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Hurricane Lawyers

Hurricane damage has the potential to significantly impact the overall value of your home. It can be devastating to realize that hurricane damage is also potentially long-lasting and difficult to deal with. In the wake of a major hurricane event, many insurance companies and contractors are busy making repairs, making it very hard for you to be able to accomplish your overall goals and get your project finished in a timely fashion. Making sure to retain the services of a knowledgeable hurricane lawyer in Gainesville, Florida could make the difference in your ability to recover full compensation from your insurance company.

This can also help you to deal with any other emerging issues associated with the management of your hurricane claim. Consulting with a hurricane lawyer in Gainesville is extremely important to understand all of the legal issues at play and in getting proper legal counsel for deciding your most important next steps.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • How Long Do I Have to File a Hurricane Claim?

    One of the most common questions for people living in Florida is understanding how and when they can file a hurricane claim after a major event. You have three years from the date that a hurricane has damaged your property to open an insurance claim in Florida, and if you wait too long to file this claim, you will give up your opportunity to receive that compensation. There are other potential pitfalls with waiting too long to open a hurricane Insurance claim, however. This is primarily because, as mentioned above, many of these companies are overwhelmed and under-resourced and you will experience delays and denials at higher rates when you have waited too long to file a claim. As soon as you understand the depth of the damage and have all of the relevant evidence to submit to the insurance company, it is recommended that you do so. Unfortunately, living in the path of hurricanes in Florida is part of the price you pay for living in this beautiful area of Gainesville. But if you find yourself dealing with complex legal issues after a hurricane, you need a hurricane lawyer in Gainesville, Florida, who will advise you about your legal rights.

  • What Are the Different Kinds of Hurricane Damage That Could Be Included?

    Your insurance policy will outline the specifics of what may or may not be covered in your hurricane insurance claim. Many different kinds of hurricane damage can influence you, including broken windows, flooding, fire damage from downed wires, damage from projectiles, destroyed or compromised doors, destruction of personal items, moisture damage, property damage to outdoor fixtures, harm to cars, boats and other vehicles and structural damage. In many cases for those people who have hired a hurricane lawyer in Gainesville, Florida, there is extensive damage on their property, and you must be prepared to find a lawyer who is familiar with fighting hard against these insurance companies for you to get your full benefits. Insurance companies often submit partial payments, deny your claim outright or delay payments after hurricane damage has turned your life upside down. In addition to the physical damage and the financial toll that this has taken on you, this adds unnecessary emotional stress. 

    Finding the right hurricane lawyer in Gainesville, Florida can help you recognize some of the common tactics used by insurance companies and prepare for how you will avoid and adapt to these. These tactics can include things like:

    • ·      Underpaying the value of your claims.
    • ·      Claiming pre-existing damage to avoid payment.
    • ·      Delaying claims that are close to the filing deadline.
    • ·      Denying payment for repairs that the insurance company says are unnecessary.
    • ·      Providing unnecessary or repeated documentation and paperwork for recovery.
    • ·      Claiming that the damage sustained and listed on the claim was not included in the policy.

    The right hurricane lawyer in Gainesville, Florida can make a big difference in helping you to recover compensation when the insurance company is engaging in any or all of these tactics. Someone who has extensive experience with Florida hurricanes will be able to help you adapt and understand the best ways to move forward with a claim like this. Causation is one of the most common issues in hurricane and windstorm insurance coverage disputes in Gainesville. Insurance companies will often deny coverage after a major windstorm or hurricane happens, arguing that the damage was a result of flooding rather than the windstorm or the hurricane. 

    The right hurricane lawyer in Gainesville, Florida will be able to understand all of the issues involved in these common insurance disputes and will be able to quickly gather the evidence necessary to prove that your losses should be covered under the right insurance policy. Another common issue in many Gainesville, Florida hurricane claims is the valuation of the property. The insurance company adjuster, for example, may not be able to recognize that some of the property that was damaged was a collectible or an antique. A hurricane lawyer in Gainesville, Florida who has experience contacting the right professionals for appraisals and valuation can often ensure that you receive the losses of the valued items that you are entitled to. These complex issues can easily derail a hurricane insurance legal claim and you may be tempted to simply take a smaller amount offered to you by the insurance company so that you can put this matter behind you and move on with your life, but this could be a substantial mistake. You need to look for an attorney with extensive experience in hurricane damage.

  • Why Do I Really Need a Hurricane Damage Lawyer in Florida?

    The insurance company is not there to represent your best interests after you submit a claim even when you have significant evidence on your side. This is because the insurance company is there to protect their bottom line, not your needs. This can come as a shock when you realize that the insurance company is making it difficult for you to pursue the compensation you are entitled to or when the adjuster outright won't return your phone calls. This is a very frustrating and overwhelming experience that no person who has already lived through hurricane damage should have to go through. But it is up to you to find a hurricane lawyer in Gainesville, Florida who will be committed to protecting your best interests rather than trying to take advantage of you for their own profit.

    Your attorney will defend your legal rights and help you avoid many of the most common mistakes in hurricane insurance cases. While some of these cases will settle outside of court, your hurricane lawyer in Gainesville, Florida should be prepared to move forward with your case in court if necessary. Going to trial on behalf of their client should be something that your attorney is familiar with and is well prepared to handle.

    The right attorney is a valuable asset in preparing you for some of the common legal issues that show up as well as what your role will be throughout the duration of the legal case. If your lawyer can successfully navigate your case outside of court, you will be able to put this matter behind you and get the important details you need. Your attorney will be prepared to go up against the insurance corporation at trial and will allow you to rest and relax and focus on all the other ways that your life has shifted after serious hurricane damage. You have enough to think about in the wake of a serious hurricane and its resulting damage. Make sure that you consult with an attorney who has been down this path before and who is familiar with the best ways to protect your interests.

  • What Is Insurance Bad Faith? 

    Insurance companies have a legal responsibility to live up to their end of contracts. Unfortunately, some individuals find themselves going up against the insurance company in court based on allegations of bad faith. Bad faith simply alleges that the insurance company is violating the consumer's rights or is acting in contrast to the list of coverages and protections provided by the policy. If the insurance company has outright denied your hurricane claim in Gainesville even though you provided ample evidence and had appropriate coverage, this could become the basis of a bad faith Insurance claim. Far too many consumers struggle when determining whether or not something rises to the level of bad faith. It is best to engage a Gainesville hurricane lawyer to assist you with this process so that you can pursue legal action against a company that has violated your rights.

    If you're looking for a team that will do everything in their power to get you what you deserve, you need the Morgan & Morgan lawyers working on your side. You need help with your next steps after severe hurricane damage and we're here to make sure you get what's covered under your policy. Contact us today for more help with your Florida hurricane claim

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