Where Can I Find the Best Airport Accident Lawyers in DeLand, FL?

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Where Can I Find the Best Airport Accident Lawyers in DeLand, FL

Airport Accident Lawyers in DeLand, FL

The Orlando Sanford International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the country, with millions of people passing through it every year. Millions of visitors per year mean millions of chances for an accident. When the law of averages eventually kicks in, people get hurt.

Most accidents aren’t anybody’s fault. Life simply happens, and someone gets hurt. But when an airport accident is the result of negligence, that is when you need the help of the best airport accident lawyers in DeLand.

Morgan and Morgan attorneys are the best airport accident lawyers in DeLand, FL. Our team of experienced lawyers will get you money for your airport accident case quickly and with minimal hassle. To find out more, contact us today for a free evaluation of your case.

The Many Dangers of a Major Airport

Every year we meet with hundreds of clients who have been injured in an airport. Airport accidents include:

  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Injuries caused by an automated luggage conveyor belt
  • Improperly prepared food
  • Escalator and moving walkway injuries
  • Car crashes in the parking lot
  • Pedestrians hit by vehicles
  • Whiplash on trams or buses

You can be injured at almost any location in an airport. From the moment you arrive until your plane takes off, negligence can cause you harm. Certain locations in the airport are particularly dangerous for unaware travelers.

Airport Parking Lot

The airport parking lot represents multiple dangers. Most airport parking lots are tightly packed and filled with people who are in a hurry. This makes car accidents common. The chances of an accident are even higher at night, particularly if the airport hasn’t properly replaced overhead lighting.

The airport shuttles represent another danger in the parking lot. Drivers who have been working all day may be overtired or not paying close attention to their surroundings. Also, most shuttles have stairs in them. If those stairs are wet or if the shuttle hasn’t come to a complete stop, you could be injured in a fall.

Restaurants and Food Courts

Just like restaurants outside an airport, airport restaurants are required to follow safe food preparation and storage rules. But with extremely limited space available to airport restaurants, sometimes employees cut corners that might not be cut outside an airport. This can result in food poisoning.

Additionally, because travelers are often in a hurry, spilled food is relatively common in airport food courts and restaurants. Airport personnel are supposed to clean those spills promptly and set out warning signs until the spill has been completely cleaned. When that doesn’t happen, you could slip and hurt yourself in a fall.

Moving Walkways and Escalators

Moving walkways and escalators are reasonably safe when they work properly and are marked with good signage. When this isn’t the case, they can be some of the most dangerous locations in an airport. 

The biggest threat is when a moving walkway or escalator suddenly stops without any warning. This will usually throw you forward and may cause serious injuries, depending on where you are standing when the contraption stops.

Luggage Conveyor Belts

Luggage conveyor belts present an unexpected danger for travelers. Many people think that the conveyor belt could cause injury to their hands, but that is extremely rare. The bigger danger is that heavy luggage falls off a conveyor belt and knocks someone over. 

This can happen when dangerous luggage is placed on the conveyor belt or when too much luggage is placed close together on the conveyor belt. These are all things that can happen when an airport employee is careless.

When You Need the Best Airport Accident Lawyers in DeLand, FL

If you have been injured at an airport due to negligence, you need the help of a top-quality airport accident lawyer. Without the assistance of an attorney, you could find yourself being denied compensation by insurance companies and airport lawyers that understand the law better than you do. 

Numerous complications make it difficult to get fair compensation for your injuries when you have been injured at an airport.

Fault Is Often Unclear

The first problem you will run into is that fault is often unclear in an accident at an airport. For example, imagine you were injured when you slipped on a wet floor while leaving an airport store. Is the store responsible for your injury, or is the airport responsible for your injury? 

Either is possible depending on the exact circumstances, and both parties will likely try to blame the other.

By carefully examining the evidence, your attorney will be able to determine fault in your case. That will prevent the liable party from trying to shift blame and get out of paying for your injuries. 

Even when both parties are at fault, your attorney will fight vigorously to ensure that both parties pay what they owe and that you are fully compensated for your injury.

Government Entities Are Difficult to Sue

Comparatively, government entities have limited liability. But limited liability doesn’t mean that airports are immune to liability claims. And if airport personnel have been negligent in a way that injures you, you are eligible for relief from the courts.

Because getting relief from a government entity is more difficult, you need the best airport accident lawyers in DeLand. Experienced attorneys understand what civil measures the law allows and will get you every dollar they can. Without an experienced attorney, you could be unexpectedly stymied by a variety of regulations.

