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Slip and Fall Attorney in Spring Hill

Slip and Fall Attorney in Spring Hill

A slip and fall accident can leave you nursing serious injuries. We've seen cases where individuals are unable to walk again or do the things they used to enjoy because they slipped and fell under the most unexpected circumstances. For example, no one expects to enter a grocery store with a shopping cart and leave in an ambulance. But these cases are far too common. The worst part? Some slip and fall incidents happen because someone somewhere was careless. 

If that is what you or a loved one is dealing with, a Spring Hill slip and fall lawyer from Morgan and Morgan might be able to help you claim the compensation you need and deserve to settle your medical expenses, recover your lost wages, and more. Please fill out our case evaluation form today; we might be able to fight for your rights.

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  • What Are Some Common Causes of Slip and Falls in Spring Hill?

    Slip and fall cases happen due to many reasons. Sometimes negligence is usually a factor in such cases. For context, slips and falls can occur due to: 

    • Wet and uneven surfaces
    • Loose carpeting
    • Debris, especially at construction sites
    • Icy sidewalks
    • Lack of adequate warning signs
    • Clutter and obstructions
    • Lack of security features such as guardrails

    It is also worth noting that not every slip and fall case happens due to negligence. So to find out if you have a negligence case, it's advisable to have it reviewed by a professional.

  • What Are Some Common Places In Spring Hill Where Slip And Falls Occur?

    Slip and fall cases can occur anywhere in Spring Hill, from hotels, shopping malls, parks, or even in the streets. No matter the location, all it takes for the regrettable to happen is a hazardous condition and an innocent victim. When such an accident occurs, it is always important to find out whether it could have been avoided and if someone somewhere lowered their guard.

  • What Should I Do If I Slip And Fall In Spring Hill?

    Each case is different. The steps that could apply to your specific situation may vary from what another person needs to do in a similar situation. 

    For example, let's say you've slipped and fallen down a flight of stairs at the mall and lost consciousness. In that case, you may not be able to do much because you are not in the right state of mind. On the other hand, someone who slips and falls while shopping at a grocery store and hurts their hip might be able to make that all-important phone call to 911 and request urgent medical assistance.

    That said, always remember that seeking medical attention is the first and most important thing you need to do. Secondly, and only if possible, gather as much information as possible from the accident scene. Specifically, you may need to collect photos, videos, or even the contact information of any witnesses at the scene. 

    Lastly, and most importantly, contact Morgan and Morgan as soon as you can to have your case reviewed by someone experienced in handling slip and fall cases in Spring Hill.

  • In What Ways Can Morgan And Morgan Help Me After a Slip And Fall Incident In Spring Hill?

    When you contact us for a free case evaluation, we will first try to find out if someone somewhere was negligent. If so, we will gather evidence to support your claim and demonstrate that you would not have been injured had someone or an entity been more careful. 

    Next, we will create a legal strategy to help you pursue the compensation you may be entitled to. Creating a legal strategy is an underrated yet critical part of the legal process when pursuing compensation after a slip and fall injury. 

    Take, for instance, a situation where you have been injured and need extensive medical attention. In such a case, it is more important that you recover fully from your injuries before we even begin pursuing compensation. This is because filing a claim prematurely could mean digging deep into your pockets to settle the remainder of the damages.

    The same applies in situations where multiple parties might have been responsible for the slip and fall incident. Think of a situation where a cleaning company fails to train its workers to ensure public safety during the cleaning process. Such a company might bear some responsibility for the slip and fall incident if it occurred due to wet and slippery flooring or any other form of employee negligence. Conversely, the company that hired the cleaning agency might bear some legal responsibility if it failed to follow the proper procedures in hiring the agency in the first place.

    Morgan and Morgan slip and fall lawyers are also skilled negotiators. Once we've determined what you may be entitled to as compensation for the slip and fall, our lawyers will handle the negotiation process with the insurance provider. This ensures that you do not settle for less than you deserve or fall for the many tactics insurance companies use to trick claimants into jeopardizing their claims.

  • Are Slip and Fall Cases Difficult To Win?

    The biggest challenge with these kinds of cases is that the burden of proof rests on the plaintiff. In other words, when you file a slip and fall claim, it is your legal responsibility to prove that you were injured due to someone else's negligence.

    Although in personal injury cases, you are not required to prove beyond reasonable doubt that someone was negligent, it is your responsibility to at least show that they are more likely at fault than not. 

    When people slip and fall, many other factors besides negligence come into play. For example, when someone slips at a restaurant that serves alcohol, the defendant will likely blame them for being drunk. 

    Questions such as the kind of shoes they were wearing at the time, Whether they read the posted signs (if any), or if someone else in a similar situation would have experienced a different outcome will likely arise when adjudicating such a case. The bottom line is that these cases are complicated and revolve around a lot of legal twists and turns.

    Even worse, slip and fall cases are time sensitive; before you figure out who was at fault and demonstrate the fault in itself, it may be too late to seek compensation for your injuries and other losses. This is yet another reason to hire an attorney to represent you right from the very beginning to the end of the case.

  • What Damages Can I Claim In My Slip And Fall Case?

    Slip and fall cases don't have a standard list of damages because each case is different. Only after having it reviewed by a professional will you truly understand the damages you may be entitled to.

    For perspective, let's briefly look at some things that could jeopardize your case or influence the amount of compensation you may be entitled to.

    In Florida, the amount of compensation you may recover following a personal injury will be reduced by your percentage of fault. This is because the state follows the modified comparative negligence statute. This law allows the plaintiffs to recover compensation as long as they are not more than 50% at fault.

    Secondly, factors such as the steps you took after the slip and fall accident will determine the value of your claim. If you take too long to seek medical attention, the insurance company will likely dispute your claim. Similarly, if you do not hire an attorney to represent you, it is likely that the insurance company won't even listen to your claim, or if they do, they will want to settle for the lowest amount possible and as quickly as they can to prevent you from hiring an attorney.

    They know that once you accept the settlement, you cannot reopen the case because you feel that the offer was unfair. 

  • Let America's Largest Injury Firm Represent You

    Slip and fall cases are difficult to handle, especially without a lawyer. But it's not just a matter of hiring any attorney you come across; you need a lawyer with experience, a solid track record of winning such cases, and powerful legal resources to navigate your case. That is what makes Morgan and Morgan unique.

    Because we are the country's largest and most powerful injury law firm, It is unlikely that insurance companies will want to play games with your claim when you have one of our attorneys representing you. That's because we do not settle for less unless it is the best offer, which explains why we've won over $20 billion so far for the injured. 

    If the insurance company thinks we're here to play games, we will be more than happy to take the case to court before the judge or jury. And if we win, they will also have to pay the legal costs involved. 

    Contact us today to learn more about how we might be able to help you or a loved one who slipped and fell due to someone's negligence get the compensation they deserve.

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