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Today, most neighborhoods have at least one home with a dog. Most dogs are harmless, but some lash out an attack people, even small children. An attack that ends with only minor injuries can be painful, and traumatic but a more severe attack can be life changing. Owning a dog is a serious responsibility. Unfortunately, this isn’t always respected, and some dogs are poorly trained or supervised.

At Morgan & Morgan, our attorneys understand the suffering that dog bites can cause, and want to ensure you receive the assistance you need to overcome your injuries. When dog owners fail to prevent injuries to individuals, they could be liable for the damages caused to victims. The attorneys in our Pensacola office are ready to help you fight for the compensation your injuries entitle you to, so you can focus on getting your life back on track. Contact us today.

Florida’s Dog Bite Law

Florida is one of the many states that recognizes that when a person chooses to own or keep a dog or other potentially dangerous animal, they must also take responsibility for the harm it could cause. To that end, Florida has imposed a “dog bite law” which places increased responsibility on dog owners.

Florida’s dog bite law says that dog owners are liable whenever their dog attacks a person on public property, though that liability may be reduced if careless conduct on the victim’s behalf contributed to the attack. This means that the owner may be liable even if nothing could be done to prevent an attack. The liability is assumed merely by choosing to own a dog.

The same usually remains true when the attack is on private property, as long as the victim is lawfully present. This means people who are invited to the property, but also postal workers, police officers, and other government agents. Prominently posted warning signs can reduce liability, but this isn’t a surefire method of protection.

How a Pensacola Attorney Can Help

Florida’s dog bites law is fairly weighted towards victims of animal attacks. However, it’s rarely easy to get fair compensation for your injuries. The extent and value of a victim’s damage are matters that will be debated no matter the seriousness. As favorable as the dog bite law is, it can still be difficult to receive compensation for your injuries.

Dog owners and their insurers will try whatever they can to minimize a victim’s losses in an attack, including employing experts to testify that the extent of their injuries and inability to heal is overstated. Insurers, owners, and professionals can deploy many arguments to deny you compensation for your injuries. It could take an experience Pensacola dog bite attorney to navigate those arguments.

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Our Pensacola attorneys understand the complex circumstances surrounding dog bites, and how they can affect your life or the life of a loved one with medical bills and long recovery periods. Suffering from a dog attack in Florida is serious, especially when it causes significant injury.

Pensacola residents who’ve suffered due to a dog owner’s negligence may be able to seek compensation today, and having a competent attorney can strengthen the likelihood of a successful outcome. At Morgan & Morgan, the attorneys in our Pensacola office are experienced in dog bite law, and ready to handle your claim. Fill out a free, no-risk case evaluation form today to learn more.

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