Insurance Companies Don’t Want to Pay

Florida has some of the most business-friendly laws in the country. These laws are also friendly to insurance companies. As a result, insurance companies will often attempt to deny your claim, pay you less than you deserve, or drag out your claims process until you give up on it. 

Hiring the best airport accident lawyers in DeLand will help mitigate these tactics. Your attorney will present the insurance company with irrefutable evidence of fault. This can be used to wrest a fair settlement offer from the insurance company. It can also be used in a courtroom if the insurance company refuses to make a fair offer.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Can I File a Wrongful Death Lawsuit if a Loved One Was Killed at an Airport?

    Except for injuries that happen during a plane crash, most airport injuries aren’t fatal. With that being said, if a loved one dies at an airport due to negligence on the part of airport personnel, you can file a wrongful death lawsuit. 

    Just because you weren’t injured doesn’t mean you aren’t eligible for compensation. A Morgan and Morgan airport accident attorney can tell you your rights during your free initial evaluation.

  • Who Is Responsible if I Am Injured on an Airplane?

    If you are injured on an airplane, usually the airline is responsible. In rare cases, though, the airport will be responsible for that injury. Your Morgan and Morgan personal injury lawyer can determine which party is most at fault by looking at the details of your case.

  • Should I Accept a Settlement Offer From an Insurance Company?

    If you have received a settlement offer before you have had a chance to speak to a lawyer, you should rarely accept the offer. 

    Insurance companies will often make a fast lowball offer before you fully know how badly you have been injured. By accepting this offer, you make it much more difficult to get additional money if your injuries prove to be worse than you believed.

  • When Should I Hire a Lawyer After Being Injured at an Airport?

    The biggest mistake people make after being injured at an airport is not contacting a lawyer immediately. Airports and insurance companies have armies of lawyers working around the clock to protect their interests. 

    They will be interviewing witnesses, scouring police reports, and looking through your medical records before you even have a chance to see a doctor. By the time you think to speak with a lawyer, you could already have essentially lost your case.

  • Should I Get Medical Attention After Being Injured at an Airport?

    Even if you don’t have medical insurance, you should be evaluated and treated by a doctor after suffering an injury at an airport. If you are lucky, medical attention is unnecessary. If you aren’t lucky, you might have a serious injury that requires both immediate and long-term care.

    Besides protecting your health, seeking medical attention also protects your ability to get compensation for your injury. The medical evaluation of the doctor that treats you is proof that you were injured. Without that proof, you might not be able to get compensation for the injury.

  • What Should I Expect After an Airport Accident?

    If you are injured at an airport, a lot of things will likely happen very quickly. Emergency workers are continually present at almost every airport in the country. Most likely, medical personnel will attempt to treat you within minutes of your accident, and a police officer will likely arrive to create an accident report.

    While it is a good idea to let the medical staff treat you, you should avoid giving any statements while they do so. Answer any questions regarding how you feel, but try not to speak about how you were injured until you have a lawyer present. 

    Similarly, you can tell a police officer that you don’t want to answer any questions without your lawyer present.

    Just as importantly, don’t sign anything. Airport personnel might try to get you to sign a waiver of liability on the spot or sign a document dictating what happened. If anyone tries to get you to sign something, just direct them to speak with your attorney.

  • Will I Have to Go to Trial?

    In the vast majority of personal injury cases, claimants never step foot in a courtroom. Usually, insurance companies will offer a settlement before a lawsuit is even filed. And even if a lawsuit is filed, most insurance companies will settle before the trial begins.

    In the rare case where an insurance company refuses to settle, you will probably have to testify in court. Your lawyer will work hard to avoid that. 

    But if the case moves to trial, you can be confident knowing that Morgan and Morgan attorneys are the best airport accident lawyers in DeLand, FL, and have an excellent record of success in the courtroom.

  • I Don’t Know if I Have a Case. Can I Speak With a Lawyer for Free?

    Yes, you can. We provide free case evaluations to all potential clients. All you need to do is give us the complete details of how, where, and when you were injured. Our experienced attorneys will research your account and determine whether you qualify for filing an airport accident lawsuit — without any cost to you.

  • Why Should You Choose Morgan and Morgan?

    After you have been injured in an airport accident, all you want is to get better as quickly as possible. But the biggest obstacle to recovery is paying your bills while you are injured. 

    Our attorneys understand your concerns and will do everything possible to get you compensation quickly and with as little effort on your part as possible. If you want skilled lawyers that truly care about you, contact us immediately to schedule your free case evaluation.

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