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Best Car Insurance Attorney in Titusville, FL

Car insurance companies should offer a reasonable payout if you have a valid claim. After all, we pay for our car insurance policies month after month and year after year to be protected when an accident happens. Unfortunately, the reality is that individuals harmed in car accidents often struggle to get what they deserve from insurers that deny, delay, or minimize claims to increase their profits.

Morgan & Morgan knows that this is not fair. Insurance companies are required to uphold their part in the deal. Injured victims should not have to fight with an insurer over every dime or face unreasonable claim delays and denials. We are here to help. If you or a loved one suffered injuries and car damage in an accident, let us match you up with our best car insurance attorneys in Titusville, FL. We could help you get the insurance settlement you deserve. Contact us now for more information.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What are Reasons to Hire a Car Insurance Lawyer?

    If you only have a small amount of car damage and no injuries, you may not need an attorney. Minor insurance claims typically settle without too much trouble. However, if there is a considerable amount of money at stake for you and an insurer, getting an experienced attorney on your side can be critical, particularly when:

    • You suffered significant or disabling injuries
    • Pre-existing medical conditions complicate your claim
    • You have significant losses, such as steep medical bills, lost wages, and others
    • Your car accident claim is complex and involves several at-fault parties
    • You are partially at fault for the accident

    If you have a car insurance claim, speaking to an attorney to learn about your legal rights can be an excellent idea. First consultations are always free with Morgan & Morgan, giving you the chance to receive legal advice before taking any further steps with your claim.

  • How to Find Car Insurance Attorneys in Titusville?

    Finding the best car insurance attorneys in Titusville, FL does not have to be hard work. The following tips can help you to find an insurance attorney in a matter of days:

    Word of Mouth

    Almost all of us have experience with car accidents and car insurance issues. Therefore, word of mouth can be an excellent way to find a capable and motivated car insurance attorney in Titusville. Before looking elsewhere, ask friends, family members, and coworkers whether they know of an excellent lawyer for your car insurance claim.

    Internet Search

    Most law firms have an internet presence now. Therefore, typing “best car insurance attorney in Titusville, FL” into your browser’s search bar should provide you with several hits. You can check out any potential lawyers on legal databases such as Avvo and Martindale Hubbell, which contain information about the attorneys in your area and their credentials. You will want to pay particular attention to past client reviews, which can indicate an attorney’s success rate.  

    The Florida Bar

    The Florida Bar website has a function allowing the general public to search for lawyers anywhere in the state.

  • How to Maximize Your Insurance Settlement After a Crash?

    After a car accident, nothing is more important than your health and protecting your legal rights. Failing to take the proper steps could mean missing out on the compensation you deserve.

    See a Doctor and Follow Your Treatment Plan

    If you did not receive treatment at the accident site, visit a doctor as soon as possible. Some car crash injuries can take days to show symptoms. Getting timely medical advice ensures early diagnosis and treatment. Seeking medical help is also critical for proving your damages to the insurance company.

    Moreover, follow your treatment plan meticulously, attend your medical appointments, and complete all treatments. You risk losing your insurance settlement if you skip medical treatments or doctor’s appointments. Insurance adjusters will search for ways to minimize or deny your claim and might accuse you of exaggerating your injuries if you fail to follow the treatment plan.

    Organize Your Evidence

    If you got hurt in a car accident, gathering evidence as soon as possible can help you recover an adequate settlement later. Keep a folder with all the relevant documents, photographs, and receipts, including:

    • Pictures and videos of the accident scene
    • Medical reports and bills
    • Receipts for car rental and vehicle repair expenses
    • Names, addresses, and insurance information of all involved drivers
    • Contact details of witnesses

    A seasoned car insurance attorney can help you gather evidence that could prove your insurance claim and the liability of other drivers.

    Stay Off Social Media for the Duration of Your Claim or Lawsuit

    Social media plays a big role in our lives. We share our happiest and saddest moments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media channels. However, insurance adjusters will scour the internet for information about your private life to try and reduce or deny you a fair settlement. Your social media accounts could provide them with the ammunition they need to sink your claim.

    Anything you post online, even if your social media account is set to private, could be used against you. Therefore, if possible, stay off social media for the duration of your insurance claim proceedings or your personal injury lawsuit. If you continue to use your social media channels, refrain from posting the following:

    • Photographs of the crash scene or your injuries
    • Accident facts and circumstances
    • Details of an insurance settlement offer
    • Pictures of you vacationing or playing sports (especially when claiming damages for serious injuries)

    Refuse to Give Recorded Statements

    Recorded statements are often used to manipulate claimants into saying something that could severely harm their case. Something as innocent as replying “I’m fine” to an insurance adjuster’s question of how you are could be used to minimize your injuries.

