Feb 7, 2024

Riding the Wave to Justice - Sean

Riding the Wave to Justice - Sean & Spouse

After he was injured in a multi-car accident, Sean was braced for a fight. Although it wasn’t quite a day at the beach, he was relieved to find out that the recovery process was easier than he had feared.

The sun was shining, the waves were calling, and Sean decided to take a half-day at work to go surfing. The surfing was fantastic even if he did wind up caught in Orlando’s rush-hour trafic on the way home. But his day got worse in a hurry when he was rear-ended by a car going 80 miles an hour. The accident totaled three vehicles, and Sean was right at the point of impact.

Sean was flung forward. The pain didn’t start immediately; instead, Sean was struck with the inconvenience of the situation. “When you get rear-ended at a high rate of speed like that, you’re not anticipating at all. There’s a disconnect between your brain and your body as to, this really just happened to me. You’ve got to be kidding me. I don’t have time for this right now,” he says.

However, once the adrenaline rush receded, the pain hit. “Definitely over the next couple of days it really started to pick up and I was very, very sore. My whole neck and my back, just from the whiplash.” It was then that Sean realized the gravity of the situation.

In the immediate aftermath, Sean wasn’t sure what to do. He waited for the police and exchanged information with the other drivers. After hearing his story, several of his friends encouraged him to look into hiring an attorney to make sure his interests were protected. Sean wasn’t sure if that was necessary. Once his pain increased, though, “I ended up being very glad that I did contact Morgan and Morgan.”

Even after he realized calling an attorney was the right move, Sean expected his case to impact his life. “I expected to have a lot of inconvenience in my daily life,” Sean says. But Morgan & Morgan made the process easy, with quick onboarding and a contract that could be signed remotely using DocuSign. Once he was onboarded, Sean’s attorneys got to work.

After a paltry initial offer, Sean’s attorneys were able to get him a much more satisfactory settlement that appropriately compensated him for what was lost. After things were settled, the payment happened so quickly that Sean didn’t even realize until after it was already in his bank account.