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Defective Product Lawyer in Orlando

Defective Product Lawyer in Orlando

Have you been seriously hurt because of a defective product? If so, you are not alone, and you should not have to deal with the consequences. 

Consumers who purchase products throughout Florida and the rest of the country expect that the manufacturer will do everything they can to limit injury risks associated with their product.

When consumers buy a product, they assume that it is safe and may be shocked to learn that they have been seriously injured because of a product that was not properly tested or designed to minimize the risks to consumers. 

There are many different ways that a product can become defective, but ultimately it is the responsibility of the designer, the manufacturer, and potentially even the seller of the product to ensure that risks have been minimized and that users of the product have been appropriately warned about potential problems. You have a right to expect that your products will be safe, but when an accident happens and leaves you reeling from the consequences, a qualified defective product lawyer in Orlando may be able to help. 

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Kinds of Product Defects

A product could be defective because it was designed in an unreasonably dangerous way, because it was inappropriately manufactured, or because it did not have appropriate instructions and warnings about hazards. Manufacturers of the finished product, parts suppliers, and even retailers who sold this product may be held accountable in the chain of liability when filing a lawsuit with the help of a defective product lawyer in Orlando. If you or someone else you know has sustained serious personal injuries or even property damage throughout Florida because of a defective product, you need someone with the resources and experience necessary to fight this lawsuit.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • How Is Product Liability Defined?

    Product liability refers to the legal theory through which a retailer of goods or manufacturer could be held liable for putting a defective product into the stream of consumer commerce in which that product ultimately causes damage or injury. The law requires that products be reasonably safe when they are used as intended. This means that the product's intended method of operation and use are readily apparent, that instructions for use are provided, and that there are no hidden defects in the product. 

    State law dictates which legal theories allow for a product liability claim lawsuit. Some common examples include breach of warranty, strict liability, or legal theories of negligence. A negligence claim requires proof from the victim showing that a retailer or manufacturer was careless or reckless in the production or the sale of the defective product, whereas a strict liability claim only requires proof that the product was defective in some way. A breach of warranty claim is a contract-based action that requires evidence that the retailer or manufacturer of the dangerous product broke a promise that it made regarding that product.

  • What Is Defective Manufacturing?

    When a product has some type of flaw that occurred in the process of making the product, such that the final product was not the result of the intended design, this can lead to a defective product claim. You may need to have the product itself evaluated by a defective product lawyer in Orlando to determine how the product in question deviated from the intended design. 

    Manufacturing flaws can affect only a single item, or they could actually extend to an entire production run. If the manufacturing defect was a result of the maker itself, that person or entity could be held responsible. Power tools with frayed wiring, inappropriately welded frames, or golf clubs that do not have the right material installed could all be examples of defective manufacturing claims.

  • What Is Defective Design?

    If you're arguing not that something occurred during the manufacturing process but that instead the product design is flawed, you would file a defective design claim. A defective product lawyer in Orlando can help you with this step. Much like a defective manufacturing claim, the responsibility falls on the injured party to show that the injuries were the direct result of defective design rather than the consumer's negligent use of that faulty product.

  • What Are Inadequate Warning Claims?

    A third type of product liability claim in Florida has to do with allegations that the manufacturer of the product did not provide appropriate warnings or instructions. This is a third kind of product liability claim about proper or intended use and inherent dangers. For example, if a maker of a pressure cooker fails to advise users about the avoidance of certain food items in that product that could create a fire hazard, and this ultimately leads to devastating injuries, the impacted consumer may file a failure to warn claim.

    These can be some of the most challenging defective product claims to bring, so it is crucial that you find a legal team who has handled these kinds of cases before. There are many legal elements of this claim that must be brought in a strong manner by your defective product lawyer in Orlando, so you need a legal team who knows how to make an argument that the maker of a product did not provide enough warnings. 

  • What Does a Product Liability Claim Lawyer Do?

    You might initially contact the company after your serious injury to inform them about the circumstances, but this may not go far enough in helping you to recover compensation. A defective product lawyer in Orlando plays an important role in each phase of your case, such as helping you collect evidence to prove your claim, such as bills and invoices, medical records, and the defective product itself. 

    Your knowledgeable Orlando defective product lawyer will also know how to determine which of the potential defects apply to your case and can assist you with calculating the full extent of your losses. Many product liability claims in Orlando are resolved outside of court, but you want to work with attorneys like those at Morgan & Morgan who have ample experience in getting ready to go to court if necessary. A Florida defective product attorney should be experienced in settlement negotiations and in going to trial.

    Even if you do not still have the defective product that caused the injury or the paperwork that came with it, your lawyer can begin a full investigation of what happened. It is possible that other people have also been seriously harmed by the same product, so having a lawyer who understands these issues working with you from the beginning is crucial to building the strongest possible case. As a consumer, you have the right to expect that things you use will be reasonably safe and that you will be warned about potential problems. Do not fear bringing a defective product case when the lawyers at Morgan & Morgan are on your side. 

  • What Kinds of Damages Am I Entitled To?

    The specifics of your individual defective product claim will determine the damage amounts and damage types. You may be entitled to both non-economic and economic damages. Non-economic damages refer to things, such as loss of consortium, loss of quality of life, and pain and suffering, whereas economic damages include out-of-pocket costs, replacement or repair of damaged property, lost wages, medical expenses, and wrongful death damages. If you are not sure how yet to proceed with a claim, contact a dedicated and qualified product liability lawyer today to discuss the specifics of your case.

    If you already have medical bills and totals of other damages in your case, be ready to share these with your defective product lawyer. Your attorney can help you total these economic damages in addition to any non-economic damages you've encountered because of your critical injuries. 

    Even if you're unsure what the long-term impact of the defective product is at this point, your lawyer can take over communication with the other parties in the case and will work through filing the necessary paperwork as well. 

    We know that it can easily feel like you're going up against a giant when you need to file a FL defective product claim against the maker of the item or someone else in the supply chain. Know that you're not alone and—by working with some of the most experienced lawyers in the industry—you'll be in the best position for bringing a strong claim for damage recovery. 

    To get started, contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

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