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Fort Myers Sinkholes

Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, tourist destinations, temperate weather, and other claims to fame. Our residents love living here. However, Florida also has one sinister secret – sinkholes. Sinkholes are pervasive in Florida. In fact, we actually have the most sinkholes in the nation. Only a few years ago here in Fort Myers, an 18-foot sinkhole opened up on a busy public sidewalk.

When you buy insurance and your property suffers damage from a sinkhole, you rightly expect that insurance to cover the damage. Unfortunately, many people run into roadblocks, complications, and uncooperative insurance companies when they try to get their claims covered.

At Morgan & Morgan, our Fort Myers sinkhole attorneys know how to navigate the insurance company's red tape and deal with your claim. Our goal is to get your damage covered and your repairs completed as soon as possible – in other words, to get what you paid for. We offer free case evaluations and stand ready to help you.

How Does a Sinkhole Occur?

Florida is a hotbed for sinkholes because our ground – under the dirt, sand, and clay – is made up of porous rocks, like limestone. Groundwater moves through this rock, and over time the rock can erode from acids in the water. When there's water in the cavities of the rock, the rock is stable.

However, if the water table drops, the rock becomes unstable and the ground above becomes too heavy for the rock to bear. Then everything collapses and the ground caves in, taking everything with it.

Sinkhole claims in Florida are rising dramatically. In 2004, the state Office of Insurance Regulation reported over 2,300 insurance claims. In 2010, however, that number jumped to nearly 6,700. Sinkholes don't discriminate - they can take your car, your business, your home, or anything that happens to be on top of it at the time. Having insurance to protect yourself against these disasters is crucial for us Floridians.

What if My Claim is Denied? Call a Fort Myers Sinkhole Lawyer

If your property is damaged by a sinkhole, you'll submit a claim to your insurance company. They'll send someone out to assess the damage and, if they believe it was caused by a sinkhole, then send out an engineer to verify. Your home may be unlivable, or your business may need to be closed. And what happens if the company denies or delays your claim? Our sinkhole claim law firm gets a second opinion on the engineer's report. Remember that the insurance company has its own best interests in mind, and can interpret the data to benefit them. If we find the report was incorrect, we bring in our own engineers and experts to reassess. If you have a legitimate claim, our Fort Myers attorneys fight to get you the sinkhole coverage you paid for.

Call Our Sinkhole Lawyers for Help Today

Our Ft. Myers lawyers understand how to navigate insurance claims and denials, and are familiar with the problem of sinkholes in Florida. We will go through every detail of your case and do everything within our power to ensure you get the coverage you paid for. We represent the people, and we are ready to protect your rights. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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Last updated on Jun 08, 2023