Negligent Security Lawyer in Tallahassee

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Negligent Security Lawyer in Tallahassee

Negligent Security Lawyer in Tallahassee

When you stay on another organization's property, that property manager or owner has a legal responsibility to ensure relative safety. Failure to do so can lead to lawsuits known as “negligent security cases.” Hiring a negligent security lawyer in Tallahassee may be your only viable option to recover compensation if you have been attacked and hurt because of poor security on the premises. 

When you visit a place of business, such as a hotel, a resort, or another location, you expect that these premises owners have done everything possible to determine potential safety protocols and to establish these protocols on a property. For example, you might expect that a property owner of a hotel has done research about crime statistics in the area and has invested in typical security protocols for hotels in that region, such as installing proper lighting in a parking lot, using security personnel, and leveraging security cameras. If crime has been on the rise in that area recently and the property owner has failed to respond to this, that property owner could be held legally responsible when you hire a negligent security lawyer in Tallahassee. 

Tallahassee is a very popular area to visit, work, and live, and you should have a reasonable expectation of privacy when on certain premises. If you have been attacked or harmed in a crime as a result of improper security protocols, you need to share this information with a negligent security lawyer in Tallahassee as soon as possible. Being hurt in an attack doesn't just have an immediate impact on your health and emotions. It can also come with financial consequences as you struggle to pay medical bills and get treatment. 

It is difficult enough to live through the attack, but it is another thing entirely to ensure that you get the right treatment for your conditions and are able to move forward with your life. There's also the continuing trauma from having to go through something such as an assault or other violent crime. It can be very frustrating to realize that this entire circumstance could have been avoided if a property owner would have invested the time and finances in appropriate security protocol.

If any of this describes your situation, please reach out to Morgan & Morgan for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to learn more about your options for justice.

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  • What Is a Negligent Security Case?

    As a negligent security lawyer in Tallahassee will tell you, a negligent security case involves a claim that the property owner did know or should have known about basic reasonable safety procedures that could have been implemented on the property. 

    These safety procedures might have prevented an attack from ever happening or minimize the possible impact of an attack. This involves careful consideration from multiple different aspects on behalf of the property owner, such as thinking about the location in which they operate, the kind of patrons who visit their establishment, and whether or not they face any additional risks.

    For example, it is reasonable for a hotel owner in Tallahassee to recognize that people traveling on vacation may be a target for robbers and thieves. Likewise, a bar owner might recognize that someone could get out of hand and that a dangerous alley located next to the bar could become a potential place for an assault. While it can be difficult to demonstrate that negligent security is the root of what caused you to suffer in an incident, the right negligent security lawyer in Tallahassee will gather evidence to make a claim like this when your case meets the grounds for eligibility.

    If you can show that a property manager or owner should have known about the possibility and could have reasonably foreseen the potential for a dangerous attack and failed to take any positive steps to prevent that, you may be able to hold them liable for the injuries that you have sustained.

  • What Kinds of Things Should Property Owners Consider?

    Each specific case is unique when it comes to the factors that a property owner might have considered in terms of safety protocol. They can include a broad range of different types of investments and efforts on behalf of the property owner to make sure that guests to the property remain safe. Hiring the right negligent security lawyer in Tallahassee is extremely important when filing these kinds of cases because these factors are so nuanced and specific to the establishment in the area. 

    For example, you might argue that a property owner should have known about the increasing number of assaults on surrounding streets in the neighborhood in which their establishment is located. If the property owner did not take additional steps to invest in better security and safety where a reasonable property owner would have done so, a negligent security lawyer in Tallahassee may be able to help you file a lawsuit.

    If you fail to have the right security protocol in place, you may be named in a lawsuit from someone who got hurt on your property. 

    If you're a victim of a negligent security accident, you deserve to know whether or not you can file a lawsuit and recover compensation for injuries. 

  • What Should I Do Immediately After Being Attacked on a Property?

    You can expect that the property owner or manager will reach out to you to ask questions or possibly even to request that you file a report. It is very important to tread lightly in these circumstances as you do not want to accidentally make any statements that could impact the future of your case or sign any paperwork that you do not fully understand. It is always recommended that you work directly with a negligent security lawyer in Tallahassee as soon as possible after you believe you have grounds to file a lawsuit. This may be your only opportunity to review your eligibility and to begin filing a strong case. A lawyer plays an instrumental role in the outcome of your case because your attorney should have appropriate experience in the realm of negligence security. 

    A negligence security lawyer in Tallahassee should be familiar with the different neighborhoods and businesses throughout Tallahassee since significant research will be dedicated to gathering details illustrating that the property owner or manager did not do enough to protect their patrons. Your lawyer should have a background in pursuing and resolving these kinds of cases, in settlement and in court. 

    The experienced attorneys at Morgan & Morgan have a strong track record as negligent security lawyers in Tallahassee due to our deep understanding of this area of the law and our passion for protecting victims who may simply feel that they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Visiting or enjoying your life out in Tallahassee on vacation should never expose you to the risk of a dangerous incident, but if you find yourself coping with the consequences of such an incident, you need to have your case evaluated by a negligent security lawyer in Tallahassee as soon as possible.

  • What if My Medical Records Are Requested?

    Plenty of things can happen in your negligent security lawsuit, but one is that your medical records might be requested by the other side. You need to be careful when signing any paperwork because you might give more information than is necessary to another party. You might assume that the other party is simply requesting your medical records so that they can have a better understanding of your injuries from the attack. This might make it more likely for you to sign the paperwork and give over medical records that date back several months or years. 

    Bear in mind that in most cases when someone is requesting your full medical records, They are doing so because their goal is to look for opportunities to poke holes in your case. For example, if you previously had a back injury at work but are also reporting a back injury due to the negligent security incident, the insurance carriers and this other party was being held responsible for the accident may claim that your injuries are simply a flare-up of your existing problem. Although this can be devastating to realize as a victim when you are attempting to protect your interest, you need to be prepared for the potential pitfalls of the case and be aware of how best to respond. Retaining an experienced and dedicated negligent security lawyer is one of the only ways to minimize possible negative impacts like this on your case.

    Before signing any paperwork in your case, especially paperwork requesting additional details are medical records from you, discuss this directly with your attorney. Your lawyer may be able to more effectively respond to these concerns and to limit the scope of medical record requests. 

  • Getting Legal Help Now

    At Morgan & Morgan, our lawyers are available to help you with all aspects of a claim involving negligent security. If you're unsure of your rights and need additional support with your claim, contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to learn more.

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