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Overtime Attorneys in Deland, FL

Overtime Attorneys

If you believe that you are owed overtime from your employer and that your employer has failed to properly pay you, this information should always be shared with experienced overtime lawyers. 

It can be frustrating to have not received pay for what you were owed, but it is imperative to get legal insight from an attorney who has handled cases like this before. It may be your only opportunity to protect yourself and to recover the overdue compensation for overtime. Overtime lawyers in Deland, FL are an important resource for you when facing these challenges. The right lawyers can make a big difference in how you move forward with your life and recover the payments you were owed by a lawyer. 

You should not feel as though you are on your own when you are dealing with these kinds of complex issues. There are state and federal laws potentially in place to assist you with overtime concerns. It is important to recognize your legal rights and to identify an attorney who has handled situations like this before. Your overtime lawyer is a crucial component of making a comprehensive claim against someone else when it comes to overtime. You need to be prepared to submit sufficient evidence to illustrate that you did indeed log overtime hours and that your employer refused to pay you for those overtime hours. This means keeping proper documentation. So any logs, other time stamps, pay stubs, or proof that you worked could be extremely helpful in making this case.

It can be very delicate to move forward with these kinds of cases because of the situation of making allegations directly against your employer. You need the insight of someone who has been in this situation before, and someone who recognizes the complex issues at play with overtime concerns. Your job may be at risk by bringing up this claim. But if you are entitled to overtime, you are likely not the only employee who has suffered in not receiving the pay that you were entitled to.

Your decision to move forward with an overtime pay lawsuit may be crucial for helping you to get the pay that you were owed and also to assist you with moving forward and protecting other employees. Whether an employer has intentionally or accidentally failed to provide you with necessary pay for logging overtime hours, it is still their legal responsibility to pay you this additional compensation when your work exceeds the traditional work expected.

You need to find overtime lawyers who have a track record of success in meeting with victims of overtime pay, lawsuit concerns, and in moving forward with allegations against these employers. You want an attorney who understands all of the legal elements at play and someone who can counsel you about the kinds of evidence you need to collect as soon as possible. This may be instrumental in helping you to make a legal claim against an employer. And when so much is at stake for your future, you need a legal team that has the appropriate track record, resources, and commitment to pursuing justice on your behalf. An overtime attorney should be someone that you can trust with your case and someone who can provide you with prompt answers to your questions. Communication should be some of the top priorities when identifying an experienced and trusted lawyer.

Overtime lawsuits can be very stressful for an employee, even when they have all of the appropriate information to argue these claims against their employer. Having the guidance of someone who has been through this process before and can help tell you what to expect next can ease a lot of your concerns and fears. Over time lawyers in DeLand, FL can assist you with understanding the full impact of your legal case and the laws that your employer may have violated.

Understanding Wage Theft

Wage theft is a serious issue that affects employees in Florida and around the country. This occurs in a variety of different ways, including paying comp time or straight time, not paying for overtime, telling employees they're not entitled to overtime, or classifying employees as independent contractors. This generates millions of dollars in wage theft losses for employees every single year, and many employers continue to do this as long as they believe they can get away with it.

If this happens in your workplace, and you have been unfairly denied overtime compensation, this is illegal. Be prepared to find overtime lawyers in DeLand, Florida, who can assist you with the preparation of a case. An initial consultation with overtime lawyers in DeLand, Florida may give you a better perspective of some of the issues and legal challenges ahead of you. Unfortunately, too many employers in Florida look for ways to reduce costs, but this is illegal when it violates your overtime rights. This short changes you from receiving money that was owed to you and violates your rights.

Understanding the FLSA and Florida Unpaid Overtime Protections

The Fair Labor Standards Act is a federal law that governs the protection of over 130 million American workers. Additionally, Florida law similarly tracks the provisions of the FLSA when it comes to overtime compensation.

Employers who allow or require an employee to work overtime must pay what is known as premium pay, which is time and a half pay for each hour beyond 40 hours within one work week. Extra pay is not required for holidays or weekends unless those trigger hours beyond 40.

