Car Accidents in Pensacola: What Can I Do Today?

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Car Accidents in Pensacola: What Can I Do Today - car with bad car accident damage

Car Accidents in Pensacola: What Can I Do Today?

The city of Pensacola offers a rich heritage and beautiful scenery. From the many local museums to the beautiful beaches, Pensacola has something for everyone.
But traffic accidents can happen anywhere. If you have been involved in a collision, you may be unsure about how to respond to Pensacola car accidents today.
What should you do in the immediate aftermath of a car crash? Read on to find out. Below we will discuss several of the most important steps to take following a traffic accident.
It is vital to take the necessary actions to protect your rights. One of the most critical steps is speaking to a skilled car accident attorney.
The accomplished legal team at Morgan & Morgan has been defending the rights of accident victims for decades. Since our founding in 1988, we have secured more than a million successful verdicts and settlements for our clients.
If you or someone you love has been involved in a collision in Pensacola, do not hesitate. Reach out to the firm at Morgan & Morgan.
Complete the easy-to-use contact form on our website to arrange a no-cost legal consultation. We will examine the facts of your case and help you determine the best path forward.

Taking the Right Steps After Pensacola Car Accidents Today

It is critical to take the right actions in the immediate aftermath of a traffic collision. Doing the wrong thing or failing to act can hurt your chances of recovering financial compensation from a car accident claim.
Following the guidelines described below will help you to strengthen your accident claim. Take the following steps immediately following a collision:

1. Remain at the Scene

Most people understand that they should stay at the scene of a crash, but it is still important to mention. Leaving the scene of a car accident before the authorities arrive is always inadvisable. 
In some cases, you could face criminal charges for leaving the scene before the police document the scene. If the collision resulted in property damage, injuries, or death, you are legally required to remain at the crash site.

2. Check for Injuries

It is vital to ensure everyone’s safety following a traffic collision. Check yourself and other involved parties for injuries.
If anyone is hurt, call 911 to report the accident and request medical assistance. The operator will dispatch medical care providers to the scene.
You should never try to move anyone who is severely injured. Instead, injured persons should remain still until medical help arrives.
It is best to move slowly and carefully, even if you do not believe that you are injured. After a crash, drivers and passengers may be feeling the effects of elevated adrenaline. This can cause injury victims to be unaware that they are hurt. Stay as calm as possible and contact medical care responders.
Injuries from Pensacola car accidents today may not be noticeable until days or weeks after the collision. Even if you are not severely injured, seek a medical assessment soon after the incident.

3. Contact the Police

If your accident resulted in injuries, death, or property damage of at least $500, you are required to report the accident to the police. Contact the local police department and they will dispatch officers to draft an accident report.
The police report of your collision will include important information about the crash. For instance, this document will contain the following information:

  • Date, time, and location of the car accident
  • Names and contact information of involved parties
  • Diagram of the collision
  • Weather and roadway conditions
  • Eyewitness information
  • Descriptions of vehicular damage
  • And more

Police accident reports are very powerful pieces of evidence for filing a car accident claim. Many insurance providers require a police report before they will approve your claim.

4. Exchange Information With the Other Parties

After experiencing a Pensacola car accident, many drivers are unsure about what information to share with the other involved parties. In the aftermath of a crash, exchange basic contact information with the other motorist.
Relevant information includes:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Driver’s license number
  • License plate number
  • Insurance provider and policy number

While it is important to exchange this information, you should keep other conversations to a minimum. Oftentimes, emotions are heightened in the moments after a traffic accident.
Still, you should never discuss responsibility for the collision while at the scene. Never say or do anything that implies you are liable for the crash.
Even if you believe you caused the accident, do not say so. You could be wrong.
Admitting fault will only hurt your chances of securing a positive outcome in your car accident case. Let the evidence speak for itself in the aftermath of a collision.
Be polite and keep your conversations with the other drivers brief.

