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At Morgan & Morgan, we understand how serious slip & fall injuries are and know who to hold accountable. Figuring out who is responsible for an accident, if they are liable and how much of your damages they are responsible to pay can be a harrowing task. For example, did you know that even if a child is trespassing on your property, you may still be liable if they get hurt? Under the "attractive nuisance doctrine", if you do not take the proper steps to fix a condition on your property and you know children will be nearby, you may have to pay their damages if they get hurt.

The owners of Florida restaurants, office buildings, gyms, and other property have the duty to keep up them in a reasonable way to avoid premises liability accidents. If these owners are aware of a condition and do not take the proper precautions to fix the problem or warn people of the situation, they can be found at fault. These property owners will often try to shift the blame towards the person who tripped and fell, so it is important not to answer any questions without first consulting with a lawyer.

Highlighted Slip & Fall: Potholes

You know to avoid potholes when you are driving – no one wants a flat tire after all – but do you think to do the same while walking? Whether a pothole forms in a parking lot or on a sidewalk, they can cause us to trip and get our own version of “flat tires” and may lead to more severe injuries.

Homeowners are generally responsible, at least partly, for maintaining the sidewalks in front of their properties. In some instances, local town or government agencies are also responsible for maintaining the sidewalks and in certain instances like condos, a third-party may be responsible for the maintenance.

While figuring out the “owner” of the sidewalk is often complicated, it’s unquestionable that those who sustained traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries or other injuries due to negligent sidewalk care deserve compensation for their injuries. Let the attorneys at Morgan & Morgan help sort out the liability of a sidewalk-related slip and fall - fill out our online form for a free, no obligation case review.

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