How to Test for Mesothelioma

Considering the pivotal role asbestos played in manufacturing throughout the 20th century, it’s no surprise that occupational exposure to asbestos is the leading cause of mesothelioma cancer. Recurring exposure to the mineral on the job has put generations of workers and their families at risk. If you suspect you may have been exposed to asbestos in your profession, it’s crucial to know how to test for mesothelioma.

    The Importance of Mesothelioma Testing

    It can take decades after exposure to asbestos for symptoms of mesothelioma to appear. Initial symptoms, such as dry coughing, wheezing, and chest pain are often mistaken for other ailments. That’s why if you were a firefighter, construction worker, miner, mechanic, machine operator, or worked in any other industry where asbestos is common, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to visit a medical professional for an evaluation. 

    How a Mesothelioma Test Is Conducted

    First, your doctor will use your complete medical history to evaluate your symptoms and risk factors. Using that information, your doctor may refer you for mesothelioma testing. A biopsy (a procedure to remove small portions of tissue for examination in a lab) is the only way to test for mesothelioma. Depending on which part of the body is affected, your doctor will select between different biopsy procedures, including:

    • Needle Biopsy: In a needle biopsy, a long, hollow needle is passed through the chest and into the pleura, a membrane near the lung. If the sample isn’t big enough to make a diagnosis, your doctor may elect for a more invasive procedure.
    • Endoscopic Biopsy: In an endoscopic biopsy, a thin, tubelike instrument called an endoscope is used to look inside the body. Endoscopes have different names depending on where in the body they are used: a thoracoscope is used to examine the chest, a laparoscope is used to look inside the abdomen, and a mediastinoscope is used to view the tissues and lymph nodes between the lungs.
    • Surgical Biopsy: In a surgical biopsy, your doctor will make an incision in the chest or abdomen to remove a large tumor sample or the entire tumor.

    Contact a Mesothelioma Attorney

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