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Winter Haven Mesothelioma

For industry workers in Winter Haven who were exposed to asbestos{: target="_blank"} decades ago, a diagnosis of mesothelioma can be surprising and devastating. There is no cure for this fatal and rare form of lung cancer, and mesothelioma can drain a family of their savings and their quality of life.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, our attorneys recognize that dealing with legal matters may not be a main priority during this time. However, filing a mesothelioma lawsuit may provide you with the compensation needed to cover current and future medical expenses. Our attorneys will handle all aspects of the claims process so that you can focus on receiving medical treatment.

The asbestos attorneys in our Winter Havenoffice will work to seek a prompt resolution of your claim, which may provide you with compensation for the injuries suffered as a result of asbestos exposure.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, please fill out the form on this page for a free, no-risk case review. In Florida, there is a time limit in which a lawsuit may be filed, so please do not hesitate to contact our experienced asbestos attorneys today.

How a Mesothelioma Attorney Can Help

A mesothelioma attorney may take the following steps to ensure that you receive compensation for your injuries:

  • Gather Necessary Medical Evidence: Your attorney will collect diagnostic medical reports from the facilities where you were treated. The only known cause of mesothelioma is exposure to asbestos; however, in cases alleging other injuries, such as lung cancer, a medical expert can evaluate your medical records to determine whether your disease was caused by asbestos exposure. In addition, your attorney may work with the medical expert to evaluate the costs associated with necessary, future medical treatments.
  • Perform a Work History Investigation: Your mesothelioma attorney will help identify when and where you were exposed to asbestos. For cases involving exposure to asbestos at work, your attorney will review your work history and may request employment and union records to demonstrate that you were exposed to asbestos in the workplace.
  • Identify Potential Recovery From Asbestos Trusts: Many asbestos manufactures have established trusts to compensate mesothelioma victims. If you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma and worked for a company that has established such a trust, your attorney may file a claim with the trustees seeking compensation for your injuries.
  • File a Lawsuit: If your asbestos exposure is linked to a company that has not established a trust, your attorney may file a personal injury lawsuit against the companies that manufactured, distributed, or installed the asbestos. Many companies that manufactured or distributed asbestos have gone out of business or have been acquired by other corporations. Your attorney will research the corporate history of the asbestos companies involved in your case to ensure that the proper parties are held accountable.
  • Litigate Your Claim and Evaluate Settlement Offers: At this stage in the asbestos claims process, your attorney may request documents and employment records from the companies that caused you harm, and conduct depositions of medical experts who have knowledge of your condition. Many mesothelioma cases settle before trial.

Damages Available in a Mesothelioma Claim

A person diagnosed with mesothelioma may be entitled to recover compensation for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Life care expenses
  • Physical pain and emotional suffering
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Travel expenses for medical treatments

If your spouse or parent died as a result of mesothelioma, you may be able to file a wrongful death claim. In a wrongful death claim, compensation for lost future earnings, loss of companionship and loss of parental guidance may be available.

Exposure to Asbestos in Winter Haven

Asbestos was used in many different industries throughout Florida. Workers’ families may also have been exposed to asbestos from clothes that were worn at worksites that contained asbestos. In cases of neighborhood exposure, people who lived or worked near asbestos-related industries may have unknowingly been exposed to asbestos and developed mesothelioma, lung cancer, or other diseases as a result.

Employees in Florida may have been exposed to asbestos at oil refineries, natural gas plants, chemical plants, power plants, and construction sites. This list is by no means exhaustive. Asbestos was used extensively in numerous industries and work locations throughout Florida. In addition, many homes and office buildings in the Winter Haven area were originally constructed with asbestos, the disturbance of which may have put construction and demolition workers at risk for mesothelioma and other asbestos-related illnesses.

If you or a loved one has received a mesothelioma diagnosis, please complete our free, no-risk consultation form today.

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Last updated on Apr 11, 2022