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West Tampa, FL, Burn Injury Lawyers

West Tampa, FL, Burn Injury Lawyers

Lots of people get burned in West Tampa, FL, but the majority of those burns come from lying on a beach all day without enough sunscreen. That is the kind of burn you expect to get in West Tampa. However, sometimes people get burned in much worse ways.

You might have scalding hot coffee spilled on you by a careless waiter. Or a distracted hair salon worker might burn you with a curling iron. When this type of carelessness or negligence happens, you could end up with second or third-degree burns. These are much worse than a simple sunburn and require a visit to a West Tampa emergency room.

But how will you pay for that visit? And how will you pay for future treatment that second and third-degree burns require? Even if you have health insurance, that is still money out of your pocket in the form of a deductible and possible co-payments. It is also potentially lost time and work days, depending on how severe the burn is.

This is money that you can’t afford to spend or lose. At Morgan & Morgan, we understand that. Our West Tampa, FL, burn injury lawyers are available 24 hours a day to help you recover after a serious burn injury. If you’ve suffered a burn injury in West Tampa, contact us today to get a free, immediate case evaluation.

When You Need West Tampa, FL, Burn Injury Lawyers

Almost everyone has been burned accidentally at one point or another. Maybe you were careless and touched a hot pan without an oven mitt or didn’t realize that a hot iron was left on. These burns are unfortunate but can easily be treated with cold water, antibiotic cream, and a bandage. Usually, there is no one to blame but yourself for these burns.

However, sometimes a burn isn’t your fault. When another person’s carelessness or negligence results in you getting burned, they are responsible for paying for your recovery. There are a few major ways that another party can be responsible for a burn suffered in West Tampa, FL.

Unsafe Practices

Businesses are supposed to create a safe environment for all patrons and employees. But not all business owners or managers follow safety rules. In certain types of businesses, this can result in people getting burned.

Employees are usually the people most in danger, especially if they work with equipment that can get hot. If proper safeguards aren’t being followed, employees risk getting burned at the following workplaces:

  • Restaurants or bars
  • Dry cleaners
  • Auto repair shops
  • Construction sites
  • Laboratories

If unsafe business practices caused you to get burned on the job, West Tampa, FL, burn injury lawyers from Morgan and Morgan can help you recover damages from your employer. Companies are responsible for your safety while on the job. If they fail in that responsibility, you deserve compensation.

Customers and visitors also have equal rights to be safe when entering an establishment. Unsafe practices are less likely to result in a customer getting burned, but they can. For example, if a drink dispenser doesn’t have a warning that the contents are hot, you could get burned when you unknowingly drink from it.

Unsafe Products

Just because you burned yourself in your home, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is your fault. Sometimes a burn isn’t the result of carelessness but rather of an unsafe product.

For example, imagine you own an iron that is supposed to heat up only when turned on. If you plugged it in but didn’t turn it on, you would reasonably expect it to stay cool. If instead it had a product defect and heated up anyway, you could end up getting burned. 

That burn and any subsequent treatment would be the responsibility of the company that manufactured the iron.

There are countless ways you could be burned due to a defective or unsafe product. Even the sunburn you got while lying on a beautiful West Tampa beach could be the result of defective sunscreen, assuming you used it properly. 

Burns from unsafe or defective products are just as painful and debilitating as burns from unsafe practices. You deserve compensation. West Tampa, FL, burn injury lawyers from Morgan & Morgan will help you get the compensation you deserve.

Burns and Medical Treatment

According to the Mayo Clinic, there are three degrees of burns.

The least severe type of burn is a first-degree burn. This affects only the outer layer of the skin. It hurts and causes redness but doesn’t meaningfully endanger the victim.

A second-degree burn goes deeper. It will usually swell and blister and may eventually turn into a scar. Usually, second-degree burns aren’t life-threatening, but untreated blisters can get infected, leading to much more severe problems.

Third-degree burns are the most dangerous and should always receive immediate medical attention. This type of burn reaches deep below the skin and may injure fat, soft tissue, or even organs. The burns are usually black, white, or brown, indicating that the skin has been charred away.

