Does joining a class action lawsuit cost me anything?

One of the most effective ways to hold large companies accountable in the U.S. justice system is class action lawsuits. These legal proceedings allow large numbers of victims to seek restitution from negligent parties.

With the help of a skilled class action attorney, you may be able to recover financial compensation for the costs and losses you suffered as the result of an accident that wasn’t your fault.

For instance, suppose that a hazardous pharmaceutical product causes you to need extensive medical care. This will likely result in costly treatments and other expenses.

Because of situations like this, most victims are understandably worried about the potential costs of securing legal representation. You’ll likely find yourself wondering, “Does joining a class action lawsuit cost me anything?”

If you’re considering joining a class action suit and you have questions about how to proceed, it’s crucial to speak with a knowledgeable tort attorney.

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More answers to commonly asked questions

Class action lawsuits are legal claims in which many victims have suffered the same or similar injuries. The victims are all categorized as a single group, or “class.” This type of lawsuit allows the courts to avoid having to hear numerous cases involving the same facts or circumstances.

In a class action lawsuit, one person represents the entire class of plaintiffs. This person is known as the “class representative.” 

The class representative files a single suit and represents all of the plaintiffs collectively during the initial negotiation and settlement or courtroom proceedings. In some cases, they might also be required to pay some court costs and legal fees.

The representative will typically receive compensation for these costs if the case is decided in the class’s favor. To this end, it’s important to find a law firm that will cover the associated costs until your case concludes.

Reach out to Morgan and Morgan if you believe you have grounds for a valid class action case. You shouldn’t have to bear the costs that result from the actions of a negligent company or individual.

In most cases, it doesn’t cost plaintiffs anything to join an active class action suit. The class representative may have to pay some fees on behalf of the group, but even this is uncommon.

When a class action suit is successful, the presiding judge will determine how the court costs and attorney's fees should be paid. In most instances, attorneys will be compensated with a portion of the sum recovered from the defendant.

Class members will then split the remaining payout. If the damages in a class action suit are not adequate to cover the legal costs of the class, the judge may require the defendant to cover these expenses separately.

No. If you join a class action lawsuit to seek compensation for your losses, you’ll forfeit your right to pursue other damages.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to consult with an attorney if you’re thinking about joining a class action case. If your injuries are worse or distinct from other members of a class of plaintiffs, you may be better served by filing your own claim.

The accomplished legal team at Morgan and Morgan will review the facts of your case and help you understand the total value of your claim so that you can decide how best to pursue the compensation you deserve.

In any situation where many people sustain similar injuries because of a single party’s negligence, a class action lawsuit may be an appropriate response. Some of the most common types of class action lawsuits involve the following: 

  • Contaminated air or water
  • Oil, chemical, or waste spills
  • False and misleading advertising
  • Consumer protection law violations
  • Defective, faulty, or hazardous products
  • Price gouging
  • Price fixing
  • Contaminated food products

Pharmaceutical products are frequently the focus of class action suits. When a company fails to perform adequate testing or misinforms users about the possible side effects of their products, victims have grounds for pursuing compensation.

Morgan and Morgan attorneys know how to effectively manage the complex requirements of a high-stakes class action lawsuit.

Class action lawsuits are a powerful legal strategy for holding negligent corporations accountable for their behavior. Victims have the right to pursue financial compensation for injuries they sustained as the result of corporate negligence, and we believe they should exercise it.

Since our firm’s founding in 1988, we’ve fought diligently for the rights of accident and injury victims. We can help you file or join a class action suit and claim the monetary compensation that your case merits.

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