    No law in Florida requires you to provide an insurer with a recorded statement. Moreover, while adjusters may be friendly and personable, remember that the at-fault party’s insurance company is not on your side. Sometimes, even your own insurer is not on your side. Therefore, politely decline any requests for recorded statements and seek legal advice. Your attorney will be 100 percent on your side and look out for your best interests only.

    Do Not Accept the First Settlement Offer

    Accepting the first offer from an insurance company could be a terrible mistake and leave you out of pocket. The first offer is almost never the last and is generally an attempt to settle as cheaply and as quickly as possible. When you receive your first offer from an insurer, compare the amount to the costs of your damages and potential future damages such as wage loss, medical bills, and out-of-pocket costs.

    You should also consider speaking to an attorney to determine the worth of your case, as you could be owed considerable amounts for non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering. Before accepting any offers, discuss the implications with your attorney. In most cases, agreeing to an out-of-court settlement means you lose your right to sue for further damages. Therefore, if you do not want to risk leaving money on the table, only accept a comprehensive settlement. An attorney from our firm can assess the true value of your claim.

    Call a Car Insurance Attorney in Titusville

    Do not wait to speak to an attorney until your claim has been denied. A dedicated car insurance lawyer from our firm can protect you, represent your best interests, and communicate with the insurance company. This is especially true if you have suffered considerable injuries and losses due to a car accident, and a lot of money is at stake. An attorney can protect you from unethical insurance companies trying to take advantage of you, resulting in a settlement that is too low to compensate you for your damages.

    Calling a seasoned car accident lawyer immediately after your accident can be your best step for maximizing an insurance settlement. If you got hurt in a car accident, Morgan & Morgan can be here for you.

  • How Do I Appeal a Car Insurance Claim Reduction or Denial?

    Unfortunately, car insurers sometimes try to get away with denying claims or underpaying policyholders. However, if you have a valid claim, you are entitled to adequate damages. You can appeal an insurer’s decision in various ways, including:

    File an Internal Appeal With Your Insurance Company

    Insurance companies generally allow claimants to file internal appeals. However, to have a chance at succeeding, you need to understand why the insurance denied your claim and present evidence showing that they were wrong. Evidence backing up your appeal can include medical reports, eyewitness statements, photographs of your injuries and car damage, and other materials. Ensure to follow up regularly as insurance companies may ignore your appeal or drag it out.

    File an Official Complaint

    You could file an official insurance complaint with Florida’s Division of Consumer Services. The insurer must address the issues raised in the complaint, or they could face penalties. An insurance company may take your claim much more seriously once you file an official complaint.

    Contact the Best Car Insurance Attorney in Titusville

    You do not have to deal with an unethical car insurer on your own. If the insurance company acted in bad faith, you could recover damages in addition to your initial claim amount.
    Speaking to one of our qualified attorneys once you receive a denial letter can be a great idea. Our insurance dispute attorneys can review your insurance policy, analyze your claim, and identify the best way forward for getting what you deserve.

    Should I Visit a Doctor Even If I Feel Fine After a Car Crash?

    Getting medical advice after a car accident can be crucial for both your health and legal rights. Some injuries do not present with symptoms until weeks after an accident. However, an insurer may deny a settlement if you do not have a medical report from around the time of the crash. They could argue that your injuries have nothing to do with the car crash or are not as severe as you claim since you did not need to see a doctor right away.

    Therefore, even if you feel fine or notice only minor symptoms such as a stiff neck or a persistent headache, consider getting yourself checked out by a medical professional as soon as possible. Documenting your injuries is vital for pursuing a car insurance settlement.

    What Should I Look for in a Car Insurance Attorney?

    There are many car insurance attorneys to choose from in Titusville. However, you will have the best chance of winning with an attorney who has the right experience, stamina, and resources to fight powerful insurance companies. Your prospective lawyer should have:

    • A successful track record
    • Trial experience
    • An approachable and communicative personality
    • A good professional reputation
    • Excellent client reviews
    • Adequate resources to handle even lengthy and expensive claims

    You will be in good hands with Morgan & Morgan. We have recovered over $20 billion in damages for our clients and could help you get the insurance payout you need to get your life back on track after a car accident. The best car insurance attorneys in Titusville, FL, are waiting to hear from you and move forward with your claim.

  • We Fight Unscrupulous Car Insurers

    Morgan & Morgan understands that car accident victims may be dealing with the physical, emotional, and financial fallout of a severe accident for the rest of their lives. Therefore, we never settle for less and don’t shy away from taking insurance companies to trial if they don’t pay up. Some of our largest settlements and verdicts are car insurance cases. Every day, we fight companies that deny injured victims fair settlements.

    Get started now and contact us for a free, no-obligation case review to determine how we could help.

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