Who Is at Risk for Mesothelioma?

The people who are most at risk for malignant mesothelioma are those who have been exposed to asbestos repeatedly for a long period of time. Not everyone who is exposed to asbestos will get mesothelioma, but asbestos exposure is what causes the condition.

You may be at an increased risk for mesothelioma if you …

  • Worked in a High-Risk Profession: The people who are at the greatest risk for mesothelioma are those who have worked in industries that routinely expose their workers to asbestos materials. Throughout the 20th century, asbestos was used in mining, construction, automotive repairs, home repairs, shipbuilding, electricity, roofing, flooring, plumbing, and many other industries.
  • Live With Someone Who Has Been Exposed to Asbestos: People who live with others who have been exposed to asbestos are at an increased risk for mesothelioma, as many workers unknowingly transport asbestos fibers on their skin and clothes.
  • Are an Older Man: Statistically, mesothelioma affects older men more than any other age or gender. That’s a reflection of the demographic breakdown of workers in construction, mining, and similar occupations that use asbestos products. It’s also a reflection of the fact that asbestos has a long latency period – it often takes decades after exposure to asbestos for mesothelioma to surface.

If you notice any signs or symptoms of mesothelioma, or have worked in a high-risk industry, contact your doctor right away for an evaluation and possible mesothelioma testing.

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