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DeLand, FL, Veterans’ Benefits Lawyers - Army Veteran

Veterans’ Benefits Lawyers in Deland

Those who have bravely served our country deserve to be celebrated and cared for. The city of DeLand, Florida, honors U.S. veterans in a number of ways.

For instance, the Main Street DeLand Association and the DeLand Naval Air Station Museum collaborate to produce the Volusia County Veterans Parade each year. While celebrations are an excellent reminder of the sacrifices that veterans have undertaken, they deserve more.

There are several different categories of benefits that are available for U.S. veterans and their families. Many of these benefits are provided at the federal level through the Department of Veterans Affairs.

While these financial benefits can be incredibly useful for veterans, many applicants find it difficult to recover the payments they deserve. Unfortunately, the Veterans Administration (VA) denies many claims for benefits.

There are many reasons that the VA may cite for denying or undervaluing a claim. If you have had difficulty recovering the money that you are owed in the wake of your service, contact the DeLand, FL, veterans’ benefits lawyers at the firm of Morgan and Morgan.

Our firm is proud that over 100 of our legal specialists and staff members have served their country. Because of this, the team at Morgan and Morgan is uniquely positioned to fight effectively to recover the benefits that veterans deserve.

When you need the best DeLand, FL, veterans’ benefits lawyers, do not hesitate. Schedule a free consultation with the team at Morgan & Morgan by completing the online contact form today.

How Can I Know if I Am Eligible for Veterans’ Disability Benefits?

Not everyone who has served in the military is entitled to monetary benefits. To determine whether you can successfully claim veterans’ disability benefits, make sure to consult with knowledgeable DeLand, FL, veterans’ benefits lawyers at Morgan and Morgan.

Applicants must meet four standard requirements to recover VA disability benefit payments:

  • They must be a veteran
  • They must have a medical issue or condition
  • They must have experienced a disease or injury while serving
  • Their condition must be related to their military service

VA disability benefits applicants must provide evidence that their medical condition or injury is the result of their service. Any medical issues that arise as the result of military service or tours of duty make applicants eligible.

Applicants who lack legal guidance often have difficulty recovering the benefits that they are owed. When you hire our firm, we will work diligently to prove that your medical condition was the result of military service. 

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • What Types of Injuries Make Veterans Eligible for Disability Benefits?

    The physical and emotional requirements of military service can take a serious toll on servicemembers. Many types of injuries and conditions are covered by VA disability benefits. 

    The accomplished tort attorneys at Morgan & Morgan have years of experience recovering benefits for those with the following medical conditions:

    • Back injuries and spinal damage
    • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
    • Leg, knee, and lower-extremity injuries
    • Arm, elbow, and hand damage
    • Gulf War Syndrome
    • Head injuries and traumatic brain injuries
    • Dysentery and malaria
    • Wounds from battlefield shrapnel
    • Gunshot injuries
    • Amputations
    • Illnesses resulting from toxic chemical exposure
    • Sickness caused by exposure to uranium

    This is only a partial list of the illnesses, injuries, and conditions for which veterans deserve benefits. No matter the nature of your condition, discuss your eligibility with the DeLand, FL, veterans’ benefits lawyers at Morgan & Morgan. 

  • How Will DeLand, FL, Veterans’ Benefits Lawyers Help in My Case?

    If your claim for benefits has been denied, you still have legal options to recover the money that you are owed. A skilled veterans’ disability benefits attorney can help you to appeal the decision.

    During the appeal, your lawyer will have the opportunity to provide further evidence to bolster your claim. In some cases, an appeal allows veterans to secure the money that they need to move forward.

    Following an appeal, your claim may still be denied. If this happens in your case, skilled DeLand veterans’ benefits lawyers will help you file a claim through the civil courts to fight for what you deserve.

    At each step in the legal process, a knowledgeable legal professional will help you determine the best course of action. The compassionate attorneys at Morgan & Morgan know that servicemembers deserve disability benefits when they have been injured or become sick.

  • How Do You Apply for Veterans’ Disability Benefits?

    Most injured or ill veterans apply for payments through the Veterans Association disability benefits program. This program is intended to cover medical costs associated with service-related medical conditions.

    Before you begin the application, it is critical to ensure that your medical issue is covered. Some medical conditions are automatically covered, while others require further evidence and documentation. 

    The DeLand, FL, veterans’ benefits lawyers at Morgan & Morgan will help you build the strongest application possible. This will involve gathering relevant evidence and documentation to tie your injury or illness with your time in military service. 

    One of the most common reasons for a denied claim is filing errors. The submission paperwork for veterans’ disability benefits requires applicants to provide a range of information.

    In certain instances, benefits applicants will need to submit additional forms to recover compensation. Some examples of additional required paperwork include:

    • Medical and hospital records from the VA
    • Medical records from private care providers
    • Supporting statements from family and friends
    • Statements of support from those with whom you served

    The VA will also review your DD214 or other discharge papers. Those with a discharge status other than honorable still have the option to apply for benefits.