5. Gather Evidence of the Crash

This is one step that you can only take in the moments after Pensacola car accidents today. Many of the most important pieces of evidence will not be available days or weeks after the collision.
Gathering evidence directly after the incident will help to ensure that you present the strongest car accident claim possible. An accomplished legal professional can use this information to gain a full understanding of the circumstances that led to the accident.
This will help to paint a clear picture of the car crash. Some relevant pieces of evidence include:

  • Photographic evidence of injuries
  • Photographs of vehicular and property damage
  • Notes about your own experience of the crash
  • Names and contact information of witnesses
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Photographs of roadway obstructions or construction
  • Photographs of tire marks caused by the accident
  • And more

Use your smartphone to take notes, photos, and recordings of the scene of the crash. Thoroughly documenting Pensacola car accidents today will help you to pursue a successful claim in the future.
Your attorney will use the evidence that you gather to build a powerful case for you. This will also help to undermine any false claims made by other parties involved in the crash. 

6. File a Claim With Your Insurance Provider

Once you have secured medical help, documented the crash, and notified the police, you should contact your automotive insurance provider. Informing your insurance company about the collision is an important step following Pensacola car accidents today.
However, be very careful about what you say when speaking with your insurance adjuster. Insurance companies do not work in the best financial interests of their policyholders. 
These corporations increase their profits by denying or undervaluing accident claims. The insurance business model is designed to minimize payout to claimants.
Because insurance adjusters will use your comments against you, you should not say anything that could undermine your claim. Provide the basic facts about your car accident, but nothing more. 
Do not speculate about your own physical health or wellbeing. Do not say that you are “fine” or “okay,” even as a greeting or to be polite.
While these types of comments are common in everyday speech, insurance companies will use these statements to reject or devalue your claim. It is best to speak with a skilled car accident attorney before calling an insurance provider. 
An accomplished legal professional will understand how to speak with an adjuster about your Pensacola car accident in a way that protects you. 
Because Florida is a “no-fault” state, accident victims are required to seek compensation through their own insurance providers first. If you sustain more harm than your insurance will cover, the team at Morgan & Morgan can help you pursue other legal options.

7. Consult With a Skilled Traffic Accident Attorney

It is vital to consult with a legal specialist following a motor vehicle accident. This will help to ensure that your rights are protected.
Negotiating with tightfisted insurance providers is difficult unless you have legal training. The attorneys at Morgan & Morgan have decades of experience negotiating against greedy corporations to secure the money that our clients deserve.
A trustworthy accident lawyer will handle all of the legal elements of your case. This will allow you to focus on your physical and mental recovery.
If you have been involved in a Pensacola car accident today, make sure to take the steps discussed above. This will help to ensure the best outcome possible in a future car accident claim.

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Morgan & Morgan FAQs

  • What Types of Compensation Are Available in Pensacola Car Accidents Today?

    “Damages” is the legal term for financial payments to the victim of an accident. When you have been injured or sustained property damage in a traffic collision, you can seek damages from the responsible party.
    Accident victims face more than only the physical harm from their crashes. Typically, injured persons also face mounting financial costs and losses.
    When these harms were caused by another person’s negligent actions, victims deserve to be made financially whole. 

    Some of the most common examples of damages in car accident cases include:

    • Current and future medical bills and expenses
    • Lost wages and income from missed days of work
    • Vehicular damage and other property damage
    • Pain and suffering
    • Mental distress and trauma
    • Loss of consortium or relationship–in wrongful death cases

    These are only a few examples of the types of compensation available to victims of negligence. The knowledgeable team at Morgan & Morgan will carefully investigate the circumstances of your case to determine the value of your accident claim.

  • Is Trial Experience Important When Hiring a Lawyer?

    When you hire a legal professional to represent you, courtroom experience is vital. Even though most car accident claims do not require a trial, some do.
    It is important to be prepared for any eventuality in your legal case. You should never be worried that your attorney is unable to represent you in court. 
    Lawyers with no courtroom experience might be tempted to accept an inadequate settlement offer for their clients. This is deeply unfair to accident victims.
    The qualified attorneys at Morgan & Morgan are trial-ready. We know what it takes to build a powerful lawsuit and pursue it throughout the litigation phase.

  • Contact Morgan & Morgan Today

    If you have been involved in a Pensacola car accident today, do not wait. It is vital to take the right steps to protect your best interests.
    After contacting the proper authorities, reach out to the firm at Morgan & Morgan. We will fight tirelessly to secure the best outcome in your car accident case.
    Complete the contact form on the Morgan & Morgan website to arrange a free consultation with one of our legal experts. Let our accomplished Pensacola attorneys fight for you!

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