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Best FL Real Estate Dispute Attorney

If you find yourself in the middle of a Florida real estate dispute, you may quickly realize that state laws regarding these issues are so complex that you need the assistance of an attorney. Retaining counsel that has a working knowledge of the governing regulations of property law will prove invaluable to your case. But, before you call the first legal practice you find on Google, keep in mind that whoever you hire should be a qualified FL real estate dispute attorney. 

It would be best if you had a lawyer who specifically practices this area of law due to the many different legal issues that often overlap in these matters. However, at Morgan & Morgan, our team has the experience and qualifications to recognize what elements in your case are most important and will create a strategy to best achieve the resolution you need. Read on to learn more about finding a FL real estate dispute attorney to represent your case.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Top 5 Things to Ask Your Real Estate Dispute Attorney

    Whether you're a tenant, a first-time home buyer, or a real estate investment group, you need the best of the best when it comes to legal representation when disputes arise over your property. Not only can a lawyer ensure you are getting the best outcome for your situation, but they will protect your rights and shield you from unnecessary risk whenever possible. 

    When meeting a prospective attorney about your case for the first time, make sure to ask the following questions to determine if they're a good fit:  

    What Are Your Qualifications?

    This may seem like an obvious question, but there's more to it than just the number of years they have worked as a lawyer. You need someone experienced in real estate law, so being a successful trial attorney isn't enough. Working with a great trial lawyer won't do you much good in the real estate business. Knowing whether or not they primarily focus their practice on property disputes and other related matters is crucial to ensure the best outcome for your situation. With a trustworthy FL real estate dispute attorney by your side, you can have a wide variety of issues managed correctly and efficiently, including titling, contract negotiations, and more. 

    Do You Have Experience Working With Real Estate Investors? 

    Investing in real estate can be considerably more complex than simply buying a home. Situations involving foreclosure or the short-sale of a property can make the most thought-out investment deals delayed and challenging. 

    Attorneys familiar with real estate investment in Florida can not only ensure your contracts are sound and beneficial to your venture but can even help work with lenders to get the deal approved.  

    What is Your Current Caseload? 

    All too often, attorneys get hired on their reviews alone. But there are additional details you should consider before letting them represent you. For instance, their current caseload availability is crucial. Will they be available to ensure time-sensitive deadlines and paperwork get their immediate attention? 

    Can you reach them and get a return call reasonably quickly, or will you need to wait more than a few days to get an answer? While a day's wait isn't unreasonable, there isn't any excuse for not being able to answer this question honestly. If you get nothing but hesitation or reasons as to why they wouldn't be able to get back to you, you may want to consider a different attorney. 

    What Kind of Fee Schedule Do You Have for Cases Like Mine? 

    This is an important question, not because of your budget, but in terms of knowing what's included. While saving money is important to any investor, your attorney's skill and experience in handling FL real estate disputes are more important and will save you money in the long run. 

    Don't let yourself get hung up on just the price tag of your lawyer. You need someone that knows what they are doing and has an in-depth understanding of state real estate laws. If paying a bit more than you wanted means you'll have their attention when you need it, then don't worry about saving money in other areas, like real estate transacting. 

    What Sets You Apart from Other FL Real Estate Dispute Attorneys? 

    Once you've established that your prospective lawyer has the background needed to focus on Florida property law, try to figure out if they can accomplish your goals. To do this, you need to know what methods/approaches they use that are successful compared to other legal firms. Asking this question can help you thin out your shortlist of potential lawyers for your case.

  • Common Types of Real Estate Cases

    At Morgan & Morgan, we represent litigants in Florida real estate disputes all the time in a variety of matters, including:

    Ownership Disputes

    These matters involve answering the legal question of who rightfully owns a property.

    Breach of a Real Estate Sale Agreement

    This is a situation where a seller breaches a real estate sales contract and won't transfer the title to the buyer. We can often get monetary damages and have the seller get ordered to finish the terms under the contract. 

    Failing to Disclose Known Real Estate Defects in a Transaction

    Morgan & Morgan has regularly represented clients who bought a property with known defects that weren't disclosed to them by the seller. Real estate law demands these issues be made known to the buyer. Failing to do so could result in a compensation award to the buyer. 

    Misconduct by a Real Estate Agent or Broker

    Under Florida law, real estate brokers have a legal responsibility to act in your best interest. When they breach their fiduciary obligations, they may be found liable and have a lawsuit brought against them to remedy their failure.

    Boundary Disputes

    This is common among neighbors and commercial property companies where the property line can't be agreed upon. 

    Landlord-Tenant Matters

    Court actions where a landlord and tenant dispute who is liable for damages and repairs to the rental property. This area of real estate law can also involve returning a tenant's security deposit to having them evicted.

    Zoning Issues

    It's a common problem for commercial property owners to allow a building they own to be used for a purpose it isn't zoned for. An FL real estate dispute attorney with Morgan & Morgan is exceptionally skilled in navigating complex cases like these since they involve local government. 

    Homeowner Association Action

    From disputing specific bylaws or disciplinary action by your homeowners' association to denying what parts of your property are covered by your HOA agreement, having an attorney represent you in these matters can often result in an amicable resolution.

  • Who can participate in a real estate property dispute?

    Real estate disputes in Florida could involve almost anyone you can imagine if they have an interest in the property at the heart of the case.

    Parties that are often involved in these types of matters include:

    • Landlords and tenants
    • Neighbors
    • HOAs
    • Trespassers
    • Family members
    • Builders
    • Developers
    • Government agencies
    • Local municipalities

    Property disagreements that involve a city government usually involve eminent domain, where they have the ability to take your property away from for public use.

  • Do you represent real estate fraud cases?

    Despite the training and licensing required to conduct real estate transactions, some out there do so fraudulently. At Morgan & Morgan, we do represent those who have been victimized by real estate fraud. 

    To have a valid claim, your Fl real estate dispute attorney will need to prove that you were intentionally defrauded. 

    • Breach of commercial leases
    • Development agreement disputes
    • Partnership and limited liability company (LLC) disputes
    • Misrepresentation in the sale agreement of real estate
    • Easements or adverse possession, including quiet title actions
    • Property water rights
    • Defective construction, planning, and/or design of a property
    • Construction contract, warranty, or defect litigation
    • Environmental and compliance issues, including cases involving indoor air quality
    • Insurance claim denials
    • Physical damage to the property
    • Actions against eminent domain by a governmental
    • Cell phone tower disputes
    • Tenant lease default
  • How much will you charge to represent me?

    At Morgan & Morgan, we handle real estate disputes in Florida on a contingency-fee-basis. This means you don't have to worry about paying anything upfront. Instead, our attorneys get paid when you win.

  • Contact a Morgan & Morgan FL Real Estate Dispute Attorney Today

    Having Morgan & Morgan on your side means having a dedicated advocate to represent your best interests when dealing with a real estate property dispute. Trust our legal team to ensure that any negotiation, contract, or other property-related transaction you agree to is to your advantage. 

    As an investor, we know that your properties are the lifeblood of your success and will do everything within our power to protect your rights when confronted with a dispute. We provide you with unmatched legal resources as one of America's largest contingency-based real estate dispute firms. In addition, we aren't afraid to take your case to trial to ensure you get the justice you deserve for the damages caused by a property deal gone wrong. 

    Morgan & Morgan has a case record that establishes our authority in real estate and contract law matters. With over $20 billion in settlements and jury awards, we are your best shot at recovering compensation for your losses. We are just a phone call away if you want to hire the FL real estate dispute attorney near you. Fill out our brief questionnaire to find out if you may have a compensation claim.

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