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Fort Myers Premises Liability and Slip & Fall

Getting the right legal help after you trip and fall or slip and fall on someone's property is important. As the Morgan & Morgan Fort Myers premises liability and slip and fall lawyers can tell you, it is not your fault or responsibility to deal with the consequences after you have been seriously hurt on someone else's property. There are important legal questions that must be answered and considerations to be reviewed following an accident, however.

Retaining the right Fort Myers premises liability and slip and fall lawyers can make a big difference in the recovery of compensation in your case. A slip and fall lawyer in Fort Myers will handle many of the most important aspects of your legal claim and assist you with the gathering of evidence you need in order to argue that someone else caused your slip and fall.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • When Is Someone Else Responsible for My Injuries?

    A premises liability claim argues that another person, such as a manager or owner of a piece of property, is legally responsible for the injuries sustained by a victim who slipped and fell or tripped and fell on those premises when the property manager or owner did know about the obstacle that caused the accident—or should have known about the obstacle that caused the accident—and failed to correct it or to warn visitors to the property about it. 

    Slip and fall accidents frequently happen inside public locations and businesses, but they can also occur in somebody's home or in an apartment building in which the landlord may be held responsible for damages. A Fort Myers premises liability and slip and fall lawyer can tell you more about the specifics of your case, but this is why it is so important to retain legal counsel as soon as you can after you have been hurt.

    Most business owners and property managers carry insurance to help protect them in the event that someone gets injured on the property. Even when this insurance is sufficient and appropriately paid for, property owners are naturally hesitant about filing a claim and admitting liability. They may be concerned about the extent of your injuries. Unfortunately, many of them may not believe that you have been seriously injured and may try to argue that you are overstating the extent of the accident. 

  • What Are The Most Frequent Injuries in Slip and Fall Cases?

    Some people slip and fall in an accident on someone else's property and suffer minor injuries. They may have a bruise or a scrape or simply be embarrassed that the accident happened at all. These people are the lucky ones, as they'll be able to move on from a serious premises liability accident without substantial medical bills or pain. However, this is not the case for plenty of people who are seriously hurt in a slip and fall accident. 

    They are the ones who must deal with significant medical bills, painful rehab, surgeries, assistive medical devices, and missing time at work, among other things. When you can show that someone else is responsible for your injuries because they failed to address a dangerous situation, this information becomes the basis of a premises liability claim. Getting evaluated by a doctor right after the accident is your best chance of seeing how an accident may influence your life. 

    You may have a broken bone that takes some time to recover, or you may have other and more painful, long-lasting injuries. To the best of your ability, tell your doctor how the accident happened and how you fell, as this may lead to additional testing and diagnostics for the full scope of your injuries. Your doctor should continue to monitor you throughout your treatment plan. Don't miss any appointments and keep good notes about what was discussed in each of your medical appointments. This not only helps you keep straight what your doctor has recommended, but it also develops a clear medical record and treatment strategy that may show up in your premises liability claim.

  • What if the Other Side Asks Me to Sign Something or Make a Statement?

    Immediately after an accident, it is common company protocol to ask the victim to complete a statement and share details about the accident. You may not even remember exactly how the accident happened at this point in time and are more concerned with getting medical attention. You may also be uncomfortable with sharing the details of your perception of the accident with the at-fault party. 

    Provide as little information as possible, but with clarity about how the accident occurred. If you're able to gather evidence that shows how the accident happened, especially if there was a specific obstacle, such as broken or uneven flooring, poor lighting, a broken handrail, or a liquid on the floor that caused you to slip and fall. You can present this information to your Fort Myers premises liability and slip and fall lawyers, and they may use it as evidence in your case. 

    If you receive additional requests to fill out paperwork or to make formal statements, resist doing so until you've had the chance to speak to your lawyer. No one should bully you into making statements or signing paperwork that gives away your legal rights. This commonly comes up in the context of giving access to your medical records to other parties involved in the case. This should always be done with care and only under the guidance of a qualified Fort Myers premises liability and slip and fall lawyer. 

    An attorney may advise you that you do not need to release the full range of your medical records, such as those that applied prior to the accident itself. If you don't read the fine print during these early phases of your case, you could make mistakes that can make it easier for the other side to argue that your injuries are not as severe or that these injuries are related to a previous incident. 

  • What if I Got Hurt on a Neighbor's Property?

    It's important to note that slip and fall injury claims can happen anywhere. Most people get injured in a public place or at a business location, but you can also get hurt on a neighbor's property or someone else's personal property. In these cases, the neighbor’s homeowners insurance policy may be used to help cover the damages in your case. 

    It can be very difficult to navigate these cases on your own, especially if you feel nervous about pursuing a legal claim. That being said, a dangerous condition on someone else's property can cause serious and critical injuries. You should not hesitate to get legal help or medical help for your injuries and to discuss your options with a qualified premises liability attorney. If you have severe enough injuries that you will need to pay significant medical bills and require treatment well into the future, this may be your only opportunity to get the support and compensation that you need. 

  • Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

    Although it can feel overwhelming to have to deal with all of these aspects of your case on your own, having the right Fort Myers premises liability and slip and fall lawyers there from day one makes it easier. At Morgan & Morgan, we believe that it is in your best interests to keep your primary focus on your medical care. This means that you should not have to worry about legal paperwork, communicating with insurance agents and adjusters, or preparing for trial. Rest assured that as you attend all of your medical appointments and get support for your injuries, we are working hard to gather the information to present a full claim for compensation. 

    Where possible, we work to resolve these cases outside of court in settlement conversations, but if we are unsuccessful in doing so, we have been preparing for trial all along. The sooner you speak to Fort Myers premises liability and slip and fall lawyers, the easier it will be to begin gathering evidence, submitting your claim to the courts, and fighting for the justice you deserve as a slip and fall accident victim. 

    If your attorneys identify that someone else is responsible for your injuries and that you have suffered the consequences as a result, holding someone else accountable sends a message about dangerous conditions and helps put you in the best possible chance for maximum recovery. Don't wait to get help from Morgan & Morgan slip and fall lawyers in Fort Myers. We're here to guide you through the legal process and help you at each stage so you understand your full rights.

    Getting evidence for your claim is extremely important and is something that should occur as soon as possible after the accident happens. If you don't yet have evidence to support your argument, now is a good time to contact the Morgan and Morgan legal team to talk through your options and to help you get the support you need. We'll make sure you don't miss any important deadlines and are kept up to date with what's happening in your case as it unfolds. 

    No matter where your accident happened, you deserve to know your legal rights and the options for getting damages. It's very common for many people in this situation to be stressed out by the rising medical bills and the inability to go back to work. Your family also faces many challenges as you try to recover in a situation like this, and it's our goal as your Fort Myers premises liability lawyers to help you get maximum compensation for your full damages. 

    Reach out to Morgan & Morgan today for more assistance with your claim and get a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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