Feb 27, 2024

Choosing the ones who listened – Dawn

Choosing the ones who listened – Dawn

While every job should be a safe environment for employees, sometimes people can get hurt. For Dawn, she didn’t just experience a workplace injury—she was aggressively assaulted.

According to Dawn, a lady on the job had deliberately slammed Dawn’s arm with the tailgate of the work truck, leaving her left arm badly broken.

“I reached out to several different law firms,” Dawn recalls, “but the one that gave me the most attention and answered my questions immediately was Morgan and Morgan.”

Morgan & Morgan stood out to Dawn, offering her the attention and immediate response she desperately needed. As the largest personal injury firm, Morgan & Morgan had the resources and expertise to delve deep into Dawn's case. With a specialist assigned to her, Dawn found herself in capable hands as they uncovered additional layers to her situation, including another case within her workers' compensation claim. This discovery led to a referral to another lawyer within the firm, who helped Dawn navigate the complexities of securing her Social Security disability benefits.

But Morgan & Morgan's dedication didn't stop there. Despite initial settlement offers, they refused to settle for less than Dawn deserved. Instead, they opted to take her case to court, determined to pursue maximum compensation on her behalf. 

When the time came to stand before the judge, Dawn's faith in Morgan & Morgan was rewarded. Her persistence paid off, culminating in a favorable outcome that provided Dawn with the justice she so rightfully deserved. 

For Dawn, the journey was arduous, but with the unwavering support of Morgan & Morgan, she found triumph in the face of adversity.

“I would recommend anybody to Morgan and Morgan. They fight for you. They care.”