Social Security in Ocala: What You Need to Know

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Social Security in Ocala: What You Need to Know - social security concept

Social Security Lawyers in Ocala

When you have been injured or developed an illness that keeps you from working, you may be unsure about where to turn. Those who are unable to work often face challenges beyond the physical pain from their condition. Many victims confront enormous financial challenges. There are a range of financial difficulties that can arise from an illness or injury, which include medical costs and lost wages. This type of situation can lead to despair for many families. 
Thankfully, the federal government offers a source of income for families in these situations. With Social Security Disability (SSD) insurance benefits, many Florida victims can make ends meet. If you have worked the required amount during your life and are facing a disability, you may be able to draw upon monthly earned benefits. Unfortunately, filing for Social Security in Ocala, Florida, is not as simple as it sounds. 
The Social Security Administration (SSA) does not grant benefits to every applicant. Many injury and illness victims find that their claim for benefits has been denied. This is especially true on the person’s first application. However, a knowledgeable legal professional can help you to fight for the benefits that you deserve. 
When you need expert legal representation in Florida, contact the firm at Morgan & Morgan. Our trusted attorneys have decades of experience representing those in need of earned disability benefits. 
Complete the contact form on our firm’s website to schedule your free case evaluation today. Let us help you get the money that you deserve.

How Social Security in Ocala Works

The Social Security system functions as an important social safety net program. It helps both individuals and the nation as a whole. 
However, many applicants who have paid their fair share from working for years are denied when they apply for Social Security Disability benefits. This is deeply unfair, especially in cases in which an applicant is unable to support their family.
No one can choose whether they will face an injury or illness. It can happen to anyone. 
Because of this, SSD benefits should be easily accessible to all workers who paid into the Social Security program. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.
Following an injury or illness, medical expenses can stack up quickly. Without access to the resources they need, many people are forced to make unthinkable decisions.
These situations can leave families buried in mountains of debt. Some patients may forgo the medical care and treatments that they need because they cannot afford them.
The cost of medical care is skyrocketing in the United States. When someone is facing health problems, it is critical that they have access to the resources that they need.
SSD benefits were designed to allow American families to avoid these devastating circumstances. But many SSD applicants fight for months or years to secure the benefits that they already rightfully earned.
If you have applied for Social Security in Ocala and been denied, it is normal to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, consulting with a knowledgeable Social Security Disability attorney at Morgan & Morgan can help.
We will carefully review the facts of your case to help you determine the best course of action. Our team of lawyers has decades of experience in securing the money that our clients deserve.
When you have been denied Social Security in Ocala, it is vital to contact a law firm with plenty of relevant experience. SSD claims involve many complex governmental procedures and regulations.
Our specialists can help you maneuver through the red tape and find an efficient resolution.

The Application Process

Over half of all first-time Social Security applicants are denied. Appropriately preparing an application can be confusing, but it is critical.
One of our attorneys will help you avoid denials based on application errors or other technicalities. We can gather the information necessary to make your application as strong as possible.
Our legal team will gather all of the required documents to complete your application for Social Security in Ocala. Required information includes:

  • Information regarding children or spouses
  • Certain IRS forms
  • Any military service information
  • Bank account numbers
  • Relevant addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Medical referrals and documentation
  • Employment history
  • Medication history
  • And more

An attorney will help you to accurately complete the required application forms. They will also help you to track the status of your Social Security claim.
Oftentimes, applicants will receive requests from the SSA for additional information. One of the skilled legal experts at Morgan & Morgan will oversee your application and ensure that you are notified about these requests right away.
Many applicants are intimidated about speaking with a Social Security Administration representative. When you hire one of the attorneys at Morgan & Morgan, we will speak with SSA representatives on your behalf.
Tracking the progress of an application for Social Security in Ocala can be time-consuming and confusing. Let our specialists oversee the application process for your claim.
After your claim has been approved, your legal representative will carefully assess the SSA’s response. This will ensure that you receive the full amount of earned benefits that you are due.
If any problems arise or you have any questions, a Morgan & Morgan attorney will ensure that you understand the process fully.
Many SSD applications are denied. This is true even when all of the relevant documents have been completed accurately.
In the event of a denial, a trusted Social Security disability attorney will help you file an appeal.

