Gregory Johnson

Trial Attorney

Biography Overview

Gregory Johnson is a driven and committed attorney whose academic journey reflects his deep passion for the legal field. He earned his Bachelors’ degree from Saint Louis University in 2018, laying the groundwork for his legal career. Expanding on his academic successes, Mr. Johnson pursued advanced studies at the University of Miami School of Law, graduating with a law degree in 2022. His exceptional academic performance and dedication to legal education led to his admission to the Florida Bar, showcasing his readiness to address the legal needs of his community. 

As an active participant in the Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division, Gregory Johnson remains up to date with the constantly evolving legal landscape, ensuring he stays informed about legal advancements and best practices. His involvement in this division also enables him to collaborate with fellow legal professionals, fostering a network of support and cooperation within the legal community. 

Currently practicing in Morgan & Morgan's Miami, Florida office in the Premises Liability department, Mr. Johnson brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to his legal practice. His primary focus on premises liability and slip-and-fall cases demonstrates his unwavering commitment to advocating for justice on behalf of those who have suffered harm. Gregory Johnson's dedication to his clients, combined with his legal expertise, establishes him as a respected and invaluable asset to the firm and a reliable advocate for individuals facing legal challenges in the Miami region.

Practice Areas

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  • Saint Louis University
  • University of Miami Law School


Bar Admission

Bar Admission
  • Florida