Where Can I Find a Negligent Security Lawyer in Kissimmee, Florida?

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Where Can I Find a Negligent Security Lawyer in Kissimmee, Florida?

Negligent Security Lawyer in Kissimmee

Security workers are hired for a very specific purpose—to protect all individuals on the premises from danger or injury. While most security guards will operate as they’re instructed and maintain control of their posts, some aren’t so attentive, and there have been situations where negligent security officers have caused dangerous situations because of their carelessness. The victims in these situations are often left wondering, “Where was the security?” After the dust settles, no one wants to hear that the person who was supposed to protect them was caught slacking off on the job.

Negligent security can mean various things, including failure to man a post, being distracted while at work, and falling asleep on the job. All of these situations are, of course, avoidable, which makes the situation much more unfortunate. For example, there have been cases where mall security officers failed to adequately monitor their camera equipment because they were on their phones. Without their focus on the job at hand, they failed to notice an unsuspecting individual being assaulted in the parking garage, leaving the victim alone and helpless in a situation where they should have been protected. Unfortunately, there are many situations like this, but that doesn’t mean the victims have to stand for the damage.

You can fight back against damage sustained as a result of a negligent security officer by teaming up with a trusted, experienced attorney. Florida law dictates that security officers must be attentive and at their post for the entirety of their shift, and if they aren’t, they could be subject to legal action if someone sustains an injury on their watch. However, the legal action associated with recovering the damage you sustained is often complicated, and many individuals who choose to proceed without an attorney find themselves overwhelmed with the paperwork, negotiations, and the burden to prove fault. Rather than gamble with your rightful restitution, you can team up with one of Morgan & Morgan’s negligent security lawyers to guarantee the best possible chance of success.

Morgan & Morgan, America’s largest personal injury firm, has the resources to take on a bully of any size. The negligent security officer or the company they work for may try to hide behind their legal teams to avoid facing liability for their actions, but with us on the case, it’s only a matter of time until they’re held accountable. You may be wondering, “Where can I find a negligent security officer in Kissimmee?” The answer is right in front of you—Morgan & Morgan’s experienced, knowledgable, and compassionate negligent security law team.

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  • What Is Considered Negligent Security?

    Negligent security can be defined as a failure to take proper care by a licensed security officer or property owner that results in harm to a third party. It doesn’t include simply sustaining an injury on someone’s property, such as a patron in a grocery store failing to notice a wet floor sign and sustaining an injury. It does, however, include instances where a security officer had reasonable time to act and prevent an instance of harm from occurring. Negligent security also encompasses a property owner's failure to adequately protect patrons on their premises, such as a landlord neglecting to install a spotlight in a dimly lit area of their parking lot.

    A negligent security officer has the potential to leave someone at risk for a serious injury or worse. Even if the site that the officer is tasked with overseeing isn’t necessarily dangerous, they must maintain focus and attention at their post for the duration of their shift. It’s a risky job, but that person signed on for it anyway, so they must act according to their job duties or be at risk of legal action if someone is injured on their watch.

    This applies to property owners, too. If the property owner has an area on their premises that could lead to a crime or accident, then they’re legally obligated to find a solution within a reasonable time. The “reasonable time” contingency of a negligent security case is often difficult to prove, especially if the situation is a hotly contested matter between both parties. But, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek out the help of an attorney, as they can help you navigate through the process with ease.

  • What Can I Recover in a Security Negligence Lawsuit?

    Your specific recovery will depend on the damage you sustained as a result of the negligence and the situation/jurisdiction surrounding your case. If you’re seeking a negligent security lawyer in Kissimmee, you can expect to recover:

    • Medical expenses
    • Lost wages
    • Pain and suffering
    • Diminished/Total loss of earning capacity
    • Emotional damages
    • Repair costs
    • Punitive damages
    • Funeral benefits, in the case of wrongful death

    Some of these damages, like pain and suffering, are difficult to advocate for because the damage is internal. Only you will be able to truly understand how much your condition affects you, which, unfortunately, often leads to diminished pain and suffering damages. The person negotiating your damages might not intend to diminish your condition; They genuinely won’t understand it, which is why you need the help of an experienced attorney to ensure you recover the fullest value.

