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Palm Harbor, FL Burn Injury Lawyers - Arm with Burn Injury

Burn Injury Lawyers

A burn injury has the potential to turn your life upside down. Even if you are able to get medical attention immediately, you may struggle to recover in full and can be dealing with the consequences for the remainder of your life. For example, if you have permanent scars, you always have to deal with the psychological implications of these. Even when medical attention gives you proper burn treatment as soon as possible, it is likely that your burn injuries have already caused significant damage to your skin. It is also possible that any organs underneath the skin could have been impacted by the burn injury, often leading to long-term complications.

Finding the right Palm Harbor, FL burn injury lawyers is essential for recovery of compensation. As an injured victim, you have much to think about in the wake of an accident causing burn injuries. However, you must be prepared to get medical attention as soon as possible to protect your right to compensation recovery. 

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • What Challenges Do Burn Injury Victims Face? 

    Burn injury victims may not realize the full extent of their medical concerns and lifelong treatments until after some point in time has passed. You may need extensive medical treatment immediately after the resulting injury, such as a workplace accident or a vehicle accident. Only then will you be able to understand the diagnosis from your doctors and how long you can expect to live with these consequences. It can be a shock for many burn victims that their life is drastically changed in a matter of moments as a result of a burn injury. Medical treatment is required to understand whether or not additional surgeries or treatments may be necessary.

    Whether a burn is caused by a negligent property manager, a vehicle accident, or a workplace accident victims should be able to pursue compensation for their injuries if they can show that another party was responsible. Unfortunately, it is all too common for burn victims to encounter resistance and problems when attempting to pursue compensation through insurance companies. Research from the National Fire Protection Association shows that half a million fires in 2017 happen in building structures with the vast majority of those affecting residential buildings. This could lead to a lawsuit against property managers, but it is just one example of the kinds of burn accidents that can turn into lawsuits.

    Other examples include construction site accidents, chemical plant explosions, house fires, fires caused by dangerous products, chemical burns, tanker truck accidents, thermal burns from hot liquids or water, electrical burns on construction sites, refinery fires, and more. Unfortunately, many severe burn victims suffer from permanent nerve damage and disfigurement leading to costly medical expenses and dramatic changes to their life. If this applies to you, it is imperative to identify an attorney who recognizes the way in which your life has been changed and is willing to fight as hard as possible for compensation on your behalf. A qualified attorney can make a big difference in the outcome of your case and can dramatically help you to understand and navigate this new way of living.

    While some burn victims may be able to recover and have minimal scarring, others will live with a lifelong reminder of the accident that happened. This can make it difficult or impossible to put this incident behind you.

  • What Are Some Common Medical Treatments for Burn Injuries?

    Specialized care is often required for burn injuries because of the high density of nerves located in the skin. Surgical skin grafts may be required for a victim with severe burn injuries and cosmetic surgery may be the only way to minimize scar appearance. In some cases, however, even the most advanced cosmetic surgery and medical treatments are not enough to remove the impacts of the burn injury.

    Four different degrees are associated with kinds of burn injuries from accidents. The first is first-degree burns, which the vast majority of people have experienced at least once in their life. This involves damage only to the top layer of the skin and in a superficial manner. Redness in the affected area can last for anywhere from two to three days. Electrical burns, sunburns, and burns from hot liquids are common examples of first-degree burns.

    Second-degree burns, however, involve damage to the layer underneath the skin, as well as the skin's top layer. If the burn is located on delicate skin areas, such as the hands, groin, buttocks, feet, or face, immediate medical attention may be required. This degree of burns can also further be classified as full thickness or partial thickness. Partial-thickness burns involve wounds or blisters that are pink or red and can sometimes appear wet. Full-thickness burns, however, tend to appear red or white and dry. Complete healing for a serious burn injury can require up to 21 days without grafting for most second-degree burns.

