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Best Construction Lawyer In Sarasota

If you've been in a construction accident at work, the injuries you've suffered have probably put you out of work for at least a few weeks, if not longer. When you compound the painful recovery from the trauma you've suffered from with medical bills, lost wages, and day-to-day expenses, your world can feel like it's in a tailspin. 

The good news is that Florida law provides financial relief for victims of construction accidents through personal injury claims. Speak with a Sarasota construction attorney at Morgan & Morgan right away to find out what legal options are available for your circumstances. In addition, we offer free case evaluations for individuals in your situation. We are dedicated to ensuring your well-being and best interests are a top priority throughout the claim process.

Most Common Types of Construction Accidents in Sarasota

Construction jobs frequently expose workers to many hazards and dangers throughout their workday. Unfortunately, even when taking the appropriate caution and wearing safety gear, accidents can still occur because of third-party negligence. When this happens, a personal injury lawsuit may be your only real source of financial relief for the damages you've suffered. 

Unfortunately, there are some accidents that we see more often than others due to the type of work being performed, including:

High Falls

One of the most catastrophic and common construction site accidents is falling from great heights. Typically a lack of fall protection equipment contributes to these incidents, and those who work without a harness are at the greatest risk. But, taking a spill off of a ladder can also be equally devastating, along with faulty scaffolding and other related equipment. 

If employers don't provide the necessary safety gear to their workers and fail to follow through on other OSHA-required guidelines, they could be held liable for their role in their workers' injuries. 

Dangerous Chemical Exposure

Another common construction injury is exposure to dangerous chemicals. Paints, solvents, industrial cleaners, and acid are just a few of the many solutions that construction workers frequently interact with throughout their workday. When these chemicals are breathed in, contact the skin or eyes, or get accidentally ingested, the effects can be permanently disabling. Much like with falls, their employer has a duty to provide a safe construction site, which includes providing the necessary safety equipment and ensuring workers are adequately trained on how to use these chemicals. 

Machine-Related Accidents

Construction workers have a vast knowledge of tools and machinery as part of their careers. Proper maintenance is essential to ensure these machines operate safely. It's also crucial that workers are provided with the tools and gear necessary to perform the job. When equipment like a forklift or crane doesn't receive essential repairs or maintenance, the resulting accidents can lead to severe injuries, including dismemberment and death. 

Slips and Falls

Even if you don't work in construction, you probably know the dangers associated with slick surfaces. Despite wearing hard hats, joint padding, and non-slip treaded work boots, employees on build sites can still suffer severe injury when trying to break their fall. Whiplash, debilitating muscle strain and broken limbs frequently occur when tripping or slipping on the job. 

Falling Objects

When small objects like a hammer or screwdriver accidentally drop from great heights, a hard hat may not be enough to prevent the trauma caused when striking a worker below. Likewise, when scaffolding pieces get dislodged or parts of a building collapse, traumatic and fatal injuries occur and can change one's life forever. 

Electrocution, Fires, Explosions

Construction site deaths can often be linked to unsafe conditions involving exposed wires, chemical leaks and explosions, and malfunctioning equipment. Unfortunately, all of these risks are often the results of lack of training, lack of safety equipment, and/or poor handling. And, sadly, these are often preventable and the result of poor oversight by the construction company. 

Repetitive Stress Injuries

A growing awareness of how repetitive stress injuries impact the human body has increased over the past decade. When a worker repeats the same movement using the same body parts during their shifts, long-term damage to the musculoskeletal system is undeniable and very painful. 

Construction Defects

You may also need a Sarasota construction attorney if you believe the fitness of a building for a specified user has been compromised. Breaches in the implied warranties of the construction may also require representation to seek relief for the damages you suffered.

How to Hire the Best Construction Accident Lawyer Near Me

When beginning your search for the right Sarasota construction attorney to represent your accident case, you will have three main avenues to rely on: 

  • Online legal directories
  • Your state bar association
  • Personal referrals from friends, family, and acquaintances
  • Attorneys you've worked within the past

Make a shortlist of a few attorneys that you feel have the potential to be a good fit for your case, and begin narrowing down your options with some of the other qualities we recommend they have. 

