How to Find the Best Boat Accident Lawyer in Orlando

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How to Find the Best Boat Accident Lawyer in Orlando - downtown orlando

Best Boat Accident Lawyer in Orlando

If you are in the Orlando area and were in a boating accident and suffered severe injuries, one of the most important things you can do is find a boat accident lawyer in Orlando, Florida. You might be wondering how to go about finding the best and most qualified firm. We can help you. Boating accidents can be frightening and may cause significant injuries, so it’s essential that you do your research and make sure you hire the most qualified attorney possible. 

Morgan & Morgan has been handling these types of cases for decades. We have experienced and dedicated attorneys in the Orlando area who would be privileged to represent you in your boating accident case. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

When you’re in an accident and suffer serious injuries, it’s crucial to hire the best lawyer possible. In order to do this, you may have to put in some legwork to determine who you should hire. It will be worth it. If you hire an attorney or a firm that isn’t qualified, or who doesn’t go that extra mile to handle everything properly, then you may be settling for less than you deserve. In order to find the best boat accident lawyer in Orlando, we recommend that you take the following steps.

1. Know What You’re Looking For

Before you can hire an attorney to represent you in a boating accident, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Do you want a big firm or a small firm? Do you want someone who handles only boat accident cases or a firm that handles other types of cases as well? When trying to find the best lawyer, you want a firm with the resources available to win your specific type of case. You want to make sure you aren’t forgotten. As important as it is to find an attorney who can win your case, sometimes it’s just as important to find a firm that is compassionate, dedicated, and will make you feel heard and understood.

2. Research

Once you’ve decided what kind of firm you’re looking for, you should start doing research to figure out who is the best boat accident lawyer in Orlando. Start by looking online. Use Google and other online review sites to find attorneys near you, and then go through their websites and see what you think. Once you’ve made a list of attorneys, you should go through as many of their reviews as you can. You can check for recommendations and reviews on their website, but you also want to look at some of the cases they have posted. Make sure they handle the type of lawsuit that you need to resolve.

3. Ask for Referrals.

If you have any friends that are lawyers, or attorneys in your family, ask them for advice. If you know someone who has suffered injuries from a similar accident and successfully filed a lawsuit, find out which firm they used. Ask your fellow workers if they know anyone. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a great lawyer. No matter what, you’ll want to do your own independent research, but these are excellent places to start.

4. Set Up Free Consultations

Every reputable law firm that handles boat accident claims will offer free consultations or case evaluations. You should set up as many of these as you want in order to get a good idea of which firm you feel you can work best with. You have nothing to lose here except a little bit of your time. 

5. Choose an Attorney Who Takes Cases to Trial

The last thing you want to do is hire a lawyer who doesn’t like to go to trial. While the vast majority of personal injury claims are settled before they get to trial, there are still cases that do get tried. Sometimes the defendant isn’t willing to settle, or the settlement offer is so low that it’s not acceptable. You don’t want a firm that just wants to close the deal as quickly as possible. You want lawyers who will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Choosing a firm with a proven track record of successful trial outcomes and settlements is a must. You deserve the best boat accident lawyer in Orlando.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What Are the Most Common Types of Boating Accidents?

    The following list includes some of the most common types of boating accidents that lead to lawsuits.

    Accidents Caused by Another Boat Driver

    Many boating accidents are caused by another boat driver who is behaving negligently. This type of boating accident is very similar to a car accident. Anytime someone is out on the water driving a boat, it’s their responsibility to operate the boat safely. They have a duty to make sure they aren’t driving or behaving negligently. Additionally, any driver who is intoxicated or ends up getting involved in an accident because they’re distracted by their phone is likely going to be liable for any injuries you suffer as a result.

    Boating Accidents When You’re a Passenger

    If you’re on a boat with a friend who is driving, just like every other operator on the water, they have the duty to drive responsibly and to make sure they don’t hurt anyone. This doesn’t just include other boats; it includes passengers on their boats as well. If you are injured on someone else’s boat, they could be liable for your injuries in many circumstances. If the accident occurs because of something the driver did or didn’t do, you will be able to file a lawsuit against them. If the accident occurs as a result of something that a third party on the boat did, you can likely sue the third party to try to recover damages. Contact a boat accident lawyer in Orlando to determine if you have a case or not.

    Work-Related Boating Injuries

    If you work on a boat and you are injured in the course of your employment, you likely have the right to seek compensation. Most likely, this will come in the form of a workers’ compensation claim. In most states and in most scenarios, you won’t be able to sue your employer for a work-related injury. Still, you will often be able to recover compensation through a workers’ comp claim.

    Cruise Ship Injuries or Illnesses

    If you’re injured while you’re a passenger on a cruise ship, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the cruise line. Cruise ship lawsuits can be much more challenging than other types of boating accidents because much of the time that you’re on a cruise ship, you aren’t in the United States. Maybe you’re in international waters or docked at a port in a different country. Additionally, when you purchase a ticket for a cruise ship, you also probably signed away your rights to file a lawsuit. This alone doesn’t mean you can never file a lawsuit and recover compensation, but it’s definitely more difficult. For a challenging case like this, you want to make sure you find the best boat accident lawyer in Orlando, Florida.

    Accidents Caused by Defective Parts

    This type of boating injury is a little bit different than the ones discussed above because it doesn’t have anything to do with a negligent driver. In this case, the injury occurs because something on the boat was defective. Defects can cause severe injuries, whether it’s something falling and hitting you or something that breaks while you’re driving the boat, causing serious injuries. All manufacturers have the duty to make sure the parts they’re selling or building boats with are safe and not defective.  

  • What’s the Deadline to File a Boat Accident Claim?

    The answer to this depends on which type of boating accident you were involved in. For typical boating accidents that are more similar to car accidents, your case will be governed by the personal injury statute in Florida. In most cases, you will have four years from the date of your injury to file a lawsuit. If you were in a boating accident and suffered the horrible tragedy of losing a loved one as a result of the accident, you typically have two years to file a wrongful death suit.

  • Why Morgan & Morgan

    Morgan & Morgan has been around for decades, expanding all across the United States. When you hire us, you never pay anything until we win or settle your case. This means you’re never responsible for paying us out of your own pocket. We offer free case evaluations, so it also won’t cost you anything to have us take a look at your particular circumstances so we can determine how to help. We believe that you should never settle for less than you deserve, and we will fight for your legal rights every step of the way. We try more cases than any other firm in the country. We never settle any claim for less than we think it’s worth, and our attorneys are never afraid to go to trial. If you’re looking for the best boat accident lawyer in Orlando, contact Morgan & Morgan today.

    At Morgan & Morgan, we have the resources to take on any company or person, regardless of how powerful they believe they are. In addition to having attorneys all across the country, we have thousands of support staff who are qualified and trained to help with your case. We will always keep you updated about the status of your case if you hire us. When you work with much smaller firms, the insurance companies or other large companies often try to bury them in paperwork and make it so difficult to file a lawsuit that they give up. Morgan & Morgan never gives up. You can always count on us to help. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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