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Negligent Security Lawyers in Ocala

Negligent Security Lawyers in Ocala

Did you know that you may be eligible to recover compensation with the help of negligent security attorneys at Morgan & Morgan? Negligent security lawyers in Ocala can help you to put together a claim if a property owner or manager failed to keep basic security measures as a top priority on their property. 

If you end up hurt because of a preventable violent crime and are now dealing with the consequences in terms of medical expenses and other negative outcomes, you need to share this information with a negligent security lawyer in Ocala. 

Our Ocala negligent security lawyers are thoroughly experienced in gathering evidence to proceed with these types of claims in court. This may be the only way for you to get the compensation you need to pay for your medical bills.

To get started, contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation and learn more about your chances to recover compensation for negligent security in Ocala.

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  • What Is Premises Liability Law?

    Most people are familiar with premises liability law in the context of a slip and fall accident. In a slip and fall accident, you allege that a property owner or manager is responsible for your injuries because they failed to maintain basic safety on their property. 

    Examples could include cracked floorboards, torn carpeting, or broken handrails. But premises liability law in Florida extends beyond these situations and can hold property owners accountable for things such as swimming pool accidents, dog bites, and even negligent security issues. Negligent security cases can incorporate things, such as robbery, sexual assault, or physical assaults that happen on their premises because of unreasonable lapses in security protocol. Ocala negligent security attorneys can be used to help recover compensation and to illustrate how a property owner is responsible.

  • When Is a Property Owner Liable for Violent Crimes and Assaults?

    Assaults and other violent crimes can and do happen anywhere. But property owners, especially people who own businesses such as bars, hotels, grocery stores, shopping malls, and others have a legal responsibility to make sure that people visiting these premises are safe. This is especially important if the business is located in an area that has been subject to increasing crime. 

    If you can show in your case that the property owner knew or should have known about reasonable security risks and failed to keep you and other people on the premises safe with reasonable security protocols or investments, this property owner could be held responsible in a lawsuit. You may be able to proceed with a civil case against the perpetrator of the individual crime, as well as a Florida premises liability case against an owner whose negligent security allowed this attack to happen.

  • What Is Considered Reasonable?

    Many different kinds of property owners in Ocala are required to keep their premises relatively safe and secure. Some examples of places where criminal assaults or activities are most likely to occur include nightclubs, sports stadiums, amusement parks, office buildings, apartment complexes, and shopping malls. Even if a company or property owner alleges that your claim doesn't meet legal grounds, you must have this evaluated by a lawyer. Don't sign anything from the property manager or owner, either, as this could compromise your ability to get compensated fully. 

    Circumstances will help to determine what is reasonable based on the premises. If the property, for example, is located in a high crime area, or many different kinds of crimes have already happened on this property in the past, those owners or managers would have an increased responsibility to uplevel their security protocol. This may become an important piece of evidence in your Ocala negligent security claim, arguing that an owner did not go far enough to protect you and others on the premises. 

    Your negligent security lawyers in Ocala, like those working at Morgan & Morgan, will do thorough research to determine all of the legal issues that apply to your case and what reasonable security would have been based on the circumstances. 

    Reasonable security measures can include gated entries, intercoms, security cameras, security personnel, emergency alarms or phones, lighted parking lots and garages, keyed entries, and more. 

    If security guards have been employed by the company, it is the employer's responsibility to also ensure that they are appropriately trained, screened, and supervised throughout these roles. When someone overreacts in dealing with a patron or causes serious injuries to that person or fails to intervene in a fight or other security measure, this information could become the basis of a negligent security claim. While it is certainly not the case that every incident involving an attack on someone else's property turns into a negligent security claim, this is applicable to many people who have been unreasonably and unnecessarily hurt on someone else's property grounds. 

    Understanding the specifics of the local region, as well as other businesses of this type, is very important for being able to show that a company owner knew about risks or failed to implement necessary protocols could have reduced your risk of being hurt. 

    Business owners can also be found negligent in the retention, hiring, and supervision of employees. It can be very hard to determine which elements apply in your case, but the dedicated attorneys at Morgan & Morgan know what it takes to bring a negligent security claim and work as hard as possible on behalf of our clients. 

    We know that it can feel challenging and even overwhelming to pursue an Ocala negligent security claim, but finding the right attorneys can make a big difference in how you feel about the situation and how you're prepared to move forward. Don't hesitate to contact our law firm today for an initial consultation to discuss your rights. You could be eligible to recover many different kinds of compensation in an Ocala negligent security case, including payments for the treatment of your injuries.

  • Is a Criminal Case Different From a Civil Case?

    If you were injured in an attack or an assault carried out by someone else on a property, there may be both a criminal and a civil claim. You could be called in the criminal case to help testify or provide further information to the authorities investigating that situation. While there may be limited funds available to you in a victim's crime compensation account, you may have more severe injuries that require filing a negligent security claim with the help of an Ocala premises liability lawyer. In these situations, you need to take your case seriously and work only with qualified attorneys to recover compensation.

    If a criminal case goes forward, you may be involved in both of these cases. It is possible that the prosecution may ask for your support in moving forward with a criminal case, especially if you were asked to testify or to provide other evidence. However, you must also think about your own rights and your ability to recover compensation by contemplating a civil lawsuit. This could be your only opportunity to get the compensation you need to put the pieces of your life back together. 

    If another person causes your injuries by attacking you on a piece of someone else's property, you may be able to show that this owner or manager failed in finding opportunities to minimize security risks. Even when relatively small security steps have been taken to decrease the chances of an accident or an attack, this information can form the basis of a negligent security claim.

  • What to Know About Filing a Claim?

    The evidence collected in an Ocala negligent security claim is extremely important. You need to seek out a law firm that has the right experience in pursuing these kinds of cases and that has extreme familiarity with the best way to proceed. In some claims, you may be able to resolve your case outside of court. 

    Oftentimes in negligent security claims, you will need to have strong evidence indicating that your injuries are directly related to your assault on someone else's premises. 

    An investigation can determine whether or not you'll be successful with a negligent security claim. You will need as much information as possible about the dangers of the location itself and the area surrounding the property. This is the foundation of your lawsuit since you may be arguing that the premises owner failed to invest in security based on the efforts made by other small businesses in the area or as a result of rising crime in the immediate vicinity.

    The personal injury and premises liability lawyers at Morgan & Morgan have handled situations like this many times before and are ready to help.

  • When Should I Get a Lawyer?

    Whether or not you move forward with a criminal case or have been named to assist with a criminal case alongside the authorities, it is a good idea to have your civil case evaluated by a team of experienced professionals.

    The knowledgeable lawyers at Morgan & Morgan are very familiar with some of the most common legal challenges in this area and will work as hard as possible to help you navigate the complex legal landscape ahead of you.

    Contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to get started.

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