Headshot of Natalie Cavallaro, a Tallahassee-based work injury and workers' compensation lawyer from Morgan & Morgan

Natalie Cavallaro


Natalie A. Cavallaro, an esteemed attorney at Morgan & Morgan's Tallahassee office, is a dedicated advocate for injured workers in Florida's workers' compensation cases. With a career marked by unwavering commitment and extensive experience, Ms. Cavallaro has been exclusively focused on handling workers' compensation claims since 2015. Her journey in the legal field began by representing claimants for approximately three years before transitioning to defense work for insurance carriers and eventually returning to championing the rights of injured workers.

What sets Ms. Cavallaro apart is her comprehensive understanding of workers' compensation claims from various perspectives. Having navigated cases representing both claimants and insurance companies, she possesses valuable insights and strategic prowess that make her a formidable advocate. Moreover, her experience extends beyond the trial level, as she has successfully handled cases at the appellate level, showcasing her versatility and depth in legal practice.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Ms. Cavallaro remains actively engaged in legal communities such as the Florida Workers' Advocates (FWA), the Emerging Leaders Committee of Workers Compensation, and the Workers Compensation Academy's steering committee, demonstrating her ongoing commitment to staying updated with legal developments and advocating for workers' rights. When she's not in the courtroom or immersed in legal matters, Ms. Cavallaro enjoys quality time with her husband and daughter, balancing her professional excellence with personal fulfillment.

  • University of Tampa - BA in Business - 2009
  • University of Tampa - MS in Marketing - 2011

  • Worker's Compensation Inns of Court
  • Florida Worker's Advocates

  • Florida