How Should I Handle Back Pain After a Car Accident in Miami?

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How Should I Handle Back Pain After a Car Accident in Miami - two cars with car accident damage

Car Accident Back Pain Lawyer in Miami, FL

Back pain is one of the most common injuries sustained in Miami car accidents. The impact can cause you to twist, turn, and stretch in ways that harm your muscles, tendons, joints, and ligaments. 

And with an average of 50,000 collisions on Miami-Dade county roads each year, back pain sufferers should know they are not alone.

If you find yourself suffering from back pain after an accident, it’s important that you act quickly to protect your rights. You may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, vehicle repair costs, lost wages, and more. 

At Morgan & Morgan, we have a team of attorneys in Miami who are skilled in handling back pain and/or car accident claims. If you need legal support through this trying time, please don’t hesitate to reach out using our convenient online form

Make Sure to Get the Medical Attention You Need

After a car accident, your first priority should be to obtain the medical attention you need. Back pain may indicate something as simple as a bruised muscle, or it could represent a more serious injury like a torn ligament or an issue with an internal organ. Either way, it helps to get quick attention from a medical professional.

There’s no denying that car accidents can be stressful. In the chaos, you may not even realize that you are suffering from back pain or a more serious injury. In fact, delayed symptoms are not uncommon. That’s why we recommend you call a doctor no matter how you are feeling.

Getting in to see a doctor also benefits your car accident claim, should you need to build a case later on. If you are able to document the injury and get it on record, you can prove that your back pain was directly caused by the driver at fault for the accident. 

Of course, while we recommend that you call a doctor first, we hope that Morgan & Morgan will be your second call. The sooner we can start building your case, the better. 

The Most Common Causes of Back Pain After a Collision

It’s true that back pain may be a symptom of a wide range of injuries. Sometimes, the condition can be treated with rest and relaxation. Other times, back pain requires intensive therapy, medication, and even surgery. 

The best person to advise you on the cause of your back pain is a doctor. But if you are looking for some general information about the common causes of back pain after a Miami collision, here it is:

Joint Injuries

Of course, most back pain is related to a muscle injury. But it is possible for a joint injury to cause pain, especially in the lower back. The joints between your spine and pelvis are called the sacroiliac joints — and when they become injured, you may experience severe pain.

Only a doctor will be able to tell you if your back pain is caused by a joint injury. But if the pain is accompanied by inflammation and/or stiffness, this could be the cause. 

Strains and Sprains

Your lumbar muscles are found in your lower back. In a high-impact collision, these muscles may become overstretched or torn. Usually, this leads to chronic back pain, muscle spasms, and tightness. 

This kind of injury can cause you severe pain, and you may be unable to walk or move comfortably. Naturally, this can have a huge impact on your quality of life and your ability to perform needed tasks at work. If you find yourself in this situation, or if your injury is accompanied by abdominal pain or fever, call a doctor immediately. 

Spinal Disc Damage

The force of the collision may cause one of your vertebrae to push into the spinal canal. There, it might compress, stress, or irritate your spinal cord and cause debilitating pain. This is caused by a herniated disc, and it is not uncommon for victims of car accidents.

If you believe you have suffered a herniated disc or another type of spinal disc damage, you must see a doctor. Delaying treatment will only worsen your condition and hurt a potential settlement.


Commonly, when we think of whiplash, we think of neck pain. But this condition can also cause back pain. Because whiplash is the most common injury experienced by car accident victims, this is likely the cause of your back pain. 

Usually, you should start feeling better within a few days. But we do recommend that you seek a medical professional’s opinion to ensure the injury is not more serious or complicated than it appears. 

In severe cases of whiplash, you may require the use of prescribed treatments and physical therapy. In those cases, you may be entitled to compensation in the form of a settlement or lawsuit. If another person caused the accident, you should speak with a member of our team to learn more about your options. 

Understanding the Cost of Back Pain

Unfortunately, a back injury can leave you with hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars in damages. Your back and spine are very sensitive areas that play a huge role in your overall health and ability to work. 

What’s more, a spinal injury may lead to a secondary injury. Cardiovascular, respiratory, bowel, and urinary complications may occur for sufferers of back pain. Muscle problems, chronic pain, and depression are other possible side effects.

