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Where Can I Find the Best Airport Accident Lawyers in Titusville, FL?

Where Can I Find the Best Airport Accident Lawyers in Titusville, FL?

Titusville area airports can be crowded and chaotic. Nearby Orlando International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, according to Airports Council International. Orlando Sanford Airport, less than an hour away from Titusville by car, can also get cramped, particularly during the holidays.  

When thousands of passengers are rushing from check-in to their flight gates every day, crowding escalators with luggage, accidents such as falls can be common. In some cases, passengers suffer injuries due to the carelessness of an airport authority, airline, or airport vendor.

If you or a loved one got hurt at an airport, you could qualify for damages such as medical expenses, pain and suffering, and others. However, since airport injury claims can be complex, victims need the best airport accident lawyers in Titusville in their corner. Morgan & Morgan is here to help. Our attorneys are determined to fight for the best possible outcome for your claim. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • What are the Causes of Titusville Airport Accidents?

    Vacation or business trips do not always go as planned, with some passengers getting hurt before they even take off. Common accidents in Titusville area airports can include:

    Slips and Falls

    At a busy airport, slips and falls are par for the course. Falls can occur practically anywhere in the airport, including at:

    • Restaurants
    • Airport hotels
    • Retail stores
    • Restrooms
    • Airline lounges
    • Escalators
    • Gangways
    • Baggage carousels
    • Parking garages

    Slips and falls in airports can be caused by hazardous conditions, such as wet floors, fraying or bulging carpets, cables on the floor, and more. Airport authorities are responsible for maintaining public areas. Failing to fix dangerous conditions or put up warning signs could make an airport authority liable for your damages.

    However, airport slip and fall claims can be complex. Various parties may be responsible for your injuries, such as airport management, a restaurant operator, or a retail store owner. Therefore, hiring the best airport accident lawyers in Titusville can be crucial if you or a loved one suffers a slip and fall at an airport.

    Airport Transportation Accidents

    Orlando International Airport has a rail shuttle system that operates on elevated tracks between the airport’s main terminals. While accidents of airport terminal shuttles are rare, they do happen. At Miami International Airport, an automated people mover collided with a wall in 2008, injuring several passengers and one maintenance technician. One passenger suffered severe injuries. Transport accidents can also occur when passengers are shuttled from parking areas to the airport or ferried to their planes on buses.

    In some cases, the golf cart-like vehicles used to transport passengers with mobility problems in terminals can also cause dangerous accidents and injuries. Passengers in a busy terminal may not hear the quiet vehicles approaching. Moreover, if a driver is distracted or tired or the vehicle is defective, airport passengers could get struck or run over.  

    Terminal shuttle and other transportation accidents in airports can occur due to maintenance issues, defective parts, operator negligence, and other causes. If you were injured on airport transportation, you could be entitled to compensation.

    Negligent Security

    Airports can be the scene of assaults, mass shootings, violent robberies, and homicides. Airport management is generally responsible for ensuring adequate security in the terminals and adjacent areas such as parking garages, sidewalks, and parking lots. Negligent security incidents occur when passengers are harmed due to:

    • Missing security cameras
    • Lack of security guards
    • Negligent hiring of security guards
    • Defective alarm systems
    • Broken locks or gates in security zones
    • Failure to remove violent passengers

    Airport management must take adequate steps to protect the general public. Victims suffering harm due to a lack of security could hold an airport authority accountable for their damages.

    Motor Vehicle Accidents

    Car crashes and accidents with pedestrians outside terminals or in parking garages can be common at busy airports such as those in the Titusville area. Traffic can be chaotic, with passengers getting picked up and dropped off. Airport car accidents generally happen at a lower speed than highway crashes. However, even when hit at lower speeds, pedestrians could suffer from debilitating injuries.

    Defective Escalators and Elevators

    According to a study published by the National Centers for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), each year, around 10,000 Americans suffer escalator-related injuries requiring emergency treatment. Moreover, escalator accidents are on the rise. The study also revealed that 62 percent of all escalator accidents happen in transport facilities such as airports.

    Most airports have a variety of elevators and escalators that could cause accidents and injuries if defective. Fast-moving airport escalators that suddenly stop or fail to stop when someone uses the emergency brake can cause devastating accidents. Escalator defects can include:

    • Tripping hazards due to incomplete repairs
    • Mechanical malfunctions causing abrupt stopping
    • Malfunctioning emergency stop button
    • Missing teeth on escalator steps
    • Faulty handrails

    Accidents can include getting items of clothing stuck in the elevator, finger entrapment, foot entrapment, and slip and fall accidents. Escalator accidents can result in horrific and permanent injuries and death.

    Get Help Today

    There can be many other potential accident causes at airports in the Titusville area. If you or a loved one is affected, do not hesitate to get in touch for legal advice. Getting what you deserve after an airport accident can be tricky as airport authorities are usually government agencies. Filing a claim against the government may entail shorter filing deadlines and additional administrative steps.

    When Morgan & Morgan handles your case, you can count on our compassionate, dedicated, and experienced attorneys who will fight tirelessly for your rights and the maximum potential compensation.

  • What are Common Injuries in Airport Accidents?