  • What Are the Four Types of Negligence?

    You’ll need to prove four things to prove that an individual’s negligent actions were the cause of your damage, which are:

    • Duty of Care: You’ll need to prove that the at-fault party had an obligation to act responsibly in the situation leading up to your accident. In security cases, this means that you have to prove that the property owner or negligent security officer who oversaw the location where your accident occurred had a legal duty to intervene in the situation and attempt to prevent your damage.
    • Breach of Duty: Then, you’ll have to prove that the property owner or individual responsible for overseeing the location failed to act according to their duty of care.
    • Causation/Source: The situation could have been prevented if the at-fault party had acted accordingly, but you’ll also have to explain how their actions would have prevented the damage you sustained.
    • Damages: Finally, you’ll seek damages according to the value of the damage caused by the at-fault party’s negligence. This will include physical, mental, and financial damages you sustained as a direct result of the negligence but will differ depending on your specific situation and circumstances.

    Negligent security cases aren’t easy. In some cases, the victim suffers serious injuries that will affect them for the rest of their life. A successful case isn’t just important; It’s essential, especially if the damage is severe. Teaming up with an experienced attorney increases your odds of success greatly, and if you’re going to choose a law firm to fight for you, there’s no better than Morgan & Morgan.

  • Where Do Negligent Security Cases Occur?

    Negligent security cases can occur in almost any location. All it takes is one dangerous area to form on the property for someone to get hurt, which is why property owners and security staff need to maintain focus and control over their premises. For example, if a shopping mall has a section of a parking lot that is very dark due to multiple street lamp outages and someone gets assaulted, the mall and security staff on-site at the time could be held responsible. A situation of consistent negligence is different from one where the hazard formed when no one could respond in a timely manner, which is a common defense in liability cases.

    In general, the most negligent security cases occur at:

    • Shopping malls
    • Supermarkets
    • Restaurants
    • Gas Stations
    • Hotels
    • Apartment Buildings
    • Schools/Colleges

    None of the above locations are inherently dangerous for any reason. The danger results from negligent maintenance or lack of response by the property owner, and there are many of these locations that are completely safe due to adequate and prompt security. It’s unfortunate to imagine one of your favorite spots becoming unsafe because of carelessness. If you’re ever injured when they breach their duty of care, everyone in Florida has an ally in a Morgan & Morgan Negligent Security Lawyer in Kissimmee.

  • Can I Afford a Negligent Security Lawyer in Kissimmee?

    Other negligent security firms will charge their clients expensive retainer fees just to sit down in their office, only furthering their financial burden and worsening their situation. At Morgan & Morgan, we chose to take a different route—one that would allow anyone seeking a negligent lawyer in Kissimmee to find comprehensive representation, regardless of their financial status. Our lawyers operate on a contingency, meaning you pay nothing out-of-pocket, and we’re only paid when we reach a successful verdict or favorable jury award in your case. That’s right; the fee is free when you team up with Morgan & Morgan. You could gamble with your law firm and pay more for less, or you could team up with America’s largest personal injury firm and get more for a fraction of the cost.

  • Contact Morgan & Morgan’s Negligent Security Lawyers in Kissimmee

    In the most difficult moments of your life, Morgan & Morgan has your back. Negligent security can lead to serious harm and life-altering damages. In some unfortunate cases, victims are denied their rightful compensation or offered little to nothing after enduring major damage, which only makes the situation worse. If you find yourself in a situation where security negligence caused you to sustain an injury, Morgan & Morgan is only a phone call away.

    With $20 billion recovered since our inception, offices from coast to coast, and a commitment to never settle for less than you deserve, there’s no better ally in your fight for your rightful compensation than Morgan & Morgan.

    Contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to get started.

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