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Sinkhole Claims: Hiring an Attorney in Jacksonville - sinkhole in the street

Sinkhole Claims: Hiring an Attorney in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Sinkhole Claims

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Jacksonville Sinkhole Claims

In addition to our beautiful weather, sandy beaches, and many tourist attractions, Florida has a dubious claim to fame — we have the most sinkholes in the nation. Sinkholes not only damage homes or property but also cause serious injury. If your home or property is damaged by a sinkhole, you expect your insurance to cover it. However, many people run into problems or complications with their insurance company.

The Jacksonville attorneys at Morgan & Morgan can help you navigate the ins and outs of your sinkhole insurance claim. We offer free case evaluations and stand ready to help you.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What is a Sinkhole?

    Sinkholes form beneath the surface of the earth as groundwater passes through soluble bedrock, like limestone or dolomite — commonly found in Florida. The bedrock erodes and eventually forms cavities. When water is inside the cavities, the rock is stable. However, if the water table drops, the rock collapses under its own weight and the ground caves in.

    Sinkholes can happen slowly or suddenly, although the constant water table changes in Florida seem to make sudden collapse sinkholes more common. You may remember the Winter Park sinkhole of 1981, arguably the most famous sinkhole in the world as well as the biggest ever witnessed.

  • If Your Sinkhole Claim is Denied: Our Jacksonville Lawyers Can Help

    When you submit a sinkhole claim to your insurer, they will send someone out to assess the damage. If the insurer believes the damage was indeed caused by a sinkhole, they will then send out an engineer to verify sinkhole activity. But what happens if they deny, or delay, your claim? Your home may be unlivable. Consulting with a reputable and experienced sinkhole attorney is a smart and necessary next step.

    When you contact our sinkhole claim lawyers, the first thing we'll do is get a second opinion on the sinkhole report. Data can be interpreted in any number of ways, and it's important to remember that your insurance company has its own best interests in mind.

    If we feel the insurance company's report was biased or incorrect in any way, we'll bring in our own experts. And, if we find that you have a legitimate case, our sinkhole lawyers will fight to get you the coverage you paid for when you purchased your insurance policy.

    If your insurance company denies or delays your sinkhole damage claim, don't give up. Consulting with our Jacksonville law firm may bring you the relief you need and deserve.

  • Contact Our Sinkhole Attorneys for Help Today

    Our Jacksonville lawyers understand how to navigate insurance claims and denials, especially the issue of sinkholes in Florida. We will go through every detail of your case and do everything within our power to ensure you get the coverage you paid for. We represent the people, and we are ready to protect your rights. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Last updated on Dec 28, 2022