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Hurricane Lawyer in Orlando, Florida (FL)

Hurricane Lawyer in Orlando

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Hurricane Lawyer in Orlando

Every year, Orlando residents brace for hurricane season, preparing for the worst but hoping for the best – that their families and belongings will end up unscathed.

Unfortunately, these storms are often too powerful and wind up causing incredible damage.

When you suffer property damage due to a hurricane, the financial and emotional toll can be devastating. If your insurance company refuses to pay your claim, it’s like rubbing salt in the wound.

The good news is, Morgan & Morgan is here to help. Our lawyers have been there and done that, having recovered significant compensation for hurricane victims in Orlando and all throughout Florida.

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What Steps Should I Take After a Hurricane?

If your home or business sustained damage in a hurricane, it’s important to take certain steps to help ensure your claim is handled fairly.

  • Document Everything: Assess the damage inside and out. Take photographs of your home, yard, and as much of the roof as you can show. Check windows for leaks. Also, be sure to keep inventory of damaged property as you go.
  • Place Covers On Damaged Property: The insurance company will take any opportunity to avoid paying your claim, so be sure to cover your affected property with a tarp or something similar. That way, they can’t claim your property further deteriorated after the storm.
  • Promptly File a Claim: Your policy likely requires that you act quickly after sustaining hurricane damage to your property. Be sure to check your obligations, as not following your contract may put your claim and coverage at risk.

What Does My Insurance Cover?

There’s no such thing as a hurricane insurance policy, or a specific type of coverage that protects solely against hurricane damage. Instead, the standard homeowners insurance policy (which covers windstorm damage) and flood insurance generally provide coverage.

In Florida, there’s a special deductible on a homeowners insurance policy for hurricane damage. The insurance company won’t pay any damages until the deductible is reached.

What If My Claim Is Denied or Undervalued?

Insurance companies may use any number of dishonest and unethical means to avoid paying your claim, including:

  • Denying that you have coverage
  • Unreasonably delaying the processing or payment of your claim
  • Requiring a written release of any supplemental claims
  • Telling you not to hire a lawyer
  • Lowballing your payment

If you run into any of these problems, our Orlando lawyers can help you fight back. We understand how to hold insurance companies accountable and afford you the chance to once again get your life on track.

What’s more, our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning it costs nothing to hire us and our payment is contingent on us successfully resolving your claim. You pay nothing out of pocket, and there’s no risk to you.

Contact an Orlando Hurricane Lawyer

If you’ve suffered property damage in a hurricane, contact Morgan & Morgan. Our lawyers may be able to help you recover compensation that the insurance company doesn’t want you to receive.

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