St. Petersburg Spinal Cord Injuries

If you don’t know how integral the spine is to how your entire body functions, you sure do when it gets injured. Even minor spinal cord injuries bring long-lasting pain and suffering with them, and the more severe ones can leave you with permanent, potentially irreparable damage.

At Morgan & Morgan, our spinal cord injury attorneys have decades of experience handling personal injury cases ranging from medical malpractice to truck accident lawsuits. With access to the resources of a national law firm and medical experts, our St. Petersburg attorneys are well-equipped to help you collect compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages and other losses you incurred as a result of the accident.

If you have dealt with a spinal cord injury that you suspect was caused by someone else’s negligence, contact Morgan & Morgan for a free review of your case and learn more about how one of our attorneys may be able to help.

What Causes Spinal Cord Injuries?

Spinal injuries can be caused by many things, but the leading cause of spinal injuries in the United States among older adults is motor vehicle crashes, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. Falls, acts of violence, and sports are also major causes of spinal injuries in the U.S. but are more prominent causes among younger individuals.

At Morgan & Morgan, we know have seen the variety of ways a spinal cord injury can happen, including:

  • Car, truck, bus, and bicycle accidents;
  • Back injuries;
  • Medical malpractice;
  • Defective products;
  • Sporting injuries;
  • Boating accidents;
  • Criminal battery and violence;
  • Slips and falls;
  • Gunshot wounds;
  • Work-related accidents; and
  • Birth injuries.

With such a variety of ways that your spinal cord can endure an injury, it’s no surprise that there are also quite a few different types of spinal cord injuries that you can get. Among those injuries are:

  • Quadriplegia;
  • Paraplegia;
  • Injured nerves;
  • Damaged discs;
  • Partial paralysis;
  • Fractured vertebrae;
  • Lacerations; and
  • Central cord syndrome, among other debilitating conditions.

Spinal Cord Injury Impacts

The role the spine plays in the body means that other parts of your body can also be affected by it, depending on where you injured your spine. Injuries to the cervical spine (neck) typically radiate into the arms and hands. Injuries to the lumbar spine (lower back) can cause symptoms to develop in the legs.

Other ways spinal cord injuries can impact you include possible incontinence and erectile dysfunction, among other conditions.

Minor spinal injuries will require varying forms of treatment. The more severe the injury, the more likely it will require surgery, such as a removal of faulty discs or possibly fusing two or more vertebrae together. In the event of a totally severed spine, there is no current procedure that can successfully mend it.

All of these treatments are costly, and the more severe your condition is, the higher the price of treatment. The price of surgery, rehabilitation, and other possible future medical expenses add up, and they add up fast. You’re left with damage not just physically, but financially as well.

Why Hire a Morgan & Morgan Attorney?

Spinal cord injury lawsuits involve a lot of work, including research and gathering evidence. A regular personal injury lawyer may not be sufficient to make an effective case on your behalf, and you may want to hire an attorney who specifically handles spinal injury claims.

The attorneys at our Morgan & Morgan office in St. Petersburg have decades of experience handling cases involving spinal cord injuries. Together with medical experts, our attorneys have helped spinal cord injury and back injury victims recover the compensation they need to help cover expenses like present and future medical bills, lost earnings, pain and suffering, among other damages.

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Back injuries can mean medical costs and time out of work you can’t afford. If someone else was responsible for injuring your spinal cord, you deserve the chance to seek compensation for your injury.

The attorneys at Morgan & Morgan’s St. Petersburg may be able to help you, and you can learn more by filling out our free case evaluation form.


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