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Casey Anthony to Give Deposition at Morgan and Morgan's Orlando Office

Give Deposition

Morgan and Morgan has subpoenaed Casey Anthony in a defamation case alleging that Kissimmee woman Zenaida Gonzalez suffered damages as a result of Anthony’s false accusations that a woman by the same name kidnapped her daughter Caylee. The subpoena requests that Anthony appear at Morgan and Morgan’s Orlando office on July 19 at 10 a.m. She will be questioned under oath and the deposition will be recorded.

In the Gonzalez v. Anthony defamation case, Morgan and Morgan is seeking recovery for damages resulting from false allegations made by Anthony that a babysitter by the name of Zenaida Gonzalez kidnapped her daughter, Caylee. According to Gonzalez, she was unable to find a job and was outcast as a result. Reportedly, Gonzalez received threatening phone calls, was fired from her job, and endured intense stress due to the false accusations. Gonzalez has no criminal record, and maintains that she has never met Casey or the Anthonys. 

When her daughter Caylee went missing in June 2008, Anthony told authorities that the child was with her babysitter, Zenaida Gonzalez. Upon investigation, authorities never found a nanny by that name who cared for the child. However, they located Zenaida Gonzalez of Kissimmee, who filed the defamation suit discussed here, and found that she had nothing to do with the case. 

The civil suit is expected to go to trial in August. The criminal trial of Casey Anthony acquitted her of murdering her daughter.