Jacksonville Burn Injuries

A burn injury is one of the most debilitating things that can happen to you or a loved one. Burns can not only cause physical damage and psychological trauma, but they can also lead to costly medical bills.

In 2016, a Loop pizza grill employee suffered serious injuries and was flown to the Shands Burn Center at the University of Florida in Gainesville, the closest dedicated facility.

In another frightening case, an employee at Golden Corral was set on fire by someone she knew while working. These circumstances touch on the danger of burns and the debilitating effect they can have on your health, and your wallet.

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Where Burns Happen

Burns can happen in the workplace, car accidents, or anywhere you might encounter hot temperatures, gases, or other flammable materials.

The majority of burns happen in the home, though, according to the American Burn Association. This might be due to something you did, but in many cases fires and subsequent burn injuries are the result of factors out of your control.

Faulty equipment, like ionization smoke detectors — which often fail to detect slow smoldering fires — can lead to dangerous situations where you’re not alerted to a fire in your home. Some ionization smoke detector manufacturers have even had lawsuits filed against them. Other faulty tools, like fire suppression devices, are also possibly dangerous, and have faced product defect allegations.

Another common place that burns occur is the workplace, specifically at restaurants and in industrial settings. Working at these locations exposes workers to grease fires, boiling liquids, and open flames, all of which can lead to painful burns if workers are not cautious or equipment malfunctions.

No matter where you sustain a burn, it is important to determine who was at fault for your injury. If your employer, landlord, or another individual was negligent and caused your burns, you may be able to hold them responsible and recover compensation for your injuries.

What Burns Can Do

Burns can vary greatly in their severity, from superficial first degree burns to more potentially life-threatening second, third and fourth degree burns. Some of the worst effects and aftereffects of a severe burn include:

  • Significant pain
  • Pressure and discomfort
  • Loss of feeling
  • Blistering, charring
  • Skin loss, permanent impairment

This list isn’t exhaustive, but you can see the devastation a burn injury can cause in addition to the financial and emotional burdens a burn victim is saddled with.

Where and How Are Burns Treated?

Burns in Jacksonville are generally treated at the Shands Burn Center at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Jacksonville has no dedicated facility, and many burn victims require airlifting to Gainesville for treatment, which can end up being very costly.

Hire a Competent Jacksonville Burn Attorney

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Our burn injury attorneys understand the complexities of burn cases, whether they happen at home or in the workplace. They can try and fight for the compensation you need by investigating your claim and pursuing it in court.

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