    Third-degree burns have significant deep tissue damage that often requires surgical intervention. This means every layer of the skin has been affected and it can also cause damage to nerve endings, blood vessels, bones, and muscle tissue. Explosions and fires are common causes of third-degree burns and every one of these situations is a medical emergency that requires immediate treatment from a qualified professional.

    It is very rare for someone to experience a fourth-degree burn, but this can happen with electrical accidents. This kind of burn leads to damage to the bones, tissues, skin, tendons, and muscles. Severe burns can have devastating impacts on your quality of life and your overall health so you need to discuss whether or not you are eligible to pursue compensation with the help of an experienced attorney. In some cases, even a landlord could be responsible for your burns if this is the primary cause of an apartment or house fire. Problems with fire extinguishers, exit paths, fire escape, smoke detectors, proper wiring, and fire-resistant doors are all common. 

    Property managers and owners have a responsibility to take every reasonable action to reduce the risk of fire and in the event that they fail to keep their building up to code or provide a safe environment, anyone who is injured as a result of negligent behavior, such as in a property fire may be eligible to pursue compensation with the help of an attorney.

  • What Are Some Examples Of Burn Injuries at Work?

    Unfortunately, many people are seriously injured by burn injuries at work, particularly if they work closely with flammable or dangerous materials, or if they have to operate heavy machinery. Research from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration indicates that there are more than 5,000 injuries each year associated with fires or explosions on the job. Injured workers are often denied financial compensation for diminished quality of life, scarring, and pain and suffering. Even though workers' compensation does help to provide with payments for lost wages and medical expenses, workers' comp case benefits may need to be supplemented through a third-party lawsuit filed by a personal injury lawyer.

  • What Are Some Samples of Defective Product Burn Injuries?

    Another common area in which burn injuries can occur has to do with defective products. You may be eligible to bring a case against a distributor, maker, or retailer. You can sue anyone involved in the chain of distribution who may be responsible for you ending up with a dangerous product. If you can show that you sustained burn injuries directly as a result of problems with a product that failed to perform as expected, you may be able to initiate a product liability lawsuit. You must show that the product warning or product itself was defective, that you were reasonably using the product for its intended purpose at the time you were injured, that you sustained injuries, and that the product caused the injury.

    Finding an experienced and qualified attorney to handle your case is crucial when you have a burn injury lawsuit. Most people are not familiar with the legal aspects of what it takes to present a case as Palm Harbor, Florida burn injury lawyers. In most cases, identifying the right legal team to handle your case can have a significant impact on your case outcome. Identifying Palm Harbor, Florida burn injury lawyers who have been in this situation before and who are dedicated to bringing about the best results for your case can help.

  • What About Future Medical Costs?

    Burn injury victims often have high medical costs right out of the gate because they require treatment for life. As such, you may be entitled to these extensive medical bills. This is why it is so important to work with a qualified legal team. The right attorneys who are familiar with burn injuries will be able to help you calculate your possible expenses in the future. This puts you in a very good position if and when the other side proposes a settlement offer. The initial proposal of a settlement offer may seem tempting because it is likely a large amount of money for substantial burn injuries, especially if you also were diagnosed with other medical conditions because of the accident. However, it is imperative that you recognize that you are not just settling for the amount of money already owed to you because of what you've had to pay upfront, but that you will also need money in the future for your medical expenses beyond what your Healthcare covers. Properly calculating this money can have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. 

    Palm Harbor, FL burn injury lawyers will know what it takes to get you the most compensation for your claim so that you have peace of mind you'll be able to pursue the medical treatments needed. There is so much at stake for your ability to move on from this chapter in your life. Finding Palm Harbor, FL burn injury lawyers like those working at Morgan & Morgan is crucial for protecting that future. 

    The burn injury team at Morgan & Morgan has handled many cases like this before, and we know what it takes to present a compelling argument in court. From gathering evidence to filing your claim and negotiating with the responsible parties, we've been able to help many other burn injury victims receive fair compensation for these devastating injuries. If you or someone you know is already living with the consequences of a burn injury accident, contact us for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to get started.

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