Tallahassee Insurance Claims

Every month you make payments to your insurer and hold up your end of the deal. Then something goes wrong — a car accident, a fire, flooding — and suddenly your insurer starts making excuses and bargaining. Sound familiar?

Many people fail to realize that insurance companies are businesses, and like any business, their goal is to minimize costs and increase profits. At Morgan & Morgan, we have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies and we know the tactics they employ to deprive you of rightful compensation.

If you need help filing or appealing an insurance claim you in Tallahassee, you will want an experienced insurance dispute attorney by your side. Contact us today by filling out a free case evaluation form or call us at (850) 329-6895.

Types of Insurance Claims We Handle in Tallahassee

Throughout Florida, our attorneys have a reputation for deftly handling a variety of insurance cases. We recognize you want to obtain just compensation and move on with your life as quickly as possible.

The following are a few examples of insurance claims we frequently handle:

  • Homeowners and business property losses
  • Unfair claims handling and bad faith
  • Disability insurance
  • Employee retirement income security act (ERISA) claims
  • Professional liability coverage
  • Errors & omissions coverage (E&O)
  • Personal insurance protection
  • Uninsured motorist coverage
  • Car insurance coverage
  • Medical billing
  • Health insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Fire damage
  • Hurricane and windstorm claims

Mistakes That Could Jeopardize Your Claim

When accidents happen, it can be hard to think clearly. However, your actions or inactions in an insurance claim can mean the difference between receiving compensation and having your claim denied.

For that reason, consider the following mistakes that could negatively impact your case:

  • Not contacting a lawyer — One of the biggest mistakes you can make when filing an insurance claim is to proceed without an attorney. Your Tallahassee insurance lawyer can explain the process to you, ensure your claim is filled out correctly and ensure your rights are not violated.
  • Providing a statement to an insurer before consulting with a lawyer — Under no circumstances should you provide your insurer with a recorded or written statement. Nor should you agree to or sign anything until consulting with your lawyer. In some cases, an insurer may contact you quickly with a low-ball settlement in an attempt to resolve your claim as fast as possible.
  • Failing to seek prompt medical attention — Whether you are in a car accident or suffer an injury at the work-place, you must see a doctor immediately. If you fail to seek medical attention, your claim may become invalid.
  • Not taking photos — If you’re in an accident and are able to take photos, always do so. In many cases, a photo record can tell the story of what happened and increase a claimant’s chances of receiving reimbursement.

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Has your insurance claim been denied? Or has your insurer undervalued your claim? If so, we at Morgan & Morgan want to hear about your case. With hundreds of lawyers and decades of experience, our firm offers unparalleled representation. To speak to one of our skilled attorneys, call (850) 329-6895 or contact us online.

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