    Injuries in slips and falls, transportation accidents, and other airport incidents can range from minor to severe and disabling. Some victims die from their injuries. Common injuries in airport accidents include:

    • Broken bones
    • Cuts and abrasions
    • Dental and other facial injuries
    • Sprains, strains, and tears
    • Slipped discs and other back injuries
    • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
    • Spinal cord damage and paralysis
    • Internal injuries

    If you got hurt in an airport accident, contact an injury attorney to determine your legal rights, as you could be entitled to damages.

  • Could Airport Accident Victims Qualify for Compensation?

    Every airport accident claim is unique. If someone else, such as an airport authority or car driver, is responsible for your accident and injury, you could be entitled to the following damages and others:

    Costs of Medical Treatment

    Claimants can qualify for all their medical costs in connection with an airport injury, which can include:

    • Surgery
    • Medications
    • Hospitalizations
    • Medical devices such as a wheelchair
    • Diagnostic tests
    • Future medical expenses

    You may also qualify for household assistance or a home health aide if you suffer a temporary or permanent disability.

    Wage Loss

    If you suffered a significant injury, you probably had to take time off work for recovery. You could qualify for income loss and expected future loss of income if you got hurt in a Titusville airport accident.  

    Pain and Suffering

    Passengers severely harmed in an airport accident may qualify for so-called “non-economic damages,” which can include the following:

    • Physical pain and suffering
    • Emotional distress and trauma
    • Permanent disfigurement
    • Loss of life enjoyment
    • Loss of a limb
    • Disability
  • How does one File an Airport Injury Lawsuit?

    Injured victims could sue an airport authority, airline, store owner, restaurant operator, or another responsible entity for damages. However, as most Titusville area airports are publicly owned, filing a lawsuit against airport management can be complicated.

    Suing the local government typically involves additional administrative burdens, such as filing a “Notice of Claim” and others. Victims may also have to observe shorter deadlines than the usual four years for a personal injury lawsuit in Florida.

    While you could be entitled to damages, knowing the critical steps when filing a lawsuit against an airport authority or another party is essential. Missing a deadline or filling out legal documents incorrectly could jeopardize your claim. To have the best chance of prevailing with a claim, victims should consider hiring the best airport accident lawyers in Titusville.

  • How to Find the Best Titusville Airport Accident Attorneys?

    One of the easiest ways to find an excellent attorney is through a recommendation from a relative or trusted friend. However, a lawyer that may be ideal for someone else’s legal issue may not be perfect for your airport accident. Therefore, do not limit yourself to recommendations and research law firms in your area online. Your next step, and perhaps the most important one in finding a great lawyer, is to schedule free, no-obligation consultations with attorneys.  

    What to Look for in an Airport Accident Attorney

    Since airport personal injury claims can be very specific and complex, make sure that your potential lawyer has handled injury claims against government entities before. Other attributes to look for in an airport accident attorney can include:

    • Specific experience with handling airport accident claims
    • Extensive trial experience
    • A successful track record in winning injury claims and lawsuits
    • Experience in negotiating out-of-court settlements
    • A great reputation
    • Excellent client reviews
    • An approachable and communicative personality

    Experience and qualifications can be crucial. However, personal injury victims should also feel comfortable with their attorneys and trust in them. After all, lawsuits can go on for a long time, and you might see a lot of each other. Moreover, you will have to confide in your attorney and tell them all the facts of your case, which can involve medical details and personal matters.

    Morgan & Morgan Has Your Back

    We can match you up with our best airport accident lawyers in Titusville and ensure that you are treated with the personal attention you deserve. Our clients are like family to us, and we want to give you the best chance of receiving a settlement that can help you move forward with your life after an airport accident. Our team of legal experts and investigators can:

    • Analyze your accident and determine your legal options
    • Identify all liable parties
    • Gather evidence required to prove your claim
    • Build a comprehensive case against the defendant(s)
    • Take your claim to trial, if necessary

    Morgan & Morgan never settles for less because we want our clients to get the full value of their claims, so they do not have to fear future financial hardship due to their injury. You pay nothing unless and until we win.

  • What Are My Next Best Steps After an Airport Injury in Titusville?

    After an airport accident and injury, seek medical help promptly. Gather evidence that could help you prove an injury claim, such as the contact details of eyewitnesses and pictures of the accident scene and injuries.

    If you suffered significant injuries, consider calling an airport accident attorney as soon as possible to understand your legal rights and clarify your options for recovering compensation.

  • How Can I Prove My Airport Injury Claim?

    Airports are responsible for making their common areas reasonably safe for passengers. This can entail fixing hazards promptly and placing warning signs for wet floors or spillages, for example. If you got injured due to a dangerous condition or faulty equipment at the airport, you could have an injury claim. Evidence required to prove your claim can include:

    • Photographs of the hazard
    • Pictures of any defective equipment such as escalators or carts
    • Witness testimony
    • CCTV camera footage
    • Accident reports
    • Medical records of your injuries
    • Receipts proving your expenses
  • Our Airport Accident Lawyers Are Ready to Fight for You

    If you or a loved one got hurt at an airport and are now facing medical expenses, income losses, and other costs, we want to hear from you. Our airport accident lawyers are ready to take on your case and fight for the compensation you need. Contact Morgan & Morgan today to determine whether you have an airport injury claim.

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