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Insurance Lawyer in Spring Hill

Insurance Lawyer in Spring Hill

The whole point of getting insurance is to feel protected — at least financially — when the unexpected happens. But most people don't realize that insurance is business. These companies make money by denying claims and maximizing premiums. 

So, suppose you find yourself in a situation where the insurance company has refused to pay what they owe you, and you believe you have a valid reason to file a claim. In that case, it is important to let an experienced Spring Hill insurance attorney handle your case. That is where Morgan and Morgan, America's largest injury firm, comes in to fight for you. Because we are a powerful injury firm, we have the resources to take on big insurance companies if they refuse to do the right thing. Fill out this form to get started.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Why Do Insurance Companies Deny Claims?

    Making profits is the biggest motivation for insurance companies to deny claims. These companies profit by minimizing payouts, denying claims, or even acting out of bad faith.

    However, that doesn't necessarily mean that every time an insurance company denies a claim, they are always on the wrong side of the law. Sometimes, such claim denials happen because the claimant, you, in this case, probably did not follow the proper procedure. 

    For example, in Spring Hill and all over Florida, you have 14 days to seek medical attention after a car accident. If you do not seek medical attention within this window and file a claim, the insurance company will likely deny it. By doing so, they will be within their rights, putting you in a situation where you need to pay your medical bills out of pocket.

    The best way to determine whether your insurance company is acting out of bad faith or is justified to deny your claim is by contacting Morgan and Morgan for a free case evaluation. We will review your case, examine the facts, and let you know how best to proceed.

  • What Kind Of Insurance Dispute Claims Does Morgan And Morgan Handle?

    At Morgan and Morgan, we can handle any type of insurance dispute, and that's because we are America's largest injury firm boasting powerful legal resources. Whether it's a case of health, life, dental, workers' compensation, automobile, homeowners insurance, or anything in between, there's always an experienced insurance dispute lawyer in our team ready to help you navigate such cases. 

    If you are unsure if we can handle the specific nature of your case, you have nothing to lose by contacting us for a free case review.

  • What Kind Of Compensation Can I Recover If I Win My Insurance Dispute Case?

    The whole point of having insurance is to feel protected when you need financial compensation to cover the cost associated with your injuries and losses. When an insurance company decides to act out of bad faith, you may be able to maximize your compensation if you win the case. Here, you may be able to recover the following:

    • initial coverage amount;
    • claimed damages;
    • attorney fees and other legal expenses involved in pursuing your case;
    • any interest on the delayed amount the insurance company should have paid you in the first place; and
    • punitive damages (if the case goes to court and the judge or jury finds that the insurance company was extremely reckless in handling your claim).
  • How Do I Know My Insurance Company Is Acting Out Of Bad Faith?

    Insurance companies deny claims for different reasons, and sometimes you may never know that they're acting out of bad faith until you take a deeper look at their conduct. Here are some common signs that your insurance company is acting out of bad faith.

    • Denying your claim without providing any reason for the denial.
    • Unreasonably delaying processing your claim. 
    • Unreasonably increasing your insurance premium moments after you file a claim.
    • Failing to conduct proper investigations.
    • Failing to communicate with you about the status of your claim (This includes not picking up your phone call or replying to your emails and messages).
    • Misinterpreting the terms of the insurance policy to deny issuing compensation.
  • How Long Does An Insurance Company Have In Spring Hill To Settle A Claim?

    Since Spring Hill falls under Florida's jurisdiction, state laws apply when deciding the timeline of an insurance claim. The general rule is that these companies cannot take more than 14 days to acknowledge receiving the claim. They should also send the claimant paperwork with clear instructions about the claims process, including proof of loss forms.

    Also, in Florida, insurance companies cannot take longer than 90 days to approve or deny a claim. Whatever decision they make, you deserve to be notified within a reasonable time frame. If they take longer than 90 days, then there is a high chance that they are acting out of bad faith.

  • Is It Difficult To Sue An Insurance Company?

    The answer to this question will depend on the quality of your legal team and the specifics of your case. One thing you need to keep in mind is that insurance companies make millions of dollars every year.

    Such companies won't have a problem hiring the best attorneys to defend them in and out of court. If you hire a small law firm or an ill-equipped attorney, likely, they will not have the resources needed to take on big insurance companies to defend your rights to receive compensation. 

    On the other hand, by hiring a powerful law firm like Morgan and Morgan, you have a better chance of obtaining a successful outcome.

    That's because Morgan and Morgan is the nation's largest injury firm, with more than 1,000 attorneys, access to powerful legal resources, a solid history of winning multimillion settlements, and over 35 years of fighting for the rights of the injured in Florida and the entire nation.

  • How Do I Know If the Insurance Company's Offer Is Fair?

    One of the biggest mistakes you will ever make when dealing with insurance companies is to believe that when an offer involves a significant amount of money, it is automatically fair enough. This is especially common in cases where the insurance company wants to settle quickly. In such cases, there's always a high chance that the insurance company wants to settle because they do not want you to hire an attorney. This is because hiring an attorney means you will begin to understand your legal rights and the truth about the actual value of your claim. 

    A fair insurance offer should cover all of your injuries and losses. Anything less than that will leave you digging deeper into your pockets to settle expenses you should not have to in the first place. This explains why it is essential to have your case reviewed by an expert to determine whether the insurance company is playing fair.

  • Can I Trust My Insurance Company To Settle My Claim Without A Lawyer?

    Insurance providers usually don't have a problem settling small claims. For example, let's say you suffered a fender-bender or walked out of an accident with minor cuts and bruises. In that case, the insurance company will likely settle your claim fast without resistance.

    But when your claim involves a significant amount of money, that's when the insurance company's true colors begin to show.

    Remember that adjusters are trained to protect their employer's interests, in this case, the insurance company. They are always updated with the latest laws around the insurance business and how to navigate them to protect the employer's interests. Adjusters are also skilled at negotiating and finding ways to trick claimants into jeopardizing their claims. So, even if they sound kind and understanding on the phone, you should never trust them to fully compensate you for what you deserve.

    And whenever you're tempted to trust an insurance company, remember that they will always put their interest first. That is how they make money. On the other hand, your lawyer has no hidden interest other than ensuring that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries and losses and getting paid to do so.

  • What If I Cannot Afford An Insurance Dispute Attorney?

    You shouldn't be too concerned about being unable to afford an attorney. Insurance dispute lawyers often get paid a small fraction of the settlement or verdict if they win the case. In other words, no upfront fees are involved when the lawyer decides to take on your case. 

    This explains why it is important to go through the case evaluation phase to determine whether you have a valid case and how best the lawyer can help you maximize the compensation you need and deserve.

  • Insurance Company Won’t Settle? Hire a Spring Hill Insurance Attorney

    When filing an insurance claim, you should never settle for less if you deserve more. The best way to maximize your claim is by hiring an experienced insurance attorney in Spring Hill. At Morgan and Morgan, we have the resources to take on any insurance company in Spring Hill, Florida, or elsewhere in the nation. If you or a loved one's claim has been denied, or you feel that the insurance company is acting out of bad faith, contact us now for a free no-obligation case evaluation.

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