Construction Industry Accident Experience Is a Must

Most construction accident cases are complex because they involve multiple parties. Ensure that the attorneys you interview have a lengthy track record of successfully representing cases like your own within the construction industry. Their understanding of OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) regulations, the types of equipment commonly used, nature of the work involved, and even familiarity with the many unions involved, is crucial to your suit. 

Outstanding Credentials

When vetting the experience of a Sarasota construction attorney, make sure you evaluate online reviews about their practice. Many firms will say they have ten years of experience, but how much of that time was spent representing construction matters? Reading through online feedback can provide an answer. 

If you see comments mainly referring to how swiftly they settled car accidents, these may indicate your prospect isn't necessarily skilled in construction cases. You also want to see reviews that describe a prospective lawyer as "dedicated," "compassionate," a "great communicator." This indicates the level of commitment they make to their clients.

Pay attention to what professional organizations they are a member of, too. You want a legal representative that is recognized in their field by their peers. Finally, consider any testimonials featured on their website, looking for similar terms as mentioned above. 

Free Case Evaluations

You're already struggling to pay your everyday bills as well as medical expenses, so the last thing you need to worry about is paying for a case evaluation. Any Sarasota construction attorney you consider should offer a free, no-obligation case assessment. While it's true that their time is money, you will be a customer and deserve to know if they can handle your case. 

At Morgan & Morgan, our construction attorneys encourage scheduling a consultation so that we can give an honest opinion on the validity of your construction issue and what next steps you should take. We genuinely want you to get the resolution you deserve and not settle for anything less. This is why we work on a contingency fee basis in construction accident cases. So you can focus on healing, and we won't get paid unless we win your case. 

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Who is liable for construction accident injuries?

    This is a complex question because multiple parties could be at fault, you may share in the liability for your injuries, or workers' compensation may be involved. The best way to find out who is responsible for your situation is to schedule a free consultation with one of our Sarasota construction attorneys. Still, typically, one or more of the following parties could be held liable:

    Construction Site Owner(s)
    This case will hinge on the level of control a construction site owner had over their premises compared to the work performed.

    OSHA regulations are clear that contractors (general and sub) must provide their workers with safe conditions to perform their duties. This includes making employees aware of any onsite hazards, including dangers inherent to the work being performed. Further, it's a contractor's responsibility to ensure that any job completed is done according to required safety regulations. 

    Prime Contractors
    Unlike general and subcontractors, prime contractors are only liable for the duties laid out in a contract or work delegated to other contractors they are solely responsible for. 

    Engineers and Architects
    Engineers and architects share the responsibility of ensuring that progress and compliance are maintained with their plans. Failing to do so could make them liable for injuries resulting from not following through with their specified duties in a contract.

    In defective or faulty construction equipment cases that caused a plaintiff injury, any party that was part of the tool or product's distribution could be held liable. This includes retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers.

  • What steps should I take in a construction accident?

    • Seek medical attention for your injuries right away.
    • Report your injury to your employer, construction site supervisor, or manager. If possible, do so in writing so you can remember who you notified and what you told them. 
    • If able, ask those who witnessed your accident for their contact information and an account of what they saw.
    • Get photographs of the scene, your injuries, any safety gear you had on, and the equipment involved. If you are unable, ask a coworker to do so, if possible.
    • Contact an experienced Sarasota construction attorney at Morgan & Morgan to schedule a free consultation and learn more about your rights and legal options.
  • Call Morgan & Morgan and Connect With the Best Sarasota Construction Lawyer Near You

    Construction accidents are one of the more complex legal issues anyone can face because of the multiple parties involved and the devastating nature of the injuries involved. Finding an attorney is crucial to ensuring you or your affected loved one gets the maximum compensation possible. Your future well-being is at stake, and the seasoned Sarasota construction attorneys of Morga & Morgan are here to provide you with some of the best personal injury representation available. 

    For over 30 years, we have fought on behalf of injured workers in the construction industry. We know that your company is probably trying to put all liability on your shoulders. Unfortunately, the insurance companies are probably trying to do the same to you, as well. So please don't give up hope and schedule a free consultation with our firm right away. Our team of talented lawyers has represented thousands of cases like yours and knows what challenges lay ahead and how to overcome them.

    With over $20 billion in jury verdicts and settlement agreements, we can give you peace of mind knowing your best interests are in good hands. Contact us today to have your case assessed and learn about what next steps you need to take. 

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