    If you have bad conduct or a dishonorable discharge on your record, speak with DeLand, FL, veterans’ benefits lawyers about your legal options. The specialists at Morgan & Morgan have extensive experience with the VA disability benefits application process.

    We will help you avoid common mistakes when applying for benefits. If your claim is denied, our team will assist you in appealing the decision.

  • How Do Disability Ratings Affect My Veterans’ Benefits?

    The amount of compensation that veterans can receive for their condition will depend on the severity of their injury or illness. Condition severity is determined by the use of a disability rating assigned by the VA.

    The Veterans Association assigns a disability rating to your claim after reviewing your application. This rating decision is passed through the Regional Office (RO). In the case of a DeLand veterans’ benefits application, the RO is in the heart of Volusia County.

    The amount that an applicant can recover will be based on their disability rating, between 10% and 100%. Actual monthly payments can range between $142 and $3,684. 

    Applicants who receive the least are those with a 10% disability rating and no dependents. Those who recover the most have a 100% disability rating with at least four dependents. 

    Veterans’ benefits are tax-free. Claimants can receive both Social Security disability benefits and veterans’ benefits simultaneously. These two types of payments do not affect one another. 

    To determine the specific amount that you will be owed, it is critical to apply for benefits through the VA with the help of a skilled attorney. The team at Morgan & Morgan has the experience and skills to help you file successfully.

  • What Are Contingency Fees and Why Are They Important?

    When most people think about hiring an attorney, they are understandably concerned about the cost. The common stereotype of lawyers involves clients paying exorbitant amounts for representation.

    This widespread belief about the cost of attorneys is mistaken when it comes to tort lawyers. Most reputable tort attorneys are compensated through the use of contingency fees.

    A contingency fee is a type of payment that depends on the outcome of a legal case. When you hire a veterans’ benefits attorney, you will agree to a specific percentage of the financial recovery from your case.

    If the lawyer successfully negotiates a settlement or wins your case at trial, you will pay the associated legal fees with the financial recovery. In most cases, civil tort lawyers will take cases for approximately one-third (or 33%) of the associated recovery.
    This percentage may vary depending on the requirements of the case. For instance, cases that require much more investigation, research, and courtroom time may cost more.

    Still, the use of contingency fees ensures that any person who has experienced harm has the ability to pursue justice. No matter your financial status, you can secure high-quality legal representation.

    The attorneys at Morgan & Morgan understand that you should not have to pay upfront legal fees to pursue the benefits you have earned. That is why you will not pay a single dime unless we secure the payments that are rightfully yours. 

  • Can the Rating for My Disability Change?

    In short, yes. Under certain circumstances, the Veterans Association may decide to alter your disability rating.

    In some instances, the VA requires a reassessment of benefit recipients’ conditions after they have been out of the service for six months. Follow-up assessments typically occur between two and five years after. 

    If your condition becomes less severe over time or is healed, you may receive a lower amount of VA disability benefits. This is to prevent veterans from receiving benefits that they do not need.

    However, some veterans’ disability ratings are highly unlikely to ever be reduced. For example, suppose that you have received a disability rating of 100%. In this case, the VA cannot reduce the amount of benefits that you receive unless they can show that:

    • You can maintain gainful employment for 12 consecutive months
    • You show “material improvement” in your psychological and physical health

    If you have questions regarding a change in your disability rating, reach out to the premier DeLand legal team at Morgan & Morgan. We understand how challenging it is for veterans who have trouble recovering the benefits that they deserve. 

  • Can I Recover VA Benefits as the Surviving Family Member of a Veteran?

    In many cases, yes. The VA provides many services and benefits for the children, spouses, and parents of veterans who have died. Some of the common examples of these benefits are:

    • Civil service preference
    • Education refunds
    • Exchange and commissary privileges
    • Funeral and burial benefits
    • Parents’ DIC
    • Death pensions
    • Healthcare benefits
    • Home loan guarantees

    If you or another family member was wrongfully denied these benefits, it can be helpful to consult with an attorney. The Florida veterans’ benefits lawyers at Morgan & Morgan will help you pursue any benefits to which you are entitled.

  • Contact Morgan & Morgan for Premier Legal Representation in Florida

    Unfortunately, it is harder than it should be for those who serve our country to receive the benefits they are owed. The VA does not do enough to help veterans recover disability payments.

    If you have been denied benefits or inadequately compensated for your disability, do not hesitate. Reach out to the legal firm of Morgan & Morgan for trustworthy legal guidance in DeLand, Florida. 

    Our firm has been successfully fighting for our clients for more than 30 years. Since our founding, the attorneys at Morgan & Morgan have recovered over $20 billion in compensation from more than a million successful cases.

    When you have a legal professional fighting for you, you will have a much better chance of receiving the benefits you are owed. Our attorneys have the skills and experience to get you the disability benefits you need to get your life back on track.

    To schedule a no-obligation free consultation, complete the online form on our firm’s website today.

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