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Child Sexual Abuse Lawyers in Orlando

Child Sexual Abuse Lawyers in Orlando

No child should ever have to live through sexual abuse. For these children, it’s often hard to share with adults what has happened to them. When there are signs and symptoms of child sexual abuse, trusted adults want to take action quickly not just to end the abuse cycle but also to ensure the child gets the proper medical and emotional care to move on from such an incident.

How a child sexual abuse case is handled is extremely important; with such a sensitive issue, it's vital to have the support of an attorney from early on in the case. In recent years, lots of changes have enabled survivors of child sexual abuse to come forward, even in the event that the abuse happened years ago. Recognizing these legal rights is extremely important, but it does not make it any easier to come forward with a story about traumatic sexual abuse that affected you in the past. Being able to find the right law firm to handle your case with care and compassion is essential for being able to close this chapter of your life and tell your story. We recognize that there are many different ways that child sexual abuse can affect you when it is happening and for many years to come, and this is the perspective we bring to your case.

When a child is harmed due to sexual abuse because of their vulnerable position, this may impact them well into their adult life. There are psychological and psychiatric impacts of child sexual abuse that can show up in their life in many different ways. Children may not only struggle in their younger years immediately after the abuse has occurred, but may continue to experience problems with intimacy, trust, flashbacks, and many more after going through child sexual abuse. 

Morgan & Morgan cares about how survivors of child sexual abuse are able to voice their cases and be heard in the justice system. If someone you love has fallen victim to unthinkable abuse, contact us today for a free, confidential, and no-obligation case evaluation. We’re here to help.

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  • How To Take Legal Action Following Child Sexual Abuse?

    It is devastating to live through the experience of child sexual abuse. It brings about feelings of shame, confusion, and uncertainty about how to proceed and whether or not to take legal action. Finding experienced child sexual abuse lawyers in Orlando might be the only way for you to hold the responsible individuals accountable and to recover compensation for the damage done. While nothing can turn back the clock and undo the damage that has been done, taking action can raise awareness, set a safer standard for the next generation, and compensate you and your loved ones for the trauma inflicted.

    Speaking to a dedicated attorney is one of the only ways to understand the various legal rights involved and to get compensation for injuries. If you know someone who has endured child sexual abuse, when an adult took advantage of a child's vulnerability, you may be able to file a legal case with the help of the attorneys at Morgan & Morgan. Morgan & Morgan child sexual abuse lawyers in Orlando work hard to represent the interests of a victim and to protect that victim's rights and integrity in court.

  • How To Define Child Sexual Abuse?

    There are many different types of actions that can fall under the grounds of child sexual abuse. This refers to any sexual behavior or contact in which the other person is not able to give or has not given their consent. Some of the most common examples of sexual abuse include:

    • Using threats to force sexual acts
    • Unwanted sexual touching
    • Sharing or soliciting sexual pictures or videos
    • Attempted rape
    • Rape
    • Forced sex

    Since children are unable to consent to any kind of sexual relations, any of these actions are illegal if an adult commits these acts against a child.

  • What Are Signs and Symptoms of Possible Child Sexual Assault?

    It is difficult for a child to grapple with or understand what is happening to them when child sexual abuse has occurred. This means that it is not always obvious to the parents or other trusted adults that child sexual abuse is happening. Working with an experienced and qualified child sexual abuse lawyer may give that child a further sense of peace and confidence in speaking up about these issues, but it is equally important for parents and other trusted guardians to monitor for signs and symptoms of potential child sexual abuse. 

    This can include different symptoms for young children and teenagers. Young children, for example, may exhibit aggressive behavior or self-isolation when the person carrying out the abuse is mentioned, performing regressive behaviors such as sucking their thumb, wetting the bed, or using new words for private parts that may have been introduced to them by the perpetrator. Teenagers could experience problems such as avoidance of intimacy, sexual promiscuity, alcohol and drug abuse, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

  • What Are Long-Term Impacts of Child Sexual Abuse?

    Child sexual abuse extends far beyond the moments in which the actual abuse occurs. It can have devastating consequences for a child who may continue to carry the impact of this abuse into their lives for years. Child sexual abuse can even last a lifetime. 

    Physical and psychological well-being is damaged due to child sexual abuse, and this may be a leading reason why a parent decides to move forward with filing a lawsuit with the help of a child sexual abuse lawyer in Orlando. Child sexual abuse can have a damaging impact on relationships with siblings and parents. This is especially true if the perpetrator of the child sexual abuse was a family member. This can also harm the child's interpersonal and intimate relationships. Victims may find it difficult to speak about their assault, making it harder for them to get help and it can make it harder for them to form or maintain relationships in the future. 

    Furthermore, this can continue to impact a child for years to come because a victim may find it challenging to trust or relate with others because of the emotional barrier they put out after surviving or disclosing child sexual abuse. Many different victims of child sexual abuse in Orlando will experience their own situations and symptoms. Some will move on quickly, while others may take a much longer period of time to process what has happened to them. Some of the most common emotions that people experience in this situation include self-loathing, sadness, confusion, anger, guilt, and self-blame. Victims of abuse frequently do not feel comfortable talking about this situation because of the stigma around sexual abuse or fears of not being believed.

  • What Are Civil and Criminal Rights After Child Sexual Abuse?

    Child sexual abuse is illegal, meaning that it can escalate to a criminal case, and can also turn into a civil case, because the victim or their parents may be entitled to compensation because of abuse carried out against a child. You may need the support of an experienced and qualified child sexual abuse attorney in Orlando. The attorneys at Morgan & Morgan approach these sensitive topics with care and concern and work as hard as possible on behalf of victims. 

    In a criminal case, the court system handles the evaluation of whether or not child sexual abuse has occurred and can lead to punishment against the perpetrator. In a civil child sex abuse lawsuit in Orlando, however, the primary purpose is to recover compensation for the physical and emotional damages done to the victim. These damages can include things, such as pain and suffering, current and future medical bills, current and future psychiatric and psychological bills, and even rehabilitation. Getting medical attention and hiring a qualified child sexual abuse attorney is often the first step in an Orlando case. 

    Your child sex abuse attorney in Orlando can play an important role in numerous steps throughout the case, including doing things such as assessing damages, taking witness accounts, analyzing and collecting evidence, negotiating and communicating with parties involved, preparing the case for trial if necessary, and advocating for you throughout. In 2010, landmark changes were made to Florida's law that eliminated the statute of limitations for civil and criminal claims on child sex abuse for those children under age 16. If you have been a victim of child sexual assault in the past, you may be eligible to open a lawsuit against the perpetrator at any time after the abuse regardless of how much time has passed. You deserve to have a free consultation with the qualified attorneys at Morgan & Morgan. 

    Our experienced and qualified lawyers are very familiar with how best to represent your interests and will sit down with you to discuss the complexities of your case as soon as possible. If you're helping a child who has disclosed sexual abuse to you, or you are an adult who is now ready to open a legal claim regarding previous sexual abuse, you need concerned and caring lawyers in your corner. 

    Don't wait, because the sooner you start pursuing the case, the sooner you may begin to heal. Contact Morgan and Morgan now for a free case evaluation to get started.

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