Appealing a Denied Social Security Claim

When a Social Security claim is denied, the claimant has the legal right to appeal the decision. Oftentimes, this is the best strategy to secure the benefits that you deserve.
Most SSD applicants are hard-working individuals who have paid their fair share and earned the benefits they are requesting. When it comes to Social Security claims appeals, the lawyers at Morgan & Morgan boast a higher success rate than other firms.
We win these cases more often than the average U.S. law firm. Having Morgan & Morgan represent you will give you better odds at seeing the money that is rightfully yours.
If you believe that you were wrongly denied or undercompensated for your injury or illness, contact our firm. We will help you file an appeal within the 60-day time limit.
There are four distinct stages of the SSD appeals process. They include:


Following the denial of your claim, your legal representative will file an appeal of reconsideration. After your request is filed, a claims examiner will review and reconsider your SSD application.
Your attorney may present the SSA with additional information and evidence regarding your claim. This new information can help to influence the outcome of your appeal.
Your legal representative will also handle any questions that the claims examiner asks regarding your case.


If the initial appeal does not result in a successful claim, you can request a hearing. This proceeding will be overseen by an administrative law judge.
Before your hearing, your lawyer will prepare you for the possible questions that you may face. A skilled legal representative may also:

  • Request to subpoena relevant witnesses
  • Introduce new information and evidence to support your claim
  • Present a strong legal argument to the presiding judge

During this hearing, your attorney will request that the judge review and reassess the SSA’s decision regarding your earned benefits claim. Hopefully, this hearing will result in a successful appeal.

Appeals Council

If the judge at your appeals hearing makes a ruling that you disagree with, you can request a review from the Social Security Appeals Council (SSAC). The SSAC is not required to provide hearings for those who are dissatisfied with their appeals decision.
After you request a review from the appeals council, your claims case may be resolved. Alternatively, you may repeat the previous step by having another hearing with an administrative judge. 

Federal Court

If none of these appeals stages resolves your SSD claim, you can pursue a lawsuit through the federal court system. Morgan & Morgan boasts a roster of more than 1,000 trial-ready lawyers nationwide. 
Following a denial from the Social Security Administration, do not hesitate. It is critical to pursue an appeal as soon as possible with the help of an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer.
The team at Morgan & Morgan has years of experience representing those with denied SSD claims. We know that hard-working individuals deserve to access the benefits that they have earned by paying their fair share of taxes.
Let our attorneys get the benefits that are rightfully yours.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What Factors Result in the Denial of Social Security Benefits?

    There are several reasons that the SSA may deny an applicant’s claim for benefits. Some of the most common reasons include:

    • Prior felony convictions
    • Disability caused by alcohol or drug addiction
    • Refusal to submit relevant medical records
    • Fraud, such as inclusion of false information on the application

    You will also need to provide evidence that your disability is long-term. Applicants are only eligible for SSD benefits if their injuries or illness will last at least one year or be fatal.
    Those who are experiencing blindness are the exception to these requirements. To have a skilled legal professional assess your situation, reach out to the firm of Morgan & Morgan.

  • How Can I Afford a Social Security Disability Attorney?

    The compassionate legal team at Morgan & Morgan knows the types of financial challenges that disabled individuals often face. Because of this, we provide a no-cost legal consultation with no obligation to you.
    Our attorneys are paid through contingency fees. This means that our clients do not pay a single dime until we recover the money that is rightfully yours. 
    Contact us today to speak with one of our knowledgeable SSD experts.

  • Morgan & Morgan Provides Premier Legal Services

    If you have questions regarding the Social Security Disability benefits program, do not wait. Reach out to the firm at Morgan & Morgan to discuss your SSD application.
    Our firm has a record of more than a million successful cases since we opened our doors in 1988. We have recovered more than $20 billion in compensation for our clients across the country.
    When you need premier legal representation in Ocala, look no further. The legal specialists at Morgan & Morgan are ready to fight for you. Fill out the contact form on our website to arrange a free case evaluation today!

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