One of the most common tactics for reducing payroll expenses in Florida is misclassifying employees as exempt. This helps the employer reduce their own costs, but the employee pays the price by missing out on wages owed. 

Workers who should be paid hourly could be purposely put on a salary by their employer. Some other companies might use threats or offers of cash to underreport hours so that the employer doesn't have to pay overtime benefits.

An employer may also attempt to misclassify as an employee, as an independent contractor. This can include domestic workers, such as cooks, full-time babysitters, and housekeepers.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Is Anyone Exempt From Overtime in Florida? 

    Specific white-collar employees in Florida are exempted from legal requirements for overtime. In order to be classified as exempt, they must pass a three-tiered test. This includes proving that:

    • The salary is no less than $455 per week. 
    • The worker is not paid on an hourly basis. 
    • The primary job responsibilities are executive administrative or professional.
  • How Can I Calculate Overtime? 

    The typical way to determine your overtime pay in Florida is to take your base rate of pay and multiply it by 1.5 for the number of hours you worked beyond 40 in a given week. Unpaid overtime can build up over the course of weeks and could be a large sum. Hiring an experienced overtime lawyer in DeLand, Florida may be the only way for you to recover compensation for your situation. It is imperative to identify an overtime attorney who has handled situations like this before to advise you about your rights and to give you further information about what kinds of evidence you need to collect to move forward with your overtime claim.

  • Is There a Time Limit for Filing my Lawsuit? 

    The standard statute of limitations under the Fair Labor Standards Act is two years for an overtime lawsuit. However, if you can show that your employer engaged in what is known as willful violations, the statute of limitations goes up to three years. 

  • What if I Signed a Waiver? 

    It is not legal for employers to make workers sign waivers so that they do not receive overtime or minimum wage. If there was a private and separate lawsuit under court supervision that handled your claim for minimum wage or unpaid overtime, or if the waiver was supervised by the Department of Labor, this may not apply. Overtime attorneys have assisted many different people like you and understand some of the serious legal issues involved. They are also prepared to move forward with the next steps in a timely manner. There are so many different things to think about in the wake of being denied overtime pay. 

    You deserve to have a consultation with an experienced and dedicated lawyer who is there to protect your rights from the beginning to the end of the case. You need a team like the lawyers at Morgan & Morgan who have extensive legal experience representing unpaid overtime claims. They will help you to understand some of the different legal issues involved and will assist you with understanding what you must do next.

    It can be overwhelming to move through this process on your own. And thankfully, you do not have to. You need to consult with an attorney as soon as possible to recognize whether or not you have the legal eligibility to pursue a claim and some of the additional steps that you need to take. It can be frustrating to try to move forward in this process on your own, but thankfully, you are not alone in handling these situations. Identify an attorney with the appropriate track record and experience to navigate you through the legal process. An unpaid overtime lawyer in Florida will sit down with you for an initial consultation, which gives you an opportunity to ask questions about what to expect and to gain further information and insight about what it really takes to pursue legal compensation and a claim.

  • Do I Have to Prove My Employer Was Willfully Violating the Law? 

    When you bring an overtime claim, you need to be able to show that you were owed overtime pay and that your employer did not pay it. You might have evidence that you raised to the employer when you first discovered the issue. If they ignored it, but you have solid evidence then, this information can bolster your claim. However, as the party who was denied appropriate overtime pay, it is your role to prove that you were owed this pay and that you did not receive it. 

    You can still proceed with an overtime pay case even if you cannot prove that it was willful on the part of your employer. However, you can expect that any claims about these issues may come up within your case, especially if other employees have been subjected to the willful refusal to pay overtime wages. 

    Contacting an attorney should be your next step when you discover that you have not received the right overtime pay. You need a legal team with extensive experience and knowledge about these complex issues. Contact the team of professionals at Morgan & Morgan to get advocates on your side as soon as possible. We can provide a free, no-obligation case evaluation to get started. 

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