She Didn’t Settle for Less – Antonia

Antonia vividly recounts the moment of her slip, "I just slipped, and went flying, and did a split like a ballerina, and came down really hard on my knee." The excruciating pain that followed led her to the emergency room, where a heartbreaking diagnosis awaited her—a broken kneecap.

It was during this challenging time that Antonia's sister, recognizing the need for expert legal representation, suggested Morgan & Morgan. "You need to get Morgan & Morgan—For the People. They're the best," she advised. Little did Antonia know that this recommendation would be the gamechanger turning point in her pursuit of justice.

"I would highly recommend them a hundred times over because they were totally awesome, and they were on their game, and they know what they're doing, and they're totally professional."

The insurance company's initial lowball offer did not align with the justice Antonia deserved, and Morgan & Morgan, true to their commitment, rejected it. Antonia, curious about the seemingly low offer, asked her attorney, "Why would they even offer me that?" The response was enlightening, "Because people take it." It was a pivotal moment of realization—this was exactly why she needed legal representation.

Determined to pursue what she rightfully deserved, Antonia's legal team at Morgan & Morgan took the case to trial. The jury's ruling in her favor was not just a legal victory; it was a triumph of resilience over adversity.

Reflecting on her experience, Antonia shares, "During my experience with Morgan & Morgan, I learned that they're not afraid to go to trial because they have a lot of resources to back up their attorneys."