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Golf Cart Accident Lawyer in Sarasota

Golf Cart Accident Lawyer in Sarasota

One of the most popular ways to get around Sarasota could go from fun to devastating in just a matter of moments. While golf carts are a great way to travel from one hole to another or even in residential areas around beaches, they are not always safe, especially when someone operating one doesn’t know how to control the cart.

Have you recently been injured in a golf cart accident and need support in preparing your claim? Filing the right compensation with the help of a qualified personal injury lawyer is the best way to pursue a golf cart accident claim. Golf cart accidents happen frequently throughout Florida due to the many places they are used recreationally. This extends far beyond the golf course. 

In fact, many people in beach communities and small neighborhoods throughout Sarasota use golf carts to get around. This can be problematic when someone does not understand how to safely maneuver a golf cart or fails to adhere to basic safety protocols, such as avoiding drinking and driving or the use of drugs. In these circumstances, it is vital to find a golf cart accident lawyer in Sarasota, who has relevant experience for pursuing compensation on your behalf. A golf cart accident can lead to devastating or even life-changing injuries. Being put in this situation can raise many challenges and questions for you, but finding the right golf car accident lawyer can make it easier for you to get these questions answered, and to pursue compensation and justice quickly.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • What to Know About Golf Cart Accidents in Sarasota?

    From gorgeous golf courses to many public options and smaller recreational communities, there is no shortage of beautiful places to drive a golf cart in Florida. With more than 1300 golf courses throughout Florida, more than any other state, the potential for using a golf cart is high. 

    A typical day of golf should be relaxing and fun, focused on the game and spending time with friends or family. However, golf cart accidents in Sarasota can happen all too easily, leaving the victims to suffer the consequences for a long period to come. If you're currently recovering from a golf cart accident and believe that this accident was caused by the negligence or reckless behavior of someone else, you need to have a golf cart accident lawyer review your legal case and talk to you about the recovery of compensation.

  • What Are The Most Common Types of Golf Cart Accidents?

    When someone fails to safely operate a golf cart, or when a person is safely operating it, but that cart has not been properly maintained. A golf cart can easily tip over or crash into something else. 

    Some of the most common types of golf cart accidents include;

    • Cart to cart crashes
    • Carts entering bodies of water
    • Rollovers or tip-overs
    • Carts crashing into objects or buildings
    • Pedestrians struck by golf carts
    • Multi-cart collisions

    There are numerous different ways that golf cart accidents happen, and there is often a false sense of safety because of the ease of operating a golf cart. But it is important for anyone riding on or driving a golf cart to recognize that these are vehicles and that they do not have any of the same safety features associated with traditional vehicles. This false sense of safety can lead people to think that they do not need to keep safety top of mind while operating or riding on a golf cart. 

    However, losing control of the golf cart is possible and can happen very quickly and easily. In those circumstances, finding a qualified golf cart accident lawyer in Sarasota may be required in order for the victim to recover compensation. 

    Avoiding sharp turns and using alcohol are two key ways to minimize the possibility of golf cart accidents in Sarasota, but these incidents still do occur. If you're dealing with cuts, bruises, road rash, concussions, traumatic brain injuries, or other injuries, financial compensation may be necessary for you to recover lost wages, medical expenses, and property damage.

    There are some situations in which liability is easily determined in a golf cart accident. For example, if someone crashed the car because they were driving it dangerously or were under the influence of alcohol, it is easier for a golf cart accident victim to allege negligence. However, you may not have a strong memory of the entire accident or know at the scene that the incident was caused by improper negligence of the car itself. This is when hiring a golf cart accident lawyer in Sarasota becomes extremely important because you will need to piece together the circumstances of the accident before filing a legal claim. The right Sarasota golf cart accident lawyer can be a crucial component of doing this. More than one party or person may be responsible for your injuries in a golf cart accident. For example, maybe the golf cart was not properly maintained, increasing the chances that an accident would happen due to defective parts or things that had not received a cleaning or tune-up in some time. 

    However, a golf cart accident might also be caused by the person on the cart, not paying attention or operating the vehicle recklessly. The lawyers at Morgan & Morgan have extensive experience in pursuing Sarasota golf cart accident claims and will explore all potential avenues for recovery of compensation, especially if multiple parties may be responsible. 

  • What Are Types of Damages in Sarasota Golf Cart Accidents?

    There are two different types of damages available in Sarasota golf cart crashes. These are known as non-economic and economic damage recovery. While financial compensation received for these purposes may not fully restore your losses, it may help you to get the medical care that you need, and allow your golf cart accident lawyer in Sarasota to advocate for you.

  • What Not to Do After a Golf Cart Accident?

    After you've been seriously injured in a golf cart accident, it is very important that you do not sign any paperwork presented to you by the owner or manager of the golf cart. This is because you could find yourself dealing with serious and problematic injuries and could accidentally waive your right to recover compensation. Know that if you have suffered in an accident with a golf cart, it may not be your fault. 

    Working with a qualified lawyer may be the only way for you to get the compensation that you need. The law firm at Morgan & Morgan has handled numerous golf cart accident cases not just in Sarasota but throughout Florida, and we know how hard it can be to figure out what your rights are, what you should and shouldn't do, who you should and shouldn't talk to, and the best way to put yourself on a path to full recovery. When dealing with these comprehensive and difficult questions, contact the qualified attorneys at Morgan & Morgan for more information.

    Collect any evidence at the time of the accident as it will likely come up down the road once you file an injury lawsuit. 

  • What if the Cart Was Defective?

    An investigation of the accident scene might reveal that something on the golf cart was broken or defective. This means you could have a claim against the maker of that part, against the owner of the golf cart, or both. With these issues involved in a golf cart claim, you need to verify you have the right lawyer working for you to identify all possible issues. 

    If the cart was defective, your evidence from the scene of the accident might be essential for making a strong claim. Don't lose it and keep all notes about how the accident has influenced you; share this with your golf cart accident attorney in Sarasota as soon as you've been seen by your doctor for the conditions in question. 

    If you begin to receive communication from the owner of the cart, the maker or seller of the cart, or the maker of any defective part, avoid making any statements or signing anything that could waive liability or harm your case. 

  • Hiring the Right Golf Cart Accident Lawyer

    While the primary elements of personal injury apply in your lawsuit, it's also important to retain the services of a qualified attorney for your golf cart accident. A law firm with a legal team who has worked through damage claims for golf cart accident victims is a must. 

    When seeking out a law firm to help you with your golf cart accident, you need to carefully consider their past experience. Consider asking the following questions when hiring this firm: 

    • How much of your practice is dedicated to personal injury claims?
    • How many golf cart claims have you dealt with in the past?
    • What are some of the biggest challenges in golf cart accident claims? 
    • Who will be my primary point of contact throughout my claim? 

    During your initial consultation with our law firm, you'll have the chance to discuss these issues and get help with your injury claim. 

    At Morgan & Morgan, we know that a golf cart accident can cause critical or even life-changing injuries. Let us fight for you and your rights when you're trying to recover from a negligence accident. 

    Contact us today for a free case evaluation to take your first steps toward moving on with your life.

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