Headshot of Benjamin A. Kincer, a West Tampa-based insurance claim lawyer at Morgan & Morgan

Benjamin A. Kincer


Benjamin A. Kincer's legal journey is deeply influenced by his background as a United States Coast Guard veteran and his upbringing in Southeast Michigan. After his honorable service, Mr. Kincer pursued higher education at Lake Superior State University in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, where he developed critical thinking and analytical skills. He then continued his educational journey by earning his law degree from Florida Coastal School of Law, showcasing his commitment to serving the community through legal practice. 

Prior to joining Morgan & Morgan, Mr. Kincer gained valuable experience as an associate at a Tampa-based Plaintiff's law firm, specializing in personal injury and personal injury protection cases. This experience provided him with a profound understanding of the intricacies involved in such matters, enabling him to offer informed and effective representation to his clients. Mr. Kincer's dedication is underscored by his licensure to practice law in all Florida State Courts, emphasizing his adherence to legal standards and pursuit of justice. 

In his current role, Mr. Kincer focuses on assisting medical providers in resolving payment disputes with insurance carriers under the Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law. His expertise in insurance claim matters positions him as a valuable resource for medical providers and clients seeking equitable compensation for their injuries. Based in West Tampa, FL, Mr. Kincer is well-equipped to address the legal needs of the community, upholding principles of integrity, diligence, and professionalism in his legal practice.

  • Lake Superior State University, 2010
  • Florida Coastal School of Law, 2013

  • Florida, 2014