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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I talk to a lawyer?

The answer to this question depends on the specifics of your case. But generally, it is advisable to talk to a lawyer if you or your loved one has been injured due to someone else’s negligence.

How are we different?

When you have been injured or involved in an accident, you will experience significant challenges. Most victims suffer emotional, personal, and financial damage. 

Suppose that you are involved in a car accident that results in a serious injury. Not only will you experience the cost of vehicular property damage, but you will also be responsible for paying skyrocketing medical bills. 

And if your injuries or accident were the results of another party’s negligent behavior, you deserve justice. Fortunately, accident and injury victims can file a civil claim to recover the compensation they need to move forward. 

Contacting a personal injury lawyer is the first important step in financially recovering after an accident. You should never hire a personal injury lawyer who is inexperienced or untrustworthy. So why should you choose Morgan & Morgan to legally represent you? How are we different? 

In short, Morgan and Morgan is America’s largest and most trusted tort law firm, and we are also the largest tort law firm in the United States, with more than 700 trial-ready personal injury attorneys across the country. 

Morgan & Morgan boasts a roster of accomplished attorneys nationwide. To schedule a free consultation about your accident or injury case, fill out the contact form on our website today.

Our Attorneys Will Build a Powerful Case for You

Following a personal injury, you should be able to focus on your physical and mental recovery. Victims should not be burdened with the complex logistical requirements of a civil legal case. 

For this reason, Morgan and Morgan tort lawyers will handle every important element of your claim. While you recover, you can rest assured that your case is in good hands.  

One of the skilled legal experts at Morgan & Morgan will handle the following portions of your injury or accident claim:  

  • Drafting and filing the required legal paperwork
  • Scheduling and overseeing the case and meeting timelines
  • Gathering relevant evidence to bolster your claim
  • Negotiating with the opposing party or their insurance provider
  • Speaking with experts or specialists, if necessary
  • Preparing and filing a lawsuit if a settlement is impossible 

Most personal injury claims require the plaintiff to negotiate with an insurance adjuster. These company representatives are often trained in strategies and tactics to undermine victims’ valid claims. 

Insurance providers have a financial incentive to pay as little as possible on every claim. This is how they boost their profits and decrease their losses. 

Because of this, you should never negotiate with an adjuster without the guidance of a skilled tort attorney. One of the accomplished professionals at Morgan & Morgan will forcefully negotiate to recover the financial compensation you deserve in your accident or injury claim. 

Many attorneys claim to fight effectively for the best interests of their clients. But it is critical to secure representation from a firm with a long track record of success.

Glowing Reviews From Former Clients

When you need legal representation, it is vital to conduct online research. You should never simply hire the first law firm resulting from an internet search engine. 

Reading reviews from former clients is an excellent way to anticipate your own experience with a specific firm. Because of our sterling track record and client-centered approach, our firm boasts countless positive reviews. 

You will find that Morgan and Morgan’s former clients love us because they know that our legal professionals will fight diligently in their best interests. Our firm’s clients have experienced our team’s tireless dedication to securing justice for them. Because of this, our clients have many wonderful things to say.

How much do we charge?

People who suffer personal injuries from an accident often wonder if it’s worth seeking help from a lawyer. They might be concerned about the cost, fearing that they’ll spend a lot of money on legal services with an uncertain outcome. 

While some lawyers bill by the hour, that isn’t normal in personal injury law. Personal injury lawyers charge based on a contingency fee arrangement. Under a contingency fee agreement, the lawyer receives a percentage of the final award or court verdict in exchange for their services.

You don’t have to worry about paying for legal services upfront at Morgan and Morgan. Instead, we use a contingency fee agreement and collect our fees if we win your case. You can learn more about our cost structure by scheduling a free case evaluation with one of our skilled attorneys.

How long will this take?

One of the first questions we often hear at Morgan & Morgan when a new client enters our office is, “How long will this take?”

When someone is recovering from a serious injury, they don’t need money five or ten years from now—they need it as soon as possible. This means that the duration of a potential lawsuit matters to them.

Unfortunately, it’s impossible to provide a definitive answer to the question of how long a personal injury claim will take to resolve. Every claim comes with its own sets of facts to organize, and circumstances like how busy the courts are can affect a lawsuit’s timeline. But while we can’t give you an exact quote, we can offer a reasonable estimate.

Most personal injury cases take anywhere from a few months to two years to complete. A case is considered complete when you’ve been paid in full by the defendant or their insurer, either in accordance with a settlement agreement or the decision of a court.

If you’re considering pursuing legal action against another party or their insurance company for a personal injury claim, contact Morgan and Morgan to get a free case evaluation and a better sense of how long your case will take.

What is our process like?

Getting first-class legal representation could be crucial for recovering adequate compensation in a personal injury claim. Morgan & Morgan can be here for you. We want to make it easy for injured individuals to get excellent legal representation. We could fight for what you deserve while you can focus on what matters most, your health and well-being.

If you think you have a case, we want to hear from you. To start the process, contact us online or by phone. From then on, we can be by your side, walk you through the legal process, and guide you every step of the way. Get started now and contact us to determine whether you have a case.