She Didn’t Have to Do It on Her Own - Georgia

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When Georgia was initially injured, she tried to handle the situation on her own. As a widow, Georgia had learned to rely on herself, first and foremost. But not everything can be resolved by a single individual — and definitely not something as complex and important as negotiating compensation for a life-changing injury.

Before her injury, Georgia had never hired a lawyer before. She was a little concerned — what if hiring a lawyer was too difficult or expensive? Luckily, she knew exactly who to turn to. “Of course, who hasn’t heard of Morgan & Morgan,” she says. “They have a great reputation in town. So, I felt that was the best company for me. They fit me better. They know law.”

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“As sophisticated as my case was, I literally had to do nothing.”
Client Story 2

Georgia connected with lawyer Craig Stewart, who got to work on her case right away. She says that after she signed the initial paperwork, Morgan & Morgan took care of everything else. “As sophisticated as my case was, I literally had to do nothing.” 

After she’d hired Morgan & Morgan, Georgia said that she could once again sleep at night, knowing that she had an experienced law firm on her side.

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Now that her legal issue is resolved, Georgia has more time to spend with her loved ones, including her niece. They’re able to take walks in the park and visit with one another poolside, without Georgia worrying about her case. “So, the stress has definitely gone and right now I’m just living my best life,” she reports.

When asked what she would recommend to someone in the same situation she was in, Georgia doesn’t hesitate. “If you are put in a situation, don’t be afraid, you don’t have to do it by yourself,” she says. “I thought that hiring an attorney or getting legal help was out of my reach until I contacted Morgan & Morgan. After one call, every-thing was taken care of.”