Apr 26, 2024

Betrayed By Her Own Insurance - Katherine

Betrayed By Her Own Insurance - Katherine

I felt distraught, absolutely devastated at the fact that somebody else harmed me and I wasn’t able to have the medical attention that I felt I deserved.

When you’re in an accident, you expect your car insurance to have your back. Katherine learned the hard way that sometimes that doesn’t happen.

Mother-of-five Katherine Monroe was on her way to a friend’s house when she was rear-ended by a young man who was driving a service van while on his phone. “I guess he thought it turned green and he rammed right into the back end of me, totaled my whole car, everything,” she recalls. The two of them pulled into a nearby parking lot to exchange information. She knew that her car was totaled but thought, health-wise, she was in pretty good shape.

Until later that day.

“The pain didn’t hit me till about an hour afterwards, but something told me to go seek help and I did,” she says. She went to the hospital and discovered that she had six bulging vertebrae and three herniated vertebrae. “They feel like something has attacked your spine all at once and that your spine just compressed really quickly.”

She needed twelve weeks of rehab to get her spine back in alignment. Imagine her surprise when her insurance denied her claim for physical therapy. “I pay for a service and I expected the service and I did not get it even though it wasn’t my fault,” Katherine says.

That’s when she realized she needed an attorney. She was familiar with Morgan & Morgan’s commercials, but she scoured the internet to find reviews and first-hand experiences. She was impressed with what she found and placed a call to the law firm. “The first phone call was very comforting to be honest with you,” she says. She was treated like an individual and not just a number.

Katherine kept in close contact with her case manager, Cindy. Since she was stuck at home in bed, it was a relief that she could communicate via text and email. She says, “I was guided by Cindy and she took care of me. 

She literally held my hand through the whole entire thing, which was amazing.”

Morgan & Morgan went to work and got a settlement that was the maximum value of her insurance policy. The only time Katherine had to go to the ofice was to receive her settlement check.
After she had won her case, Katherine recommended Morgan & Morgan to a friend, who also won her case. 

“My day-to-day life is taking care of five kids and my husband. Morgan & Morgan made my life so much easier,” Katherine says. She’s still not back to 100%, but Katherine is improving every day, working hard for herself and her family. 

Attorney Quote:
“Empowering clients with personalized care and leveraging technology, we secured justice and maximum compensation for Katherine, exemplifying our commitment to making a difference.”
- Dane Jordan, Trial Attorney