Third-degree burns require both immediate treatment and long-term treatment. Usually, a doctor will graft skin from another part of your body to replace the skin destroyed by fire. The risk of infection with third-degree burns is very high, and untreated burns can potentially be fatal.

If you have been seriously burned due to the negligence of another, you will likely need months or even years of treatment. This could cost upwards of millions of dollars, depending on how severe the injuries are. 

You can’t possibly afford that alone. Burn injury lawyers from Morgan & Morgan will help you get all the money you need to recover from this devastating and traumatic injury.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • How Can West Tampa, FL, Burn Injury Lawyers Help?

    Severe burn injuries aren’t just difficult to treat. They are also extremely painful. As a rule, people who are in severe pain ignore almost everything else as they try to cope with that pain. When dealing with insurance companies, this often leads to mistakes.

    The insurance company — whether your personal insurance or the insurance company of a negligent party — is supposed to pay for all of your medical expenses. That doesn’t just mean that it pays your doctor or the hospital one time. It means that the company pays for every treatment and medical accommodation you require to recover.

    Often the insurance company will be responsible for additional expenses like lost wages, occupational therapy, or transportation assistance. 

    Unfortunately, people suffering from burns usually aren’t aware of this and aren’t in the right state of mind to research their rights. This lets the insurance company get away with denying all or part of a claim or paying much less than it should.

    At Morgan and Morgan, we have seen this behavior all too often and don’t want to see it happen to anyone else. When we take a case, our priority is the comfort and recovery of our client. We won’t let the insurance company take advantage of you while you are suffering.

    We know the law and your rights and will fight zealously to get you every dime you deserve. Because we have handled hundreds of burn cases in the past, we can accurately estimate the full extent of your medical treatment costs, other covered expenses, and lost wages. 

    Rather than let the insurance company make a lowball offer that won’t meaningfully help, we will negotiate for a fair settlement that sees you through to the end of your recovery.

    And if the insurance company resists agreeing to a fair offer, we are always willing to go to court. Our attorneys have an excellent record in the courtroom and a willingness to fight to the end. Insurance companies know our reputation and will usually settle to avoid a costly trial.

  • Can a Sunburn Result in a Second-Degree Burn (or Worse)?

    Most sunburns are first-degree burns, but they do have the potential to be worse than that. It is rare, but it can happen, especially if you spend hours in a single position in the sun without any protection.

  • When Should I See a Doctor After a Burn?

    Most burns can be easily treated with cold water and basic first aid. However, you should seek medical assistance immediately if:

    • The burn is any color other than red
    • There is oozing at or near the burn site
    • You can see a bone or soft tissue
    • You have difficulty breathing
    • Your eyes were burned in any way
    • The burn covers extensive portions of your body
    • You have difficulty or extreme pain moving any joints
    • A seemingly minor burn doesn’t heal after a few weeks

    A visit to your doctor or the emergency room may be unnecessary, but it is better to be overly cautious than to underestimate the severity of a burn injury.

  • How Do I Sue the Manufacturer of a Defective Product That Caused a Burn Injury?

    If you think your burn was caused by a defective product, we will need to research your claim. At Morgan and Morgan, we have lawyers with experience investigating defective products. We can research whether others have encountered the same defect and whether the manufacturer knew about it.

    At trial, we will have to prove that you were using the product correctly and the defect was directly responsible for the burn injury you suffered. Proving this in court makes the manufacturer liable for your injuries. Furthermore, if the manufacturer was aware of the defect and didn’t warn you about it, you may be able to receive additional punitive damages.

  • Finding Help After a Burn Injury in West Tampa

    If you have been seriously burned in West Tampa, the last thing you probably want to be thinking about is how to make an insurance claim. 

    You are in severe pain and looking at weeks, months, or even years of treatment. That is more than enough stress for anybody. The last thing you need is the stress of a convoluted insurance claim process.

    At Morgan & Morgan, we want your recovery to go as smoothly as possible. We will take over your burn injury claim process and let you focus all of your energy on recovering. 

    While you rest and heal, our burn injury lawyers will fight for you to receive every dollar you deserve. We take away that stress so it doesn’t inhibit your recovery from severe burn injuries.

    Want to know more? Contact us today to get a free case evaluation for your burn injury in West Tampa, FL.

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