With all these potential complications, you may be entitled to a large settlement to compensate for the unexpected costs of treatment. The median award for back injuries caused by car accidents is $212,500. However, it’s not impossible for that number to be much higher, depending on the circumstances. 

The amount of compensation you are entitled to will depend on a variety of factors. In our experience, these are the five most important details that will impact your case:

Fault and Liability

Florida is a no-fault state, which means that both parties make claims to their insurance providers, regardless of who caused the accident. However, that doesn’t mean that fault and liability are totally irrelevant in your case. In fact, it is always recommended that you gather these types of evidence after a collision:

  • Pictures of the scene and damages
  • The license plate numbers of all involved vehicles
  • The information of the other driver
  • A copy of the police report

If your injuries are severe, permanent, or debilitating, you could be entitled to more than what your insurance provider offers. (This is when the above-mentioned evidence will come in handy.) We recommend that you call our office to determine whether your situation qualifies for a personal injury lawsuit.

Type and Severity of Injuries

As we mentioned, back injuries can range from mild to severe. This is a detail that will impact the validity and outcome of your case. As you might imagine, more severe injuries will result in larger settlement offers. 

Medical Records

Again, Morgan & Morgan strongly recommends that you seek medical attention for your injuries. If you fail to do so, you could forfeit your right to compensation. Without proof of the date and severity of your injury, you will be unable to support your claims. 

Your Statements

You may be tempted to apologize for the accident at the scene, even if you know you weren’t to blame. Refrain from doing so and avoid any contact with insurance providers or others until after you have spoken to an attorney.

In our years of legal service, we have seen many clients cause their own downfall via unfortunate statements. Never agree to make a recorded statement or discuss your feelings or injuries. 

Permanent Damages

No one hopes to experience permanent damages from a split-second collision. Still, these events can have long-lasting or permanent effects. If you are left paralyzed or disabled or suffer the loss of a limb, those lingering consequences will affect your settlement sum. 

Watch Out for These Concerning Symptoms

We mentioned that back pain is often a delayed symptom of a car accident. In the hours and days following the collision, you may gradually begin to notice some concerning symptoms. We recommend ‌you seek medical care any time you notice one or more of these symptoms in conjunction with your back pain:

  • Fever and/or chills, which may indicate an infection
  • Unsteady gait
  • Weight loss
  • Bowel or bladder incontinence

Back pain is often dismissed as a minor symptom. But when it presents with any of the above symptoms, it can indicate a much more serious problem. 

What to Expect From a Car Accident Settlement in Miami

After an accident, you may be eligible for a personal injury lawsuit in Miami. But before you embark on those next steps, you may wonder what the process entails. Here is a step-by-step outline of what you can expect:

Investigation of the Accident

Your attorney will review the facts of the accident and look for details that indicate who was at fault and whether the driver was malicious in intent. This may involve taking a look at the police report, interviewing witnesses, reviewing medical records, and more.

Consulting With Experts

Next, your attorney will want to gain some expert opinions that support your case. This may involve testimony from your doctor, an accident reconstruction specialist, or even a mechanical engineer. 

Seeking a Settlement or Filing a Lawsuit

The goal is always to settle a personal injury case out of court. Settlements are generally beneficial to all involved parties, so this is the most likely scenario. However, if your case must be presented in court, Morgan & Morgan is able to handle every legal proceeding to help you seek the compensation you deserve. 

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  • Can I Receive Compensation if I Have a Preexisting Injury?

    A preexisting injury does not bar you from pursuing a personal injury lawsuit. However, you will not be able to pursue compensation for that specific injury. If the accident has caused an old injury to flare up, you may be able to prove fault for the resulting medical costs with the help of a medical professional and attorney.

  • How Long Will My Back Pain Last?

    The answer to this question will depend upon the nature and severity of your injuries. In the case of whiplash, you should see reduced symptoms within a few days. But if the cause of your back pain is a herniated disc or torn ligament, recovery may take months. 

  • Should I Negotiate With the Insurance Provider?

    If you have received a call from the at-fault party’s insurance provider, you know it’s time to contact an attorney. Any statements you make may be misconstrued as an admission of fault or may rationalize your injuries. Always call Morgan & Morgan before discussing the accident with a provider. 

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