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Kissimmee Labor and Employment

No one should feel afraid to go to work. And yet, for countless workers in Kissimmee, hostile workplaces are a sad reality. Discrimination and harassment can come from employers, fellow employees, contractors on site, or even customers. Regardless of the source, it is unacceptable, and employers have a responsibility to ensure the workplace is a safe place for all.

When employers fail to do their due diligence for the inclusion of their workers, it can take the help of an experienced attorney to set things right. We understand how upsetting unfair treatment in the workplace can be.

Our labor and employment attorneys at Morgan & Morgan have decades of experience advocating for victims of workplace harassment, discrimination, and other labor violations. We may be able to recover compensation for mental and emotional scars, lost wages, and more.

If you or someone you love has faced discrimination or harassment in the workplace, fill out our free, no-risk case evaluation form today to speak to one of our attorneys in Kissimmee.

Workplace Discrimination in Kissimmee

When scouting for prospective new employees, most employers focus on hiring the most qualified person for the job, regardless of his or her race, religion, gender, and other personal qualities. Unfortunately, discrimination and harassment in the workplace is still alive and well in Kissimmee — and in Florida in general.

Workplace discrimination can take many forms, but it commonly involves being treated less favorably than other workers due to age, disability, national origin, religion, race or skin color, pregnancy, and gender, among other factors, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Unfortunately, it’s not always obvious at first if you’re being discriminated against. An experienced labor and employment attorney can help you determine if what’s happening at your job is indeed discrimination.

Our Kissimmee labor and employment lawyers have handled cases of workplace discrimination that involved actions such as:

  • Refusing to hire;
  • Using unnecessary job qualifications to root out members of minority groups;
  • Failing to promote;
  • Refusing to hire a person with disabilities even though able to do the job with reasonable accommodation;
  • Refusing to reasonably accommodate the religious practice or custom of an employee;
  • Inequitably enforcing disciplinary policies against members of minority groups;
  • Advertising positions in ways that exclude minority groups; and
  • Refusing to provide a reasonable accommodation for a disabled employee who requests it.

Workers who experience this type of treatment in Kissimmee are entitled to compensation, including lost wages, reinstatement and other forms of relief. They are also often entitled to have their legal expenses paid by that employer, which means there is no risk to pursuing a lawsuit.

Is Your Workplace Hostile?

Even when the employer is not the one directly engaging in discrimination, they have a duty to ensure your workplace is a safe one for all employees. This includes instituting policies to prevent harassment in the workplace based on race, religion, gender, disability or other similar personal attributes. Employers must also take necessary steps to stop harassment when reasonably aware that it is occurring.

Employers in Kissimmee who fail this responsibility to their workers can be liable for harassment, whether it is perpetrated by supervisors, other employees, contractors on site, and even customers. For this reason, it is crucial that victims of workplace harassment in Florida report it immediately to their supervisors, HR department, or whoever is designated by their company’s policy. If the employer continues their refusal to take the harassment seriously, or if they retaliate after a report of harassment, it may be time to speak to a Kissimmee labor and employment attorney.

Anti-Retaliation Laws

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, employees are protected from retaliation when they file a formal complaint about their employer. Unfortunately, retaliation is still very much present in the workplace for some employers, and can take the form of the following actions:

  • Denial of overtime
  • Unwarranted discipline, bad work evaluation, or demotion
  • Inconvenient change in shift or work location
  • Exclusion
  • Harassment
  • Employment termination

How Can a Kissimmee Labor and Employment Attorney Help You?

No one should feel threatened in the workplace. Our attorneys in Kissimmee will fight to hold employers responsible for workplace harassment, discrimination, and other labor violations. If you believe you are a victim of a labor and employment dispute, our attorneys may be able to help. Fill out our free, no-risk case evaluation form today. You could be entitled to compensation.

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Last updated on Apr 11, 2022