, insurance companies are making decisions based on nothing but their own bottom lines — and they’ll continue to do so unless they’re held accountable. At Morgan & Morgan, we’re committed to fighting for everything that our clients deserve.

The insurance companies aren’t afraid to go to court to protect their interests. And we’re not afraid